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Xcusing Bahrain’s Human Rights Abuses


xcusing Bahrain’s Human Rights Abuses

Paul Pillar

The Trump administration has decided to remove any conditions regarding human rights from sales of F-16 fighter aircraft and other arms to Bahrain. The rationale for doing so is the idea that hard power considerations ought to come before softer concerns for the rights of someone else’s citizens.


I know that Iran is the given excuse but Bahrain's human rights abuses are the reason that this deal was being held up. Now that criteria has been removed because the word Iran is used. The end result will likely be strafing and bombing of the country's population which was what was being avoided before Trump. Our presence in the gulf ensures that Iranian fighters would not be able to cross and attack Bahrain. There is need to ascertain why Iran would even want to do so (except in the sordid little minds of the ultra right). Why would Iran do such a thing and spark a shooting war with us? What would they gain?

Trump is actively supporting the oligarchic ultra-right amongst the oil rich Mid East states and worldwide.