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Yates Confirms She Told White House Gen. Flynn Was 'Compromised' on Russia


Yates Confirms She Told White House Gen. Flynn Was 'Compromised' on Russia

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who was axed by President Donald Trump for refusing to enforce his controversial immigration ban, testified Monday before a Senate judiciary subcommittee and said she informed the White House that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had been "compromised" and misled the vice president.


Nothing new from Yates.

Also, in the nothing new department: D-party establishment types will claim Russia cost Hillary the election, in a never-ending effort to avoid accountability for their own ineptitude.


No matter how thin the batter, there's always two sides to the pancake. Let's see who eats the last few bites in this ordeal, please.
Sally Yates is not the issue. She was professional and evenhanded. Something you can't say about the Republican Senators.


No matter how much rancid rhetoric is vomited by Cruz and other GOP blaggards, Yates provided the WH with unassailable evidence of Flynn's contacts with Russia and Kislyak. And the WH did absolutely nothing until the news went public and Flynn then "resigned. For her efforts, she was "rewarded" with her walking papers...typical Trump tactics filled with nastiness and vengeance. Cruz, et alia do their damnedest to validate the demented dimwit's actions...they are putas for the WH.


Pendajos might just be Spanish for Texas Senators.


Could I just quote Bill Maher with "go fu$& yourself with a locally grown organic cucumber"

There are always two choices in the end and you chose to sabotage Clinton and Dems. Enjoy the fruits of the loin.


Trump ignored Obama's warning about Flynn because Putin ordered him to hire him.


If " purity of the vote " for either of the legacy candidates in 2016 was the reason for Maher's remark, that would be a real thing. Like all good organic cucumber salads, however, there's also vinegar, onion, secret ingredients ( mom's recipes ) and seasonings.
By smearing Stein voters, instead of actually getting into why people prefer organic to genetically modified cucumbers, Bill is showing his ignorance of gardening, starting with quality, caring and authenticity. Skeptictank made himself into a " fake analyst " and a stooge. So did Bill.


On contraire , purity of the vote is being forced by Green Party supporters. Legacy candidates are favored for a reason - they deliver. Dems deliver marginal liberal progressive agenda. Republicans... god knows what they deliver now ! Insanity?

Greens party candidate delivers lunches with Putin and most likely non organic ones!


A bit of a different topic. I occasionally read and comment on this site. Has this site had any article regarding the lawsuit brought against the DNC regarding the undemocratic process in the primary campaign? Of course, the mainstream media has nothing about it. Thanks.


"Under questioning by Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Clapper attempted to focus matters: “I understand how critical leaks are and unmasking and all these ancillary issues. But to me, the transcendent issue here is the Russian interference in our election process. And what that means to the erosion of the fundamental fabric of our democracy. And that to me is a huge deal.” But as this hearing once again made clear, it is not a huge deal to most Republicans in Congress." Of course, SkepticTank, I understand that you are way smarter than Clapper. Still, I think your mind might have a bit of a hole in the middle where everything involving democrats is seen as evil or wrong.


Democratic deliveries are often to the same place, regardless of directions. Manhattan comes to mind. The routing of all my lunches through Wall St, no matter what sounds appealing, is pretty unappetizing. Also, much more costly, usually.
Plus, there's the whole fresh versus stale argument. You appear to prefer canned and " same old same old " where most now prefer to know the origin of what they are consuming. Who's hands were on it, was it washed, did they steal a portion of my portion, is it really caviar or more pond raised and chemically treated tilapia? :wink:
Fasting is often a better option than eating something, like cucumbers, that may have been fertilized and sprayed with Monsanto and Dow Chemical products, as well.
As to Putin and lunch; he's as bad a lunch partner as Netanyahu or Erdogan. And, just contemplating eating with them all in the House of Saud, should give all concerned indigestion.
With organic gardening. keeping the weeds out and the pests away, requires more work but the end product is so good even Bill Maher would eat it. Especially when contrasted to a bread and butter pickle.


Flynn's real crime is that he wanted a more cooperative relationship with Russia. This idea was so abhorrent to the necon establishment that they had to crush it, and then make an example of Flynn so that no one would dare propose any such thing in the future. Sally Yates is one of these neocon zealots that will do or say anything to poison US-Russian relations for the foreseeable future. In so doing, she damages US national security. In addition to misleading Congress and the American public, Yates should be charged with leaking the privileged (classified) conversations between Flynn and Kislyak. She is no American patriot, as Olbermann says, and her testimony to Congress was a disgrace.


"Broadcaster Keith Olbermann praised former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Monday as an “American hero,” whose fearless testimony before a Senate committee “used to be the minimum standard for public servants.” But “now, in the era of Trump, she stands out like a champion,” he added." And you do NOT know that Yates leaked anything. You are a liar just like your hero, Flynn. "Lock her up" Flynn will hopefully get all that is coming to him. He is a greedy, lying, total anti-hero. I don't know what is wrong with people like you. I assume you are a Russian.


Clapper has lied under oath.

What he hasn't done is provide tangible proof of Russian interference in our election, although he bloviates about it quite a bit.

But thanks for comparing his smarts with mine.


Good comment.

And thanks for stooge thing above. But their was nothing fake about my analysis, mrsann.

The D-party wants to avoid accountability--that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


The only irrational zealotry here is yours. The Trump progressives of 2016 are now the putin progressives of 2017.


After 100 days of Trump you have cohones to state "Klinton" is "often" the same as any Republican? Absurdity of this statement can be only explained by strict purity of the vote and juvenile idealistic maximalism. I do not prefer same old and I would have gladly voted for Sanders, if he would have won the nomination. You on the other hand prefer miss Putin's lunch date due to unknown reason. He is a dictator , Erdogan is a dictator wannabe (yet) , Netanyahu was elected by a right leaning populace but he will be gone by one of the next elections. Embracing a diner with another little Napoleon wannabe discarded Green leader from my consideration.


You are absolutely right about Tx_progressive affiliation: he is a Russian cyber troll.