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Wyden Bill to Strip Tax Breaks From Private Prison Industry Profiting From Child Detentions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/13/wyden-bill-strip-tax-breaks-private-prison-industry-profiting-child-detentions

Brilliant idea Mr. Wyden. How can we help?

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WHY are there even things like PRIVATE prisons??? This is America, where profit is king-- Private Prisons are not rehabilitation---- and not a place for retraining—BUT --they could be those places.
However, once PRIVATE gets in front of the word prison------then prisoners are lawns in another rich guy operation----and the prisoners lose, but so does the nation. : (


CD earlier did a story on the profiteering of John Kelly- https://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/05/03/sick-dystopian-stuff-former-trump-adviser-kelly-joins-board-company-running
Much much more is needed than just removing tax breaks.


Interesting idea. As mentioned in other comments, for profit prisons raise a lot of concerns … Importantly, what, if any incentives are there to reduce the populations? We still have much more to go towards overall criminal justice reform and fairness … Recent steps to reduce sentences are a positive move, although many prisoners are still in for a long time. It seems there are a lot of people who could be released as time-served; many could and should be productive and participating, out in society. With the recent advances in DNA, perhaps the government could also help investigate those claiming innocence, so that that is not largely dependent upon outside organizations with limited time and resources. Innocent people have been put to death wrongly, and if a state won’t abolish the death penalty, which they should do, at least recheck DNA evidence of all of these people, as priority.

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Why do they have ANY tax breaks ?


Put children to work (in prison) with their parents. Children are tough. America’s felon children are tougher.
By the time an illegal alien child is old enough to vote, they will want a high paying prison guard career,
or enlisting and serving tours of duty in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, or Secret Space Force. God bless Israel for being America’s best friend forever!


Targeting specific populations for more frequent and longer confinement is racist population control.

Unequal justice is indeed unconstitutional, be it deliberate or a product of quotas and/or pressure for arrests, etc. Racial disparity has long been a problem in America in general and very serious in our criminal justice system. “Ban the Box” as part of the solution was a start but I think we need to go further. If someone has done their time (another expansive topic regarding biased, unfair, overly punitive practices), especially for a single or few more minor infractions, their “slate” should be wiped clean after some period of time without further arrests. Unfortunately, many are quick to judge in America, and the fact is that plenty of people do wrong things and do not get caught, or get away with them. Certainly until these disparities are resolved, if they ever are, penalties and documentation for more minor infractions should not be able to destroy lives and families. We want families and society to be as healthy and productive as possible, and need to take away unnecessary impediments to that. We should work towards a more humane and redemptive society as well, instead of so punitive. Ideally we want as few people in prison as possible, and that likely precludes any for-profit models. The prison system in some states is an abomination and we need to focus on major crimes, reduce numbers of incarcerated (let minor offenders out now), and have working cameras throughout, monitored by an outside entity (of major concern is states such as Florida, see articles by Julie Brown of the Miami Herald, links to these and many related articles at my site ourconstitution.info Links, Criminal Justice).