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Yahoo to Clapper: Global, Global, Beyond our Borders, Global


Yahoo to Clapper: Global, Global, Beyond our Borders, Global

Marcy Wheeler

I joked when Yahoo first released its letter to James Clapper the other day, asking that he release details about the 2015 scan first revealed by Reuters. It has the tone of a young woman who is justifiably upset because, after sleeping with her, some jerk is pretending he doesn’t even know her.


The entire political class and their paid apparatchic are liars.


One of the ways we can tell that President Obama is completely corrupt is that he has refused to fire James Clapper. When asked directly in a Senate hearing if the NSA collected data on Americans, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied. He lied to the Senate committee charged with oversight of his office! And he's still on the job! Only through the selfless patriotism of Edward Snowden do we know Clapper is a liar, and no one in government except maybe Barack knows what he's doing. Now it appears Yahoo is eager to spill the beans about what they've been asked/told to divulge to our above-the-law spooks. Since we can't get any justice under Barack's unbelievably corrupt Justice Dept (also called the Office of Whistle-Blower Persecution), which has never prosecuted a single felon from America's Elite Class, maybe Europe will provide some legal pushback. In Obama's American Elite felons can do whatever they want with impunity -- just ask the bankers who crashed the world economy, or, better yet, ask scam artist Hillary Clinton. Go to YouTube and watch FBI Director Comey get caught in lie after lie in Senate hearings as he tries to explain away his participation in the Hillary Clinton e-mail cover-up. Our government is rotten to the core, and it's going to get worse under the sociopathic HillRod Clinton. Impeachment, anyone???