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WTO Ruling on Meat Labels Exemplify How Corporate Profits Trump Democracy


WTO Ruling on Meat Labels Exemplify How Corporate Profits Trump Democracy

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a decision food safety and consumer advocates are calling a blow to animal welfare, environmental standards, and democracy, the World Trade Organization on Monday ruled that U.S. labels on packaged meat indicating where cows, chicken or other animals were born, raised and slaughtered are in violation of international trade pacts because they place foreign imports at an economic disadvantage. "This is a chilling reminder that our very democracy is at stake in these trade deals.


The “president who says we are making this stuff up” has been gunning for corporations for so long that he wouldn’t know what the truth was if it stood in front of him waving a red flag.

The TPP and TTIP represent nothing more to the Obama family than their lifetime pass on the same corporate speaking fee gravy train the Clinton family has been riding since Bill left the white house after selling the 99% down the river…


The merging of capitalist, corporate economic interests and the state is by definition, fascism!


Boycott meat. So many reasons.


One more reason why you should not eat meat.


The list of probable outrages is unlimited. What if a foreign company wanted to pay lots less than the minimum wage in the US? Would that company be allowed to entirely circumvent US minimum wage laws because they negatively affect the bottom line? Would US taxpayers thus be forced to pony up the difference (or even worse, the company be allowed to pay as little as possible with no taxpayer subsidy)? Nike and Apple are examples of rapacious companies allowed to exploit low wages and horrible working conditions overseas with no say so by anybody. WHATEVER protections against corporate offenses anybody anywhere might enjoy through the respective laws of their countries are UTTERLY DESTROYED by these corporate sovereignty treaties (they are NOT trade deals). So, to protect profits, we must allow sweatshop child labor, possible slave labor, unregulated working conditions, unlimited pollution, and any other corporate outrage one can think of. We will have entirely ceded national sovereignty to corporate dominance (as you aptly put it, to corporate dictatorship).


This goes way beyond just meat. This ruling just exemplifies what the Toilet Paper Plan (designed to wipe us all out) and its Atlantic clone are designed to do, doubled in spades.

  • These alleged “treaties” are designed to relinquish government control or leadership of their countries and their people to a cartel of mega-corporations who have decided that nothing shall interfere with their profits, no matter how bad their products are, or how detrimental to health.
  • If you object to the putting of known carcinogens into food, or into the croplands, the cartels can sue the government or governments involved in putting the restrictions on them. The trial will be by a “court” of corporation chosen lawyers and “judges” who will meet and rule in secret. Their judgement is final and the governments involved in these alleged treaties will have to pay for every estimated dollar lost to the corporation. We’ve seen examples of this in California where a carcinogen was appearing in the water supply. California ordered a cease and desist order and the state had to pay many millions to the oil company to make up for the lost profits that would occur if the carcinogenic additive were removed. I don’t know if the company said “Thank you, NAFTA!” or not.
  • Mussolini objected to his government being called Fascist. He preferred the term “Corporate State” which existed to protect profits and remove opposition.
  • Call it what you will, these new alleged treaties will give up the sovereignty of all the nations involved and hand it over to the big Cartels, to rule us as they wish. Another study has pointed out that countries with similar treaties avoid doing anything that will cause a corporation to lose money as they cannot afford the fines.
  • Thomas Jefferson said, “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first."
  • When the Banksters got enough power to buy the government, cut the chains and shred the Constitution, you can see how that has worked out. Now they are into their end game.
  • Jefferson also said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”
  • The tree looks pretty starved and droopy to me. Perhaps it could use some manure.


Well, if we had not allowed the giant corporations to steal the land out from under the small farmers to being with this would not be happening. We often do not act until it directly affects us and then we expect others to come to our defense. That is just the wrong way to go about doing things. My response to our state of affairs is to go back to community building. Stop migrating into the cities where giant corporations make us their serfs and start rebuilding our small towns and communities where people can self-govern as much as possible. The world we are living in at the moment has no future in it for anyone but the 1% at the very top.


Speaking of communities, small farms, small livestock operations, crop rotations, organic food, orchards, vegetable gardens, pasture, haylofts and barns: the gift horse you speak so fondly of has already left the barn. Now, close the barn door and …


Sorry, but I couldn’t resist the s/


WTO - (corporate) World Take Over

Mystery meat it is and forever will be. Remember, Smithfield is now a Chinese corporation. I buy NOTHING that is processed, packaged, manufactured, or originates in China for quantifiable and factual reasons…especially when it comes to food. WTO is a farce. Buy local and preferably organic…at the very least non-GMO and no-spray.


This clarifies matters a great deal.

If there is no country of origin on the label, we must assume it is lethally toxic.


Wow, this is really a blow and proves we should back out of most treaties or renegotiate them BU) my point is I wonder if this will affect Europe now or soon:
In the European community traceability has been in place for years (Following the madcow disease epidemic): the country of origin, place of killing and processing are all mandatory for meat and all meat products (pates, lasagna, soups…) Although not printed on the label the info is avail upon demand at every store.
It seems it is only a matter of days for Europe to be sued on the same grounds.
Europe should probably sue the US for its import ban of beef, which followed Madcow, as the epidemic is long-gone, traceability is in place and the US NEVER put in place any measure to stop Madcow disease on its side (feeding cattle w dead animals, including cows is still alive in the US) !!


TPP is the capstone of The Dictatorship Of The Corportariat. A global tyranny. It is right and just to eliminate it by any means necessary.


One of those many reasons is that killing animals for food is unethical. It is also just plain stupid. Heart attacks kill 600,000 Americans per year and smoking kills only 200,000. Why do so many people eat meat when it’s three times more dangerous than smoking? And when meat production is a major cause of global warming? And when veggie burgers taste better than burgers made from dead bodies? When will the public wake up?


Well, next they will outlaw any labeling telling you where your all natural organic free range local lentils come from, OK?


Wanna know why?

Because a lot of the meat out there right now is fake meat. Synthetic beef is the latest Intolerable Act by Wall Street. McDonlalds and other fast food got caught repeatedly padding the middle of burgers with fake meat. It’s way cheaper to spray a “pink slime” and let it grow in a big petri dish and then strip it out and call it a hamburger than to raise actual cows. I haven’t seen any real leather products in years. If you peel back the “Leather couch” or “Leather shoe” in the corner you will see a cross-hatch pattern indicating it is a sprayed on petroleum product, not bovine at all. Use a magnifying glass on todays leather products and you will start to suspect that we ran out of cattle years ago. Is a rubberized leather worse on the enviroment than the methane from a cow? I must confess, I don’t know.

The answer to this latest betrayal of trust by the government is to go as vegan as you can. That’s how your gut evolved over millions of years ago anyway as an omnivore. Roots and leafy things with a little fish or chicken once in a while, if it’s not glowing in the dark!


Those who want to know how “free trade” benefits the majority could ask “where’s the beef?”

Those who want to point out how it doesn’t can now ask, “where’s the beef from?”


No, repeal these insane trade deals because this is about so much more than what is for dinner. The Keystone pipeline is a done deal if this gutting of American soverignty passes,


While I do like the feel and durability of leather the vinyl jacket doesn’t come through a slaughter house. I do, however have strong reservations to Chinese raised and processed food. Their food safety track record is abominable. Pink slime is gross.