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Yale Study on $600 Unemployment Lifeline Championed by Democrats Destroys Favorite GOP Talking Point

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/yale-study-600-unemployment-lifeline-championed-democrats-destroys-favorite-gop


A two-headed snake flipping a coin for who gets first dibs on the tail. Ain’t that America.


Now sit back and watch the Democrats demand keeping the $600 or they won’t vote for the next package. But in reality they actually have proposed some nonsense about those who are being evicted having access to a lawyer. What a bunch of fucking losers. How about saying that NO ONE WILL LOSE THEIR HOUSING. And mean it. So fucking simple but they can’t even do that.


While it is terrible that people will lose their homes at least their credit scores won’t be impacted.

That two headed snake needs to be decapitated and buried deep in the ground by an uprising of the people of all stripes and types.


I guess we will find out if the Repugs are so wedded to their ‘ideology’ that they are willing to shoot themselves in the foot. I quoted ideology, since theirs had no actual ideas that fit the times. I hope they stand their ground and get beaten badly in November. Well, no I don’t. People come before my ideology!

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The Democratic Party devolved into the Democrat Party which has now devolved again in to the “New Republican Party” (NRP) fighting the Fascists from the “left”. Don’t expecting anything significant. It’s Mystery Kabuki Theater 2020.

We need an Opposition Party to the Left of the NRP


Why is being unemployed different today than it has been in the past. During a bad time in America I received UI extensions, but never extra money beyond what the policy was.
If this “extraordinary” UI pay is all that necessary why isn’t it permanent.

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“disincentivized people from returning to work…”

This is probably the cruelest thing to say to people living on the edge in the midst of a pandemic and concerned for their own and loved ones’ safety.

If lawmakers want to ease the pain, stimulate the economy and provide assistance to those in need, they’d be sending a monthly stimulus check to ALL households beneath a certain amount. The extra $600/wk in unemployment just causes tension between those that HAVE to go to work and those that have been furloughed. I’m thinking specifically of gig workers, grocery store employees, amazon workers, etc.

Then there’s this: “Tim Bray. In May, he quit his job as a vice president at Amazon Web Services — and in doing so likely sacrificed millions of dollars in compensation — to protest the fact that Amazon fired workers who were raising concerns about health and safety issues in the company’s warehouses.”


I’m a case in point. I work for a school department, two years ago as a teacher and last year as their computer resources coordinator. Last March the teachers moved online but I got about 80% laid off. I collected. Next September if school opens (and that’s still a question) I’m going to be wiping all of those unsightly student spittle droplets off of their screens (unless the students are all wearing their masks) and wiping the keyboards after every student use.

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Heroes Act. Isn’t that the one that bails out lobbyists, but doesn’t provide health care to people?


Even Wall Street gets the importance of the $600 extra a month. It is talked about by Saagar at the 15:24 mark of the vid., but the entire vid is worth a view if you haven’t already seen it.

“Krystal and Saagar: GOP Unveiled, Millions Face Homelessness, Andrew Yang’s Dire Warning”
The Hill Platform

I am a little perplexed at the commenters above, who seem to want to disparage the dems for fighting this piece of crap the gop has unveiled. I would be pissed if they didn’t fight it. Just like in the vid above, the $600 isn’t just about making the working class “whole” through this pandemic, it’s also about somewhat saving our economy so the people don’t suffer for years to come after this is over.
Full disclosure: I haven’t received a penny of this $600 UI benefit or my states UI, denied in my state because I became self-employed last year.


As a Country we are farther to the Right than we ever were before.
that’s my guess

Ha, repugs spend half or more of their time working begging for campaign funds and the other half on how to funnel our tax dollars to their money donors. And then they want to talk about incentives, really!

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No, I’m disparaging the dems for the piece of crap that they did pass. There were proposals that would have done a lot of good, without the corporate payola, but the democrat leadership shot them all down. If they can’t even start with a decent bill, what good are they?


I can’t argue with that, and I sure as hell won’t defend them, but we do need them to fight for the $600 for people and the future economy. Worthless Hoyer has already signaled he’ll accept anything the gop proposes.

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Schumer: “[A] giveaway to corporate interests.”

He should know

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Don’t be perplexed. Just ignore their pettiness. Or, the lack of math skills/recent history of how horribly many states have underfunded their UI reserves. It helps to know what ALEC is, too.
The reasons the extra $600 a week was added, is contained in the body of this article, but a person would have to get passed some current prejudices and inclinations. Sort of along this:
" You can lead a whore to culture but you can’t make them think. "
Politics remains " the art of the possible. " Art is contained and ingrained in us, in our culture. Unfortunately, many great artists are experiencing being out of work and with little financial support these days. ( Think Austin or Portland, here ) Wouldn’t it be nice if we heard from them here at CD about the differences between Democrats and Republicans.
Just lamentin’.


The GOP is simply doing what the GOP does, and I’m sure that after a lot of grumbling and foot-dragging, Democrats will do what they always do (find a way to accommodate most of what the GOP wants without getting anything of real value for the majority of Americans) while crowing about their bipartisanship (corporatism).

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It seems that republicans have forgotten that most of those currently collecting unemployment did not just quit their jobs or get laid off for whatever reason , but were told to go home and stay home. Their jobs did not exist anymore, and most of them probably still don’t. And many of them never will again. Short term memory issues? And what isn’t being talked about, and must be talked about, is the fact that states and towns need help right now, like this month, from the Federal government or much needed services will be gone. States cannot print money and they have to have a balanced budget. Since there has been an extreme reduction in income tax and sales tax revenue (thought no fault of the states or towns), already squeezed budgets will be eviscerated very soon. Which will translate into less money for schools (just when they need MORE if they are going to open with any margin of safety at all), less money for social services, drug rehab/services, mental health services, road and infrastructure maintenance (including plowing in states where we get snow), garbage collection, fire protection, and so on and so on. It is going to be a severe wake-up call when these services are slashed beyond the bone, leading to even more layoffs. It’s going to be a long, hard winter, with millions of families newly homeless, no services for them, increased suicides and overdoses (more than the current increases). Someone needs to detail, item by item, the hardships that are in store for us.