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Xavier Becerra, Biden Nominee to Lead HHS, Said in 2017 That He 'Absolutely' Supports Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/07/xavier-becerra-biden-nominee-lead-hhs-said-2017-he-absolutely-supports-medicare-all


Hopefully all the Biden naysayers might see this appointment as possible proof that endless insults of president elect Biden are both premature and counterproductive?

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" both premature and counterproductive . " ?
thats a mis quote from his wife . what she really said was " your being premature is very counter productive " .


If you had a point it isnt at all obvious.

Sorry, Ms Ellison, but I think you wrong on several counts. Every poll ever taken on the subject shows plainly that, on the issues, American are progressive. I refuse to believe those polls demonstrate,as you conjecture, selfishness,. Rather they show we are a basically decent people, despite the ravings of a vocal few.
I see no value in bad mouthing the very folks we need to make the changes we seek.


See… See… none of this is smug, snide, cynical subtrafuge? Their sole agenda is to SERVE us all…

with fava beans, and a nice chianti!

“It is demonstrable, that things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for all being created for an end, all is necessarily for the best end. All that is is for the best…” David Sirota

~http://wdtw.org/stories/2020/1/13/ill-tell-you-why-the-99-isnt-revolt (in this, the best of all POSSIBLE worlds)

~https://jacobinmag.com/2020/12/normal-trump-biden-presidency-covid/ (nitric oxide, zinc & D3, quite aside)





Is the unsaid assumption then that Progressive policies should be forced on an unwilling population for their own good?

yeah , my point is that you didn’t have a point ,claiming we should give biden a break when he explicitly said he was against medicare for all .
So hiring a guy that Claims he is , cannot be taken too seriously .


No one in their right mind would be willing to spend more than any country for the 27th best health results. It really isn’t about either conservatism or liberalism.


As long as jobs like anesthesiologist pay almost $450K a year in the US verses less than $100K in the UK, I don’t think we will ever have affordable health care. All health care jobs from nurses to administrators pay many times what the rest of the world pays. Medicare-for-All support among medical professionals is always premised on them keeping their salaries.

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And what does the anesthesiologist pay for medical liability insurance in the UK?
What does the anesthesiologist pay for his/her education in the UK?
What does the anesthesiologist pay for the staff to deal with the billing in the UK?
I strongly suspect that the two incomes are essentially the same.


We need a M4A system that is funded by every taxpayer and is so effective that workers who get insurance through their employers will use the M4A system and then maybe some supplemental private insurance benefit from their employers. This will shrink the private insurance industry, which will be a good thing. Hopefully, in the long run, only public funds will be accepted in the medical community and we will have a truly Nationalized medical system where Health and not profit reigns supreme.


So anesthesiologists in the UK also drive Maseratis?

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In NYC, they drive Fiat Chrysler 200s (with Maserati Ghibli badges on 'em) or Maybachs mostly… with NJ & PA plates? Since they’re invariably out-of-network, they can charge just what the fuck EVER they want, since we’re now ecstatically back to NORMAL! Biden’s dun BEAT the “socialist,” after all.

None of these reactionaries EVER heard of Paul Weyrich! Most especially, the self-labled “progressive” ones, trolling.


Not a tiny minority at all. If you look at poll results, ignoring self-labeling, the majority have progressive values.

That’s one of the reasons the GOP suppresses voting when it can. As Weyrich, GOP arch-fiend and architect of the takeover, said in 1980: " “I don’t want everybody to vote … our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populace goes down.”


Of course not. Nor do most in the US. Maseratis are a poor choice for reliability. Mercedeses are much more popular everywhere in the world than Maseratis, Ferraris, Lambourghinis, and similar.


While salaries in health care in the U.S. are quite high (and also quite variable within the country) - we do not have the highest in the world. The OECD does an annual survey of medical salaries and compares them across the member countries (See ~https://www.qunomedical.com/en/research/healthcare-salary-index/ )


Medicare for all will not work. It will cause a breakdown of our healthcare facilities and expertise, and it is untenable financially.

A public option is the way to go.

By the way, doctors to NOT have to accept Medicare. And many don’t. They are moving towards private payment structures. Medicare for All solves nothing, it creates more problems.

Except that Medicare for all has worked well in Canada for more than half a century.

Canada has a smaller population than California, and Canada’s population is spread out over a larger geographical area than the the US. Economy of scale principals apply to insurance and medical services as much as they apply to any business. With a less dispersed population and 10 times the number of customers, Medicare for all has the potential to work better in the US than it ever has in Canada.


In Canada, physicians and other professionals who were bitterly opposed to Medicare came around completely when they realised that they had smaller incomes, but could “do medicine” with much less hassle.

An issue of Whole Earth Review some years ago had a “Medicare retrospective” interview with the doc who had led the opposition back in the day. He was very candid: he had fought against Medicare tooth and nail, but if someone tried to cancel Medicare today, they’d have to flee the country because everyone, very much including medical professionals, would want to lynch them.