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Xenophobic and Misogynist Posts in Secret CBP Facebook Group 'Confirm Our Worst Fears' of Agency Culture, Lawmakers Say

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/01/xenophobic-and-misogynist-posts-secret-cbp-facebook-group-confirm-our-worst-fears


Don’t worry. All is well because they will report how many kids die to Nancy Pelosi within 24 hours (also, they had to go home for their 4th of July barbecues so couldn’t hang around to do anything).


It is refreshing to see young congresspeople not pulling punches and keeping to “freshmen rules”. Give the Establishment all of the holy hell that you are and more, I say! You are righteous and acting accordingly. Stay safe!


“These are clearly agents who are desensitized to the point of being dangerous to migrants and their co-workers.” - not to mention elected representatives of the people, their scumbag low-life comments threaten!

I want to know the work history of these “agents” - what percentage were either military or cops in any other agency? Do they have records of violence that have been ignored or covered-up? Does that history spotlight why they have zero empathy for others (or are just racist depraved scum) and have they been “desensitized” and taught to think of other people as “perps”, “sand people”, “towel-heads”, and other dehumanizing labels used by our military to make it easy to kill and torture - is that the real state of our military and police as well as CBP and why we are witnessing an epidemic of brutality, murders, torture and depraved indifference for the lives of others?

What part does the racist and also dehumanizing trump regime play in these CBP crimes on the border?

The facts from the CBP website tout the “great place” for military vets “to transition” and that roughly one third are ex-military!

Oh, and by the way, the “training” our police and some military get by Israeli forces, you know, that exemplify official racist thinking toward Palestinians, that other people are less than human and can be treated as such by the “master race” - what part does that truth play in why so many police and CBP agents are so depraved toward Latino refugees?


Yuh gotta luv that “master race” stuff. The Nazi regime spawned – as Israel. Kind of like coming back in another life, different body to “balance the equation.” Amazing how the lowest, most un-masterly always seem to think they are the masters.


The new CBP uniform features a brown shirt, armband, and jackboots. This is only the beginning of global human migrations due to climate change. I think the real power brokers know that the worst outcomes of a rapidly warming planet are now unavoidable. The feedback loops have been triggered, the ecosystem is doomed, and civilization will continue to unravel. We can choose only between a humane, or inhumane exit. Sadly, things are not trending toward the former.


The whole thing stinks but just want to chime in on my experience with Border Patrol having lived in San Diego for many years. I, a white guy with zero criminal record and just simply going from point a to point b happening to come through one of their checkpoints on interstate 8, 5, and various other state highways…have had a handful of scary encounters. They are rednecks, most of them, who are looking for a fight, looking to have any excuse to fuck up your life and I can easily imagine how most of them would behave in situations where they feel they are empowered by a racist Administration and interacting with a very vulnerable and powerless population that most of them hate.

I despise them. I ALWAYS felt very nervous going through their checkpoints and would have to psyche myself up to not show them ANY thing other than a poker face. Friendly didn’t work, and annoyed sure as hell doesn’t work (which I never showed them).

I can only imagine what is happening in these centers with kids. It makes my blood boil fearing for them.


The deepest and darkest forces with the powers of Empire undoubtedly believe they have the President they have always needed for that end game of meting out whatever power necessary for the wealthiest to maintain some semblance of their wealth, power, and privilege while the inevitable unraveling occurs. Their answer, with mass surveillance in place, a massive complex of private and military prisons at the ready will be full throttle fascism and this could be their time to practice. And they have an autocrat just cruel enough to thrive in his role.

But I try and remain optimistic. (sardonic attempt at humor)



I just made my almost daily phone call to Pelosi’s answering machine for “the little people”. I’m sure I’m annoying the staff at least. They should all quit if they have any conscience whatsoever.


Ya know Cluck, I have to wonder when all of this abuse started. I don’t think it was just with the Orange Dumpster. Obama still remains the leader as Deport-er in Chief. But like everything else, he was quieter, better spoken, and did it behind closed doors without fanfare. I’m just sayin’ that I think all this depravity by our government took a long time in development. The Orange Dumpster is just making it more open and worse.

By the way, I grew up in the east county of San Diego in the ‘60’ - 80’s. So I am familiar with your experience with the Border Patrol atl the check points and at the border. Not fun. Back then you didn’t have to have a Visa to visit Canada or Mexico. I feel like that that requirement was instituted to keep us citizens IN not the foreigners/immigrants out. Just sayin’…


Of course this has all been a long time coming and as to Obama’s immigration policies, I and others on this forum critical of Trump were also critical of Obama who deported more immigrants and who detained more immigrants than any prior Administration.

That said, Trump is much more dangerous in a myriad of ways and again…this didn’t just come out of the blue as the US has been traversing a road toward fascism for decades. Contrary to the opinions of some on the left who saw Trump as some kind of bizarre catharsis juxtaposed to Clinton and the rest of Corporate State Democrats…I say those leftists stand as the biggest fools of all.

Here an out and out cruel fascist is at the helm and they still bite their tongue…White Nationalist directing immigration policy…meh. Stoking war with Iran…meh (oh yes, they of course believe the propaganda all over MSM that Trump called off the attack at the last minute after he listened to Tucker. How many ironies can be packed into one errant analysis?)

Anyway, don’t mean to drag you into that particular feud I have but it still just blows my mind that he actually got support from some “leftists” who couldn’t see the inherent danger of this jerk coming to power who had demonstrated for a very long time his penchant for hate, lying, and stoking hate among the most base base in this country for power. And my fears have come to pass in more frightening ways than I could have imagined. An emergent power among rednecks, racists, misogynists…many of whom are fundamentalist Christians who have had designs on the courts for decades. This is a very big deal.

And of course I hold responsible Trump’s own emergent power as a true fascist as he has Corporate State Democrats ultimately to back up his power. And they are doing this before our very eyes.


I must admit I was as clueless as AOC. I assumed that most were basically good people just trying to make a living, who’d found themselves in a very uncomfortable place. Eye opening report. Half of them on the racist and violence supporting web site.


Over one half of CBP are participating in this disgusting heinous behavior.
One Half!!!
AOC calls it out and she’s spot phucking on.


The longer that DT is allowed to remain in office, the more likely that this mentality will not be confined to the border.


You describe the persona that everyone must affect when traveling beyond your hometown. One must act as if you are a robot because any show of personality can be judged to be a threat to those who authorized by their role as a border guard. I suppose their self importance makes their willies shrink.


The refugees from Central America come because US foreign policy pretty much mimics CBF intentions and methods.

So much of what we see is the collapse of the American Empire, Col. Wilkerson said, in a video I watched. What we don’t see is how close to collapse Empire is. It scared the neocons so much that meetings of the oligarch right wing turds created the Program For A New American Century. Victoria Nuland, who is Robert Kagan’s wife, managed the coup in Ukraine that replaced a corrupt but democratic government with a Neonazi clusterfuck that started the civil war now raging in Ukraine.

Why was Nuland well enough placed in the State Department of the Obama administration to make a coup happen? Hillary is a neoconservative and, at the same time, a neoliberal, and a Goldwater Republican as a wild and crazy college girl.

The Project for a New American Century is US foreign policy now, and has been since Reagan’s presidency, if that’s what you want to call that criminal enterprise that still puts Trump to shame. Clinton and Obama let the PNAC intention control the world as Rome did its world. The PNAC hands occupied the State Dept. and kept doing what it had been doing. The article about PNAC on Wikipedia is actually quite good.

It’s informative as you’ll find the Empire divulge. Hillary started the mess in Venezuela, which has both the world’s largest pool of oil and the world’s largest deposits of gold. Empire is expensive. It’s also disruptive to countries The Empire decides to impose PNAC upon. South of the US border, the left is under siege by the rightwing empire bots.

The only thing that makes rightwing criminality against life fly under the radar is that the corporate press and media don’t report the crimes perpetrated against people in the name of citizens of the US.

A minority thinks this is okay, and it’s the minority that rules the Empire.

We have a slim - almost nonexistent - chance of avoiding the Sixth Mass Extinction, but if we do, we won’t have futures worth living if we don’t begin to build them now. The planet will be barren, from decades of blazing heat followed by thousand year floods, year after year, washing dead topsoil into the dead zones where rivers run into the oceans.

“If Only” isn’t a fair game, but if Carter won a second term, we wouldn’t have the 6ME running right behind us. Carter had David Orr and a bunch of his cohort in the White House figuring out how to avoid the 6ME, of which global warming and climate change are symptoms.

The people of the US are divided and conquered by the Empire’s domestic war of propaganda. Organized groups of two or three million people are left behind in the landfills of history. Half the CO2 pollution in the atmosphere now got there since 1980, in the asinine New Morning. Half the wildlife that was here in 1980 is gone. Our species, large mammals that make large demands on the biosphere, is on the same path.

What we do with this knowledge (and more) will determine who remains after the ecological collapse. Survival will probably look worse than death for a while, but as long as we have life, there’s a chance we can get together again and make an effort at the scale of the problem, the 6ME.

Meanwhile, the ratfucking by the ruling elites continues. The Kochs have $100 billion dollars tied up in the Canadian oil sands, and they need the pipeline to turn some cash so they don’t lose all the money they milked the US economy of.

Peace and love, the solution put forth by the hippies of the 60s, remains the path most likely to succeed, and take us through the amount (a lot) of 6ME we can no longer avoid. If our gathering are peaceful and we love each other (sex is optional, this time, with a complexity the 60s didn’t dream of), we can do what has to be done to save enough biodiversity to help the biosphere regenerate. That’s as good as it will get, from here, and it’s a long shot because we can’t let our beliefs and ideology stay out of combat with other beliefs. No belief or ideology is appropriate for this moment. Both are relics of another time that no longer exists and won’t be back. Humans will invent on the fly, without a thousand years arguing about it, what gets us out of this mess. Peace and love among us are required to deal with beliefs that won’t die, etc.

On that happy note, I’ll return to working at inventing this profundity. Peace and love, sisters and brothers, and remember this; women have the cojones to take on the work that results in a future. They’ve been Others for centuries and held their desire to be free of domination by cowardly men, like me. This stuff scares the shit out of me. This is the one for all the marbles. There won’t be another.

Smile. It’s only death.


They didn’t become desensitized,they took this job TO torture people.

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Lots of phrases have been used to signify a regional and even world wide societal/economic collapse, one of them being “the apocalypse”. What we are seeing at our border is humans who have experienced and are mostly still living through the apocalypse. Them. Now. Their country. Their neighborhoods. Their families.
It will happen here. It’s already begun. Our daily challenge is personal: what do I do and how do I act? then, how do I interact with neighbors, etc. I encounter the tribal/groupist tendencies in myself and everyone. It’s a daily fight and challenge and we need to learn and practice and develop a language and posture and way of interacting and advocating in a firm, respectful, powerful way that will create a space for us to continue to feed our highest values of love and compassion while confronting the most ugly, vile aspects of ourselves.


Anyone who regularly drives between the US and Canada is familiar with the white male thuggishness and fascism (unlike Canada border officials, few CBP agents are women, almost none are nonwhite) of the CBP. The Canada border custom’s gates are a prefunctory and pleasant affair, usually with pleasantries exchanged with the ethnically and racially diverse agents (who often introduce themselves first in French becasue Pennsylvania, like Quebec, does not provide front license plates). But the return through the US gates is always an anxiety-provoking affair with a the big white fascist thug exhibiting all the usual toxic masculinity that US cops in general exhibit.


So, what do you suggest? Should they just ignore the Government’s sadistic behavior?

I see very little difference, fundamentally, between our CBP/ICE and the Nazi SS/Gestapo.