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Xenophobia Shines as Trump Base Has Collective Meltdown Over Possible DACA Deal


Xenophobia Shines as Trump Base Has Collective Meltdown Over Possible DACA Deal

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"At this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?"


" Trump’s base is blown up, destroyed, irreparable, and disillusioned beyond repair." Rep. Steve King (Rep-Iowa.)

Some of the best news I have heard since Trump’s election!


Nothing Dan Coulter says or represents should receive the slightest shred of respect…


Unless they’re your cousins or your illegal workers, there is no rational reason to support illegal aliens.
… of course, humans don’t stick to the realm of rational very long …


The zombie genre is a metaphor, not so much for being “soulless” as for the human condition generally, that is, we’re all caught in societal systems that leave people’s souls without nourishment. Most zombie stories portray them as vicious murderers, but with good zombie health care, they can look like Ann Coulter or George Clooney. Most zombies regret having people for lunch or afternoon snack, but it’s the only sure way to reverse decomposition. The novel “Breathers, a zombie’s lament” by SG Browne - not your usual zombie story - is a good read. The characters in that story would have roast Coulter with rice pilaf, asparagus tips and some chardonnay. Delicious!


Trump is trying to do the right thing, for once, finally, and his base (the real problem) blows up!
Eventually he will go. They will remain, poisoning the well.


Trump has done this country a great service. He has revealed his supporters and a large percentage of this country for exactly what they are – unrepentant racists. All the highfalutin oratory of the right wing is shown to be nothing more than cover for the fundamental hatred these people hold for “the other”. The silent majority has finally spoken up, and they are irredeemably UGLY. Ever wonder how Germany could get otherwise normal, everyday people to drop the gas? Look no further than Trump’s base.


What a waste of good rice, asparagus and chardonnay.


Most of us are descended from “illegal aliens”.


Good post! I agree completely!


Yes, sadly. And their numbers are growing. The irony is that almost all of them call themselves “Christians.” I think they are all in for a rather “yuge” shock someday when their Savior informs them just what he thinks of their intolerant, racist, xenophobic, bigoted asses. Who would Jesus deport?


Economic growth is the rational reason for letting those who have grown up here stay.

Corporations are designed to grow faster and faster forever.

The us produces 1.84 children for every two breeding age consumers.

Capitalism demands growth or it ceases to exist.

Even speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan knows this. Growth is why he pushes a plan to cut back health insurance and use the savings to give tax refunds to rich capitalists. Federal deficit borrowing to fund tax refunds to rich people is also designed to increase economic growth.

See? There is good sense behind all these pro growth decisions.


“Breathers” is a love story. Andy & Rita, recovering zombies in a California coastal town where they’ve won civil rights, meet at a weekly zombie support group. Members are all slowly disintegrating until Andy meets a trio of renegade zombies who offer him homemade “venison” stored in jars. Suddenly Andy’s health improves. The main point to take from the story is that these zombies experienced regret more than malice. But there is a lot of dark humor and the least amount of gratuitous violence. An annoying psychiatrist was eaten to shut him up.


" The irony is almost all call themselves Christians."

Mr. Hedges has a more appropriate term for them: he calls them “christian fascists”. If Jesus came back again these so-called Christians who are really in many ways, like the KKK, anti-Christs, they would probably crucify him again!


After reading some of these comments I’ll binge watch The Walking Dead on Netflix tonight, ha. The Breitbart faction of white nationalists are coming unhinged at this, possibly, new revelation from the Trump man. I’ve spent the better part of the day reading on the divisive factions in the Trump regime and it looks like the financial, militarist, Zionist factions have risen to the top power positions in the administration. There’s still the stupid expensive and unnecessary border wall to go the way of the dinosaurs or down the memory hole if you prefer. Next up; the billionaire tax cuts to contend with and the fight will be a hard one.


I had forgotten Mr. Hedges’ term, thank you! Perfect. And yes - most right-wingers today would crucify their own Savior because he is far too liberal for their tastes. Irony!


Hatred is destructive.
But most of all that destruction rebounds on the hater, - as we are seeing now on a macro scale in the US right wing.

The unfortunate byproduct of it all is, that the corporate Dems will take the credit for Trumps turnabout.
Let us not be soothed by that. The Democratic Establishment, as represented by the DNC has to go as well.

We seem to be on a roll right now. Let that not deter us from keeping our shoulder to the wheel.
Success in 2018 and 2020 requires our utmost and unrelenting effort.


That’s right- she even made fun of hurricane victims and rescuers.


Of course, and the religious right is behind it also.


Aliens- as from another planet???