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'Years Ago, This Was Unheard Of': Dire Trend Persists With Huge Bee Die-Off


'Years Ago, This Was Unheard Of': Dire Trend Persists With Huge Bee Die-Off

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A nationwide survey of U.S. beekeepers released on Wednesday found that the pollinators have been hit by another massive population drop, with 42 percent of bee colonies nationwide dying in the last year—the second-largest annual recorded loss to date and a number that is too high to be sustainable, according to researchers.


Another thing people can to do help local beekeepers is to actually go and help beekeepers. A lot of beekeepers are getting old and can’t lift honey supers and do all the physical work that’s needed. So, go volunteer some help; you may even get a jar of honey out of it and you will gain a lot of hands on experience in beekeeping. I used to and I did. If I had been able to stick around long enough, the beekeeper would have even given me my own hive of bees. Most areas have a local beekeeping club; so, get hooked up and get involved.


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I was at Home Depot yesterday and in the garden center and about to purchase some heather for home planting, and I noted a plastic label noting that plant was pretreated with neonicotinoids, the plant was in full bloom with bumble bees on flowers.
the label said that plant was resistant to white flies, aphids, mealy bugs and one other.
I had no idea that these plants contained this systemic poisoning. I searched the internet and found article indicating that big box stores like Home Depot have been pressured into having the treated products labeled, and Lowes wants to eliminate this from their supplies.
How long has this been going on? It is criminal.


Some members of the 0.001% have publicly stated that what is needed is a removal of some six billion people from the planet. That would leave around a billion to do their bidding, but We the People would not be using up so much of their resources.

  • What better way to accomplish this than to remove the crop pollinators from the picture. It would be easy to starve six billion people if the crops are not pollinated.
  • There is far too much evidence that they know what the results are of their GMOs and their various poisons. They either don’t care, or it is the desired result. Note that our alleged Government gives Monsanto, et al, several years to stop putting neonicotinoids and other poisons into their crap. By that time, the damage will be done.
  • If they get their Toilet Paper Plan passed, (designed to wipe us all out) We the People will lose any control we have over the situation. That will be up to the corporations.
  • I would like to see every damned one of these bastards forced to drink a quart of RoundUp, and any survivors be put to work in the fields, but then, I guess I am a mean old bastard.


Breast cancer is up 300% since 1960 and projected to rise 50% in fifteen years (50% of 300% is 150% + 300% since 1960).

These breast cancer numbers are unsustainable, humans are not far behind bees.


In certain sections of China the bees are all gone, wiped out. People have to hand-pollinate fruit trees with Q-tips. It’s a lot of extra work.

NPR reported a study showing that bees are drawn to plants sprayed with neonicotinoids. Apparently nicotine is addictive to bees and so they crave it. That could be why bees can get more heavily wiped out than other insects. If a bee finds a nicotine-poisoned acre of flowers she’ll soon bring the whole hive out to that preferred acre, honeybees being a highly social insect species.


I have harbored this very same conclusion mini- You just gotta think the worst possible scenario while fleshing out their agenda-
This makes perfect sense given their malicious intent and total apathy for humanity-


It’s kind of stunning, but i agree completely with your comment. :wink:

Fight at every level, with everything we’ve got, to protect and provide habitat for pollinators, AND to fight against the transnational corporate monopolies that are implementing habitat destruction, mono-cropping and toxification.


You know they are actually working on mini-drones that can serve as pollinators…


That wouldn’t surprise me one iota-
I let A bee keeper keep several hives here on my property, and even though he is commercial, (6,000+ hives distributed throughout NW Michigan) I still feel good about helping out-
With that many bees, he must be one of the largest employers in the state :slight_smile:


Last week the jack booted thugs came through our neighborhood to spray. They were from the State of California and they were looking for citrus trees and host plants for a certain pests. They said they would not be spraying my yard. So what!!! The wind will be carrying the other neighbor’s yard.

The people who came through my yard were nice but uniformed as to the insecticides that they were using. The notices that were taped to our front doors said they we using the following TEMPO® SC Ultra (cyfluthrin), a pyrethroid, and Merit® 2F or CoreTect TM (imidacloprid)

These are all harmful to bees. I checked these out on Wikipedia. However, the genius’ who came through my yard told me that they would not be spraying where there were bees. HUH?


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This morning on a news program that airs at 5 on our local pbs station the news caster asked his guest , a prof from Ohio state why the bee die off was happening.
The professor thought that farmers were causing some of the problem by moving the hives around too much.
Ambiguity via roundup


Here in Oregon during the runup to a vote on labeling GMO’s (which narrowly lost) the local NPR station aired a report on labeling that had two people off the street who supported labeling and four professionals who opposed it. The report sounded like it had been prepared by the AG industry.

PBS/NPR has gone over to the dark side.


The last time I went in to get glasses the girl who was helping me was in Ag school doing an urban agriculture degree. She had a scholarship from Monsanto and couldn’t say enough nice about them.


Hey Undo,
Where in Oregon are you?
I am in Beaverton


Out in the wilds of Yamhill :smile: