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WTO Ruling Against India's Solar Mission Threatens Climate, Clean Energy


WTO Ruling Against India's Solar Mission Threatens Climate, Clean Energy

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The World Trade Organization (WTO) on Wednesday ruled against India over its national solar energy program in a case brought by the U.S. government, sparking outrage from labor and environmental advocates.

As power demands grow in India, the country's government put forth a plan to create 100,000 megawatts of energy from solar cells and modules, and included incentives to domestic manufacturers to use locally-developed equipment.


India ,, its time to tell the USA , the WTO , the TPP s , etc , to go fly a kite ..


India should INDICT the corporate judges of the WTO for vandalism and treason against the planet, and send out agents to arrest them.


Only Bernie will do that.


The project of the the World Trade Organization is to remove economic sovereignty of nations, which the international corporate elite call "socialism," and place it in their own fascist hands.

In other words, the Cold War is not over. It has just been given a new name: GLOBALIZATION.


Obama is anti-solar!


You cannot be in favor of neocon globalization (as Obama is) and want to fight climate change/global warming. All of Obama's talk is fraudulent.



Not only should we have demo's in every city, but we should find out where the "judges" live and work, and make their lives unlivable. They, along with such supporters as Obama, are international criminals.


This ruling is outrageous! And the U.S. should be ashamed for bringing such a suit before the WTO!


"...the Sierra Club said (this ruling) demonstrates the environmentally
and economically destructive power of pro-corporate deals like the
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)."
So much for promoting good practices to combat climate change...
Damn you, TPP!


As POTUS he obviously wouldn't sign it, but what if O had already signed it? What could the B do?


India should simply ignore the WTO ruling and do what is best for its citizens.


This is another screaming example of what "free trade" is all about. Closing down local efforts to gain energy independence is a travesty pushed by the gluttonous piles of excrement that is a corporate personhood. That our national legislative body is in the thrall of the WTO is disgusting. The fact that much of the Supreme Court si with them with the White House bringing up the rear is no treat either.




Time the bloody WTO did something useful to improve the living conditions in countries where a large number of people live in poverty supported only by sweat-shop labour rather than complain about people trying to improve their lives. About time the ROTW told the WTO to eff off.


deleted duplicate post.


Sounds like a good solution to our fascists.


Sounds like a good solution for to fascists.


Once again, Obama's corporate thuggery wins against nature, against human lives, against all known and knowable decency, against everything right and just and good.

Remember, Hillary will do the same crap.


They only did it for their corporate masters you know!