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Year of the Sheep, Century of the Dragon? China and a Brave New World Order


Year of the Sheep, Century of the Dragon? China and a Brave New World Order

Pepe Escobar

BEIJING -- Seen from the Chinese capital as the Year of the Sheep starts, the malaise affecting the West seems like a mirage in a galaxy far, far away. On the other hand, the China that surrounds you looks all too solid and nothing like the embattled nation you hear about in the Western media, with its falling industrial figures, its real estate bubble, and its looming environmental disasters. Prophecies of doom notwithstanding, as the dogs of austerity and war bark madly in the distance, the Chinese caravan passes by in what President Xi Jinping calls “new normal” mode.


The point needs to be clearly made that it is the BRICS+/SCO multi-currency project that threatens to unseat the US/NATO’s corrupted and bankrupt Bretton Woods/US$reserve-currency/IMF/WTO/World Bank/SWIFT system.

The BRICS+ is why the US/NATO is economically, regime-change and militarily meddling in Ukraine, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and just about anywhere else they have an embassy.

So are US/NATO citizens willing to be led into WW3 to keep the Bretton Woods banksters from being forced to play nice with the rest of the world?


That’s a good point, A_P.

It is unfortunately comical in considering the solid 21st century progress China is making vs. the foodfights our US leaders deliver. What’s in our news? “Does Obama love America? Do I believe in evolution? Do I support Obamacare, a health plan devised by the rightwing Heritage Institute? Should the US scuttle a negotiated peace plan with Iran to please Netanyahu?”

Not to disparage the 3 Stooges, but US leaders, Obama included, come across as comics. nyuck nyuck nyuck.


Excellent article - a real eye-opener, should be widely read …