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WTO Summit to Ignore Price Crisis, Agricultural Dumping


WTO Summit to Ignore Price Crisis, Agricultural Dumping

Timothy Wise

Around the world, chronically low crop prices are keeping farmers from making a living despite record harvests


The suicide rate for U.S. farmers is twice that of veterans. About 20 veterans die from suicide each day according to the VA.

Veterans over 50 die at the highest rates. The same is probably true for farmers.

This is “life” in these “United” States.


Family farmers, their communities, and local businesses are the losers in this corporate profiteering industrial agricultural system. This system is NOT feeding the world. It is feeding corporate power to control the world.

Family farmer suicides are ballooning around the world and here in the Americas as a result. Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/dec/06/why-are-americas-farmers-killing-themselves-in-record-numbers


These farmers hate government interference in their family businesses.

And pride goeth before the fall.

If you think farming is challenged by over production today, wait for climate change to kick in full force.