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Yahoo Meets Karma: Racist Sexist Kid Rock Replaced By Black Hero James Shaw


Yahoo Meets Karma: Racist Sexist Kid Rock Replaced By Black Hero James Shaw

A sweet, small, symbolic bit of schadenfreude this weekend as Nashville booted slimy redneck, has-been and Trumpette Kid Rock from his gig as Grand Marshall of the city's Christmas parade, replacing him with James Shaw Jr., who saved lives last year by confronting a shooter at a local Waffle House. Rock was uninvited after he called "The View" host Joy Behar "a bitch" and spewed invective about this "political correctness" nonsense, thus suggesting - who knew? - it's actually not okay to do that anymore.


What would Santa do?
He would make James Shaw the star of the parade, because Mr Shaw cares about other human, even endangering his own life to help.
Kid Rock? Well he has a NAUGHTY and MEAN tongue. There is still some use for coal and it will go into Kid Rock’s stocking for he’s not at all NICE so he’s no longer the star of the parade.


Another low-life, no-talent rich kid sliding into “home” after being born on 3rd base. Of course he is a Trump supporter. I wouldn’t like him any better if he was a Hillary supporter though.


This is what America SHOULD look like–honoring an honest hero among us.


Hey, c’mon everybody, join me in this new holiday meme!–Trump’s House Band, led by Kanye West, with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent!–We need a few more–pile on!–In Trump’s house there would be just one audience member for that outfit!


Hi maladroit… LOL and yes— with all these together --Trump, Kanye, Kid Rock and Ted Nugent--------it is certain to be discordant Christmas.
Out of tune and out of touch! : )


Iffn you can’t behave sociably in the big house, then go live in the outhouse. Say I.

So happy to see a thuggish character get bounced and one of the good guys honored.
Things are looking up in America!!!


Wasn’t there a Springsteen tribute band that was the only outfit they could find to play the inauguration? Maybe they’re available, or did they bail out in the end?


That sounds right–I don’t know what happened there–Didn’t “Two Doors Down” (or is it “Three”?) play for Trump’s inaug also?