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Xavier Becerra: Missing on Climate


Xavier Becerra: Missing on Climate

Janet Cox

At 8 am on a Wednesday morning last month, two federal District Court courtrooms in San Francisco were jammed with lawyers, scientists, journalists, and climate activists—and more people were lined up down the hall, eager to listen to five occasionally riveting hours of climate science. Judge William E Alsup, on the U.S.


“Xavier Becerra: Missing on Climate”

Gotta cut him some slack. He’s busy protecting illegal immigrants from deportation. In Cali, that’s a full time job. :grinning:


Wrong. Xavier Becerra is a joke. He was my congressional representative in LA (Lincoln Heights specifically) for years and proved to be nothing more than a faux progressive and lackluster Democratic Party apparatchik. His active concerns are transparently limited by his long term political ambitions. As here he hides behind a veneer of a progressive voting record without actually initiating anything new, bold, or progressive himself. His values, though certainly not right, are not progressive values. He’s just another long term survivalist politician looking down the years at the big prize. To get it he left the low profile position of a so-so California district’s Representative to the national stage high profile position of California’s AG. As those ambitions dovetailed with the DNC’s need for fresh diverse faces he was elevated. Do not be taken in. Xavier Becerra is just another worthless tool.


Xavier Becerra was appointed by Jerry Brown who is NOT green and has taken $9.8 million from fossil fuel companies and has allowed a 17% increase in drilling off the coast of California. Gov Brown could stop fracking in California with an executive order, yet refuses to do so. Brown is so beholden to the FF companies that any appointment he makes will likely reflect the origins of the dirty money he gets.
A report from Consumer Reports called Brown’s Dirty Hands shows how deeply Gov Brown is beholden to the fossil fuel industry and utilities.


And this is pretty much what we get everywhere these days. To be expected in Ca. though because that state’s economy is so big and influential. The end result of the concentration of wealth is that all positions of power can be bought and controlled. And I agree with treevole below - Jerry brown is an absolute fraud.


“Less is More” How Oregon stopped the construction of 4 Washington state nuclear power plants (Wwpps) from being built, and, decommissioning Oregon’s Trojan nuclear power plant in the 1980’s. Today’s homes nationally are cleaner, more comfortable, healthier, more valuable, more environmentally resilient than this generation realized possible. The self-driving car is a lie, a ruse meant to distract attention from actual solutions, a fraud. The casino mob boss currently inhabiting the White House is an evil sonofabitch hellbent on WWIII, as if his and his ilk couldn’t imagine a better world ahead of the rest of us.


Fraud = the self-driving car.


Correction: Consumer Watchdog, not Consumer Reports. One holds politicians and corporations to account (CW), the other does product and car reviews (CR).


If the author is looking for leadership from the state on these lawsuits, they won’t find it from anyone in Sacramento. They are all bought and owned by Exxon, WSPA and the rest of the fossil fuel industry. Brown also sacked the head of DOGGR when she was actually just doing her job just so he can get Big Oil’s vote on his tax measure.


Thanks for the correction.