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WTO: Missing in Action


WTO: Missing in Action

Sophia Murphy

The World Trade Organization’s 10th Ministerial Conference, held in Nairobi, Kenya from 15-18 December came right on the heels of the final outcome of the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The contrasts were striking, and not just because of the shift from Europe to Africa, from northern winter to equatorial rains and from environment to trade.


I can't help thinking: what if the WTO held a conference and nobody showed up, both inside and outside the meeting? Moving to irrelevance sounds like the best possible outcome for this detestable institution, but not if it means others have picked up the agenda to do far worse.


The WTO and IMF are prime examples of a hegemonic system that views technology as science; fundamentally distorted from the outset. The pipeline construct of "trickle down" a metaphor for colonization system model of distorted perspectives of privatization rather than public/local/infomed governance oversight and provisions for essential resources like land, seeds, water and ecological balances that are devastated by massive monoculture for export.

Greece, Spain and Portugal are emblematic of late stage dependency of these parasitic models on continual impoverishment enforced with a spectrum of violent dehumanization, while the peoples of Africa struggle with centuries of being denied the means for their own evolutionary dynamics.

The system has historically marginalized/denied/externalized such a broad spectrum of elements that the fumes it runs on are coercion, violence, secrecy and related methodologies of the sick and sickening legacy of colonization. Hegemonic imposition is a hungry ghost. In and of itself, one must ask what precisely can it or does it contribute except to the acquisitive industrial dynamics.

Given the state of planet health, so degraded by the free reign of this incestuous model, the changes will eventually have to come from within the 'acquisitor/industrial producer networks themselves. So far, the methodologies are along the lines of VW - scams, scams and more scams.
Among everyday people the system so narcissistically calls "consumers", a commensurate reassertion of full humanity and responsibility can flourish in choices made in everyday life - and shape new models of a new world from the ground up.

The myth of linear "progress" based on exclusion of essential concerns at the expense of entire interdependent spectrums of essential elements of life is fast proving to produce precisely the devastating consequences of its null set mentality. The gigantism of globalization is brittle, overblown and commensurately intensifying its destructive impacts physically as well as socially with favored 'isms' in its delusional spiral across all aspects of life.