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Yearning - and Dying - To Breathe Free


Yearning - and Dying - To Breathe Free

A group of self-described "everyday people" hung a massive banner across the foot of Lady Liberty Tuesday declaring "Refugees Welcome" - an act and sentiment, immeasurably ironically, radical enough in these dystopian times that park officials are now seeking the "suspects." The day before, meanwhile, the bodies of at least 74 refugees trying to reach Europe washed up on the Libyan shore; each, critics say, is "a testament to our indifference."


Nice idea. But where were the "everyday people" when President Obama led the attack that murdered 30,000 people and left the country in the hands of a group of terrorist militias (mostly armed by the US)?
Perhaps the banner should have read "Refugees from America's brtutal war against the Libyan people now welcome."


Wrong place to stick that banner. The Statue of Liberty has been stuck on that offshore island detention camp for more than a hundred years and still is waiting for her visa. Rumour has it that HerrT Twittler plans to move her to Guantanamo before deporting her back to France..