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Xenophobia and Hate Exacerbate the Plight of Refugees Around the World


Xenophobia and Hate Exacerbate the Plight of Refugees Around the World

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

The MS St. Louis was a German passenger ship whose most famous voyage, in the spring of 1939, became known as “The Voyage of the Damned.” On that trip, 908 German Jewish refugees were headed to Cuba, fleeing the Nazis, but only 22 of the Jewish passengers were allowed to disembark. Aid organizations pleaded with U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and the government of Canada to accept the refugees. They were snubbed, and the vessel headed back to Europe. Hundreds of the repatriated refugees would die in the Holocaust. The refusal of the U.S.


The point is missed once again.
There would be no refugee problem if there were no wars or threat of wars.


Amy and Denis should watch this because it is relevant to what they are writing about. Well, so much to adding something that is totally relevant. Why is it that supposed "Progressive Liberals" are some of the most authoritarian people we will ever engage with? This is the window I get when trying to post a beneficial link. " Sorry, new users can't put links in posts." Folks, go to youtube and search for the video, "Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - NumbersUSA.com"


Why is it when you don't agree with the main stream you have to be accused of Xenophobia or Islamophobic. We are at war with these people by letting them in it will increase attacks in this country. that has already been done. and will continue. Why put gas on the fire. why is it that democrats don't mind helping everyone at everyone else s expense. This is why I'm no longer a democrat. I became an unaffiliated voter. both republicans and democrat's are corrupt. You could stop this and stop killing and bombing their country. instead of us taking on more people that we can't afford. go to the government and tell them to stop and we will not have a refugee problem.


Do you know who the Know-Nothings were in American history?
Keep in mind that ALL politicians lie including Trump and Johnson/Weld.


The whole government is corrupt not just one party. Don't matter who you think you are going to vote for the elections are rigged. we no longer have a democracy.


I find it difficult to differentiate between refugees fleeing wars, fleeing food insecurity because of agribusiness policies, fleeing poverty because of IMF and World Bank policies

We can expect many, many more to be soon fleeing climate change but they will be considered economic migrant and not refugees.

The British PM detailed it at the Summit and i paraphrase "if we help the refugees, we have to keep the migrants out"...and no doubt invent a league table of the deserving and the less deserving, the vulnerable and the less vulnerable...

Don't we have to look beyond the immediate cause such as the Afghan/Iraq/Syrian wars and seriously think about erasing those imaginary lines drawn on the planet called borders.


You wouldn't have this crises if you would stop bombing their countries. the US has disestablished the whole middle east. We need to have boarders it protects the people in that country. Go read and listen to the Muslims in Germany, Sweden and the UK. Their religious views are walking over the people who don't share the same views. I watch as they stood on street corners telling the UK citizens to abandoned democracy and join Islam Their religion it is OK to kill the unbelievers or if they believe they are oppressed. They have a right to kill.


Stop the Xenophobia!


In the UK we have had decades and generations of muslim immigration from Pakistan and Bangladesh so you are right that the rise of militant Islam fundamentalism can be blamed on the geo-political policies that have been taken by various Western governments i the Middle East. Of course ,we have a similar situation in various parts of America who insist that their versions of Christian fundamentalism should be made law and imposed on non-believers. Some US evangelical militants went to Uganda and helped promote the death sentence for being gay.

Every day the right to kill is being exercised by what is called American exceptionalism - and by the UK and France and others,(strangely enough the US is no exception to this idea that might is right) and that our culture is superior and naturally the media plays along by not challenging the politicians. One example out of many. The US/Danes/UK/ aircraft strike Syrian troops ...these governments say it is accidental...the media do not question that plea of innocence. Russia/Syria strike a UN convoy, they deny it but the media automatically dismisses the claim as false because the US say it was the Russians or their proxy but - again without demanding proof.


This is one reason why the UK left the EU. they feel their country is being taken over by Muslims and they can't do a thing about it. Not only that the women most will not get jobs they live on welfare. So the people are forced to take them and pay to keep them and pay to blow them up. When does it stop?? As far as the christian Fundamentalists. Most Americans again to not agree with them. This is why you need to keep religion out of the schools. I think America is the biggest threat to other nations and our nation as well I don't believe America is great at all. we promote democracy to other countries while they have been slowing taking it away here. The biggest divide in this country are the two party system. I do see much difference between christian fundamentalist and republicans and democrats that is behind the eroding of America to where we can't even have an honest discussion on how to fix our problems or enact laws that affect us all. The media is not changeling them because they are bought by the very same people who are running this country who interest is only making money. This is why you don't go to wars innocent people die. I voted for Obama and he has become one of the biggest mass murder.


You've been misinformed. If anything it was the fear of eastern European migrant workers that fueled Brexit, not refugees - and these folk are mostly Christian, not Muslim.


Medical Care For All!


WE invaded the countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. THey were wars of our choosing. Neither Afghanis nor Iraqis attacked us on 9/11, even if you believe the official story. We fomented the Syrian disaster by using covert ops to identify people who were willing to overturn the Assad government and arming them and training them and when they came out of the shadows and used those arms, carefully orchestrated to make Assad look as though he had started the whole thing, Obama began his 'Assad must go' campaign. All hell broke loose in Syria because our government had again decided on regime change, as it had with Iraq and Libya.

What part of 'we are in THEIR country' do we not understand. We started it, we broke it into smithereens, and we act as though we had nothing to do with it. Proud of our country? Not me.


Amy's always missing this point. Witness her current pseudo-reporting on Syria, in which she treats the official lies as truths. End the imperial wars creating all the refugees, inform the populace as to the criminality of these wars and who is behind them, and there wouldn't be all this "xenophobia and hate." But that would require real reporting, and the sponsors might not like that. It's easier to sit in judgment of the misinformed, misled and confused people who are worried about making ends meet.


Formal sponsors like corporations and businesses?
Or informal sponsors we call the viewers who actually believe that Hillary is a Progressive, Socialism is evil, Capitalism is a gift from the Creator, some wars are good, Saudi Arabia and Israel are our friends and Iran is our enemy, and so on?


Soros foundation, among others.


Civilization is on the verge of a huge shift to a migratory population. Climate change is going to make large sectors of our planet uninhabitable and the populations of these places will migrate like the herds of Africa. It ain't gonna be pretty. Inexorably our overpopulation will be remedied. Humankind has been more clever than the planet can support.


For the last 30 years, millions of Muslim civilians were slaughtered by American/British bombing and drone attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Pakistan and now in Syria. Still hundreds of Muslim civilians are being killed on daily basis but who cares? The spirit of Crusade is still alive. Muslim lives are also matters ! West must learn to respect and tolerate those who are different.

Innocent civilian blood spilled is precious regardless of geographical setting Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, Ankara or Baghdad, Mosul, Fallujah, Gaza, Raqqa etc. etc. Regardless of the in-discriminant means bombs in a suitcase or delivered through F16s or drones in the ... more many many dark nights in the Middle East. The world should stand together and seek justice for all starting with the criminals who instigated the domino effect of destruction in the Middle East, namely George W. Bush and Tony Blair. They should face justice in the world criminal court in the Hague for all the innocent lives lost as direct result of their criminal acts starting with the invasion of Iraq.

A tsunami of tears are shed over dozens of deaths by terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. Why is there no media coverage nor grief over the 100.000s of civilian deaths caused by daily bombings by the US & Europe in the Middle East? Why are Western bombings not labelled as ... more terrorist attacks? Only zooming in on Western victims paints a one-dimensional picture of a greater problem that also is interwoven with decades of exclusion of Muslims in Europe who have gradually radicalised. They now join extremist groups in the Middle East and shake up Europe with (suicide) bombings. European lives probably more valued. It's a crying shame and a blatant example of hypocrisy.

According to CNN, 40% of Muslim youths in Molenbeek are jobless because of discrimination and racism. What do you expect from them?

7/7 bombers have been radicalised in the context of racist schools rather than in Pakistan. Imams and Masajid are not the brainwashers of Muslim youths. It is state schools who have been mis-educating and de-educating Muslim children for the last 60 years. The media for the last 15 years have targeted Muslims as a threat to British life. Many of 9/11 and 7/7 attackers were not from the poor, down trodden, under-educated and alienated sectors of society but were well-educated, middle to upper class and from stable family backgrounds. Muslim youths suspected of carrying out blast across India, have not been educated in Madrassas but western qualified and had respectable jobs.

Due to the emergence of large Muslim population in the UK, sustenance of such colonial ambition of the British Imperialists faces some home grown challenge. Many of the young Muslims are determined to grow up with the core Islamic beliefs that were nurtured by the prophet of Islam himself and his devout companions. To them, these early Muslims of the prophet’s time are the true figure of highness that deserved to be followed in every aspect of the life. Hence the original Islam enters into their hearts with its inherent sharia, khelafa, migration and jihad. The de-Islamised and secularised converts to the western values and culture enjoy little honour or credibility in the eyes of these young British Muslims. This owes to the huge bulk of Islamic books in English language which is much more enriched than many of the native languages of Muslim countries like Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Malaysian, Indonesian, Somalian or Turkish languages. Hence women with hijab and youth with long beard are more visible in British universities than in the universities of Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey or Indonesia. Islam is more visible in some parts of the UK like East London, Birmingham, Bradford, Oldham and Luton than many parts of the Muslim countries. One can find hardly a Bangladeshi, Indian or Pakistani youths fighting in the jihad of Syria. But hundreds of British youths have already reached there; many of them have already given their life. This has added more venom to the anti-Islamic narratives of the British neocons. They are struggling to reconcile with such harsh reality of the British society. They are raising Trojan horse hoax just to encounter that reality.

Today, many non-Muslims regard Islam as a religion that promotes violence, terrorism and war. Unfortunately, they rely in their view of Islam on the general media, which is not always accurate in reporting the news. Many media outlets, such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, are influenced by their investors or owners who have certain agendas and who want to promote certain values and points of view. Other media outlets are simply after the "big story", in order to make more money and more profits. Others are simply "followers", who only gather news from other sources, re-package it and try to sell it again purely as a business.

In all these cases, the news reporting is not accurate, but is driven by ulterior motives or simply by profits. Only very few media organizations are committed to providing accurate and true information, regardless of financial gain. Therefore, people today should be very careful in what they take from the media.

Before blindly accepting what the TV, radio or newspaper is reporting, one should think critically about what is being reported. Is this being reported accurately, or is it being exaggerated or even completely fabricated? Who are these people reporting the news, and do they have vested interests to report the story in a certain way, or are they completely objective and fair? Critical thinking is very important in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to accepting the media reports about important and controversial issues.

Islam is in fact a religion that promotes peace and understanding among people of all faiths, and it strongly prohibits all forms of violence and aggression against all people regardless of their faith or race.

Islam Prohibits Violence and Aggression, and stands for Peace and Justice.

Islam clearly prohibits all kinds and forms of aggression and violence against anyone, except in self-defence. Islam is a practical religion, meant to be implemented in every aspect of our life. Therefore, it realizes the fact that a person who commits aggression and violence against others will not cease these actions unless they are deterred by similar actions taken against them.

Islam also places very high importance on justice, and allows for aggressors and unjust people be punished accordingly, unless they repent before they are brought to justice. At the same time, Islam encourages people to forgive those who have wronged them whenever possible.

Terror is the biggest business today at home and abroad. Everyone is a beneficiary. The government gets more clout and more powers over the lives of its hapless subjects through new terror laws and activation of old ones in an atmosphere where no one dares to question the motives of the politicians over the vital issue of "security". Security forces get immunity for illegal acts and crimes for which they win medals, rewards, promotions and huge funds with no accountability attached.

Newspapers and TV channels improve their circulation and ratings sensationalising real and imaginary terror stories with total impunity as no one would dare question their rightful concern for our safety and security.


There will never be an end to immigration. With out constant flow of immigrants, British society and economy would bleed to death. British economy is in a good shape only because of immigration.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) called on Britain and other member countries affected by the migrant crisis to come up with “tangible solutions” in order to stop anti-immigration parties and activists from gaining ground.

According to the OECD – whose members include France, Turkey, the UK, Germany, and the US – 1.65 million people applied for asylum in 2015, 1.3 million in Europe alone.

Now a new OECD study, called ‘International Migration Outlook’, attempts to highlight the benefits of immigration in order to push countries to adopt more migrant-friendly policies, and help governments better integrate migrants into society, rather than just shunning them.

According to Stefano Scarpetta, OECD Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, governments are failing to send a “pro-migrant message” and have lost people’s trust.

Across Europe people disappointed by their government’s failure to come up with a solid immigration policy are turning to far-right leaders, whose political stance on migration is far more radical.

The report strikes a particular chord with the French, where plans to relocate more than 12,000 migrants living in the Calais ‘Jungle’ camp to reception centres across the country sparked national outrage, after right-wing mayors criticised the plan and warned migrants would not get a warm welcome.

Mr Scarpetta admitted that immigration, if let to spin “out of control,” can put unnecessary pressure on local communities, but that the impact it has on a host country “varies widely”.

“Migrants tend to head towards poorer urban areas, use local public transport, go to local schools, and yes, all of that can put a strain on a small town’s infrastructure,” he said.

Mr Scarpetta said that governments facing a massive influx of migrants need to find better, more tangible solutions to the crisis if it hopes to silence anti-migrant campaigners.

If governments fail to do so, they will face a populist uprising, he warns.

According to the head of the OECD's international migration division, Jean-Christophe Dumont, more should be done to make sure migrants are fully integrated into their host country’s society.
He said: “Politicians needs to listen closely to any fears people can have regarding the migrant crisis, and it is their job to tell people how and why their country can benefit from immigration.”

The report also says that even though immigration can exacerbate existing structural problems, it is never the “root cause” of a country’s problems, and that immigration had many long-term benefits, including job creation.

The study claims that “young and fit” migrants want to contribute to the local economy and pay taxes; and can also help countries faced with an ageing population remain “dynamic”.