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'Years of Repair': New Animated Film Imagines the Future to Come Inspired by a Vision of Justice and the Common Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/01/years-repair-new-animated-film-imagines-future-come-inspired-vision-justice-and


Biden’s cult of extreme neoliberalism is intended to block all this, FOREVER.



In times of desperation, humans resort to magical thinking, hope and other feel-good tactics. This animated film is a perfect example.
I urge Naomi Klein to familiarize herself with the science of anthropogenic mass extinction, population overshoot, and human psychology.
Our species isn’t one to magically revise itself into being a kind, gentle, non-consumerist, earth-loving species. That’s not who we are now or ever.
Our recent evolution, and our entire economy and grid, are based on plundering the biosphere, enslaving and murdering other animal species, destroying intact ecosystems and native flora and fauna.
With nearly 8 billion of us and each one requiring X amount of water, food, shelter, clothing, technology, energy, space, etc., there is no way to create a technotuopian world like this film imagines.
Only if the entire human species adopted the principles found in Arne Naess’s Deep Ecology, and understood the stark truth of Derrick Jensen’s two Endgame books, would we have a chance of avoiding the worst of the mass extinction event we’ve already started.
I see no evidence that our species will do anything other than what it has already done, which is to consume the planet to build the human world and create more humans.
Our world can be fun, interesting, like a big theme park. We have the power of gods.
Our reign will end in the death of our biosphere, probably within this century.


Carol, if you have enough money, you will live. All money is created equal in the corporate future.


We can’t have it both ways. As long as money and the human concept of power exists, there will always be some form of capitalism (neo-liberal or whatever) that will spawn oppression and environmental destruction, and eventually drive us to the edge of extinction. There is no rosy future if or until we learn the hard lesson and evolve.


What Will Save Humanity:.…"… … has sent a New Message into the world to prepare humanity for this new era, for all the Revelations that have been given to humanity before cannot prepare it for what is coming now. The wisdom of the great traditions remains as an inspiration, as a correction, as an emphasis and as a higher standard. But a New Message from God must come now to prepare humanity for the Great Waves of change that are coming to the world and for humanity’s encounter with intelligent life from beyond the world, which represents a new reality and a new challenge for the human family.

You can face these things and learn of them through the revelations of God’s New Message, through your own experience and through the signs that the world is giving you now—signs which are coming every day to inform you and to prepare you, to warn you and to shake you out of your self-preoccupation and your attachment to your hopes and your dreams."…from “What Will Save Humanity”.


This is typical American solipsism. How about we “repair” the genocide “we” have wrought across the Middle East?

And where’s the economic analysis? Sand castles and pipe dreams.

People like AOC and the “Bernie wing” need to break away from the toxic Dems and form a left-wing unity party that addresses the suffering of all the working and lower middle classes, and all of the dispossessed, not to mention the predatory role of American capitalism and militarism. Short of that, they have no credibility.

All the race and gender newspeak won’t cut it. Bank on it.


500 Million…the carrying capacity of Planet Earth… a reset to rebalance this is underway…maybe a 100M at first until the planet’s life support systems are restored…


I suppose a film like this has to be animated because there aren’t enough wild animal species left to play the leading roles. They’re all extinct. Mommy, what’s a snow leopard? What’s a giraffe? What’s a salmon?


The richest 1% of humanity create twice as much carbon pollution as the poorest 50%. I’ll wager resource use in general is along the same lines. The carrying capacity of the planet is a much different number once money is eliminated.


“The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good”.
Ancient Chinese wisdom from the I Ching.

There ARE people in Congress who “get it” … but not yet enough. Painful as it might seem, is is our task not someone else’s.

We are struggling with a system that is swallowing itself in ever narrowing consideration of ever narrowing concerns. Priorities are inside/out and upside down. People are being delivered chaos-generating rhetoric by institutions that have divorced themselves from reality, because of fatally flawed sets of interwoven ideations in their system, of what the meaning of life is.

Its almost a joke that all we need is everything healthy to life and the core orienteering of and with this rebirth is each of us, deep in the heart and soul to gain clarity of perception, accept that HOW something is done actually DOES have impact; that there is confirmed knowledge and societally agreed upon principles THAT ARE PROVEN TO BE FRUITFUL. Life is not worth living if these principles are absent from the challenges in life. Just ask all the peoples enslaved because the ideation of the colonizers is from the get go designed to fail if it cannot usurp, kill, price gouge, deny, externalize, and the list simply extends out over the foreseeable horizon. It is what it is, we are the only ones who can change it and it is not going to be a cake walk.


Unfortunately, your population stat is factual.
Our current population overshoot is an unsustainable, earth-killing bubble enabled by our technology, use of fossil fuels, and rape of the biosphere.
Our entire human system is based on infinitely increasing plunder of the finite biosphere, and the domination, torture, and massacre of native ecosystems, flora and fauna.
Every human born is yet another consumer and polluter who creates a net loss for the biosphere.
Respect for the intrinsic value, not the utilitarian value, of non-human species and ecosystems, as outlined in Deep Ecology, is wholly absent from the psyche of almost all humans and in the operation of the worldwide human earth-kill project.
This film’s ideology is only that we can change economies and practices so we can make a better world for 8 billion humans. This is the deepest, most arrogant flaw of capitalism, industrialism, socialism and humanism–that humans have the right to use up the entire biosphere to make a better lifestyle for more and more humans.
It’s just not in our DNA or culture to recognize that non-human species and intact ecosystems are innocent, and that they are just as valuable, if not more valuable, than we are. Based on ethical and ecological precepts, for example, we can easily see that a manatee is a far more noble creature than any human. It does absolutely no harm to anyone. It’s vegan and non-aggressive.
How do humans view manatees? As speed bumps for their boats, and as easy prey to cut up and eat.
Our hubris, violence and speciesism are why we are a mass extinction event that will accelerate until we’ve completely ruined this biosphere within 100 years and probably a lot sooner.


This in from the UN General Assembly meeting:

"the key moment came on Tuesday last week when the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, announced that China would cut emissions to net zero by 2060."

Has the world started to take climate change fight seriously?

  • by the BBC’s chief environmental correspondent, Justin Rowlatt



Not as excited about this as is the BBC’s correspondent, but it appears to be true.

There is zero talk of de-growth - of population and still increasing demand of limited resources by the ever increasing human population.

The BBC forced out their real chief environmental correspondent years back - Richard Black.

Sorry, genocide of all the corporatsts, the schemers, the neoliberals, but the poorest is what the Khmer Rouge did. Everybody who had any kind of education, even just wore glases was executed.

They called it year one.

Then that toggles back into corporatism, but with human characteristics. To be rich is glorioius?

When does it all end, when there is just one man and one woman, and they both are gay?


A superb made video but still so modest in its demands.

Free access socialism, or higher phase communism as Marx called it is not some futuristic science fiction scenario bit has existed as a potentiality within capitalism itself from at least since the beginning of the 20th century. It is not predicated on some “super-abundance” of wealth being made available to people but rather on the very real possibility of being able to meet our basic needs.

Free access communism is not based on the assumption that we stand on the threshold of some kind of comsumerist paradise in which we can all gratify our every whim.We refer to the very real possiblity of society being able to satisfy the basic needs of individuals today, to enable us all to have a decent life. The elimination of capitalism’s massive structural waste is the prime source of productive potential; it will make huge amounts of resources available for socially useful production in a society in which the only consideration is meeting human needs, not selling commodities on a market with a view to profit. In higher communism there is no exchange. None whatsoever. Consequently there is no “bartering” of each other’s abilities or needs. You freely give according to your abilities and you freely take according to your needs. Its as a simple as that.

The goal of social ownership and democratic control of production and distribution has to be articulated directly.To seek political improvements to the capitalist system is a distraction from what needs to be done. When we insist that the working class has to be educated before it can make progress, some people on the left who have good intentions say that they “don’t want to wait that long.” But this isn’t an option. A “revolution” carried out by people who are angry at the injustices of the old social system, but unclear about what to replace it with, or not sufficiently dedicated to the democratic structure of the new system, is the road to a new dictatorship.

The working class who will create a socialist society must also know how to operate it. They need to understand what the basic rules of the game are, so to speak. There needs to be a widespread consensus about what to expect of people if a socialist society is to properly function. “Anti-capitalism” in itself can never succeed in overthrowing capitalism. To bring capitalism to an an end we need to have a viable alternative to put in its place. And this is an alternative that we need to be conscious and desirous of before it can ever be put in place. A class imbued with socialist consciousness will be far more militant and empowered than any amount of mere “anti-capitalism”.

The capitalist system isn’t a failure due to bad leaders or bad policies, but because of the kind of system that it is.

Socialism means a money-free, wageless, state-free commonwealth, without prices and without private property other than personal possessions, no buying or selling



Humans will not change until they are forced to change… Except for the Wise Ones who change before they are forced to change, and the ones who have no resources-well the too fall into this category, too… and that leaves the rest who have resources, but wait till they have no other choice… Yes the great upside to this Global Emergency is that it will destroy much of what is causing the problems, the Source of it all…Unfortunate for the ones living through it, but better for the ones to follow in the future…

Time to Awaken the species .

Some thoughts to ponder as we go through the Overhaul of Humanity .

We are a primitive species time to Awaken.

16 Differences Between Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs) and Humans Living in an Unawakened State

In Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species we are told that there are Highly Evolved Beings who live in another dimension in our universe who are assisting human civilization in its evolutionary process. When asked, “What is the difference in their behaviors and those of humans?”, God replied. “I can give you a list of them.” Here, from the text, is that list. These are the common behaviors of Highly Evolved Beings, as compared to the behaviors of those humans who are living in an unawakened state.

  1. An awakened species sees the Unity of All Life and lives into it. Humans in an unawakened state often deny it or ignore it.

  2. An awakened species tells the truth, always. Humans in an unawakened state too often lie, to themselves as well as others.

  3. An awakened species says one thing and will do what they say. Humans in an unawakened state often say one thing and do another.

  4. An awakened species, having seen and acknowledged what is so, will always do what works. Humans in an unawakened state often do the opposite.

  5. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concepts that humans refer to as “justice” and “punishment.”

  6. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “insufficiency”

  7. An awakened species does not embrace a principle in its civilization that correlates with the concept that humans refer to as “ownership.”

  8. An awakened species shares everything with everyone all the time. Humans in an unawakened state often do not, only sharing with others in limited circumstances.

  9. An awakened species creates a balance between technology and cosmology; between machines and nature. Humans in an unawakened state often do not.

  10. An awakened species would never under any circumstances terminate the current physical expression of another sentient being unless asked directly by that other being to do so. Humans in an unawakened state often kill other humans without that other human requesting them to.

  11. An awakened species would never do anything that could potentially damage or harm the physical environment that supports the members of the species when they are physicalized. Humans in an unawakened state often do so.

  12. An awakened species never poisons itself. Humans in an unawakened state often do so.

  13. An awakened species never competes. Humans in an unawakened state are often in competition with each other.

  14. An awakened species is clear that it needs nothing. Humans in an unawakened state often create a need-based experience.

  15. An awakened species experiences and expresses unconditional love for everyone. Humans in an unawakened state often cannot imagine even a Deity who does this, much less do they do it themselves.

  16. An awakened species has harnessed the power of metaphysics. Humans in an unawakened state often largely ignore it.


(Each item on the above list is fully explained in the text of Conversations with God-Book 4: Awaken the Species, and is supported by the more detailed narrative in the immediately preceding article on this page, excerpted from Conversations with God-Book 3 )

Asked if we might have just a brief example of what is meant by Item #4 , the dialogue offers this, in God’s voice:

If your objective is to live a life of peace, joy, and love, violence does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to live a life of good health and great longevity, consuming dead flesh daily, smoking known carcinogens continuously, and drinking gallons of nerve-deadening, brain-frying liquids like alcohol regularly does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to raise offspring free of violence and rage, placing them directly in front of vivid depictions of violence and rage during their most impressionable years does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to care for Earth and wisely husband her resources, acting as if those resources are limitless does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

If your objective is to discover and cultivate a relationship with a loving Deity so that religion can make a difference in the affairs of humans, then teaching of a god of righteousness, punishment, and terrible retribution does not work. This has already been demonstrated.

Do you need any more examples?

Time for repair not despair.


Another Reality Check is the film, “Planet of the Humans.”

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I truly wish I could be this optimisitic. But c’mon…there is a LOT of feel-goodiness in this film that is pure fairy tale. It’s as if global warming simply took care of itself as a result of more people planting things, and, magically, everyone seems to be on the same page as to how to proceed from the devastation of a dystopian nightmare, where surely a totalitarian state will be extant.

In every revolution that thas ever occurred in the past, what resulted from the motives of even the most idealistic and altruistic leaders was far from the social and eonomic utopia that they had envisioned. It’s no coincidence that it is always the most ruthless among revolutionaries who have what it takes to defeat the tyrants. The victorious ones end up becoming tyrants themselves.

I am not in any way defending this horrific capitalist system, especially this winner-take-all capitalist system that we have in place now. But in order for a true socialist utopia to come about and take hold, it would require two elements that simply do not exist, especially here in America: 1) the collective intelligence to make it happen (too many Americans have been brainwashed and dumbedd-down, and for too long; and 2) a like-mindedness of purpose.

I hope I am wrong.


Dear Something is Rotten…regarding…", it would require two elements that simply do not exist, especially here in America: 1) the collective intelligence to make it happen (too many Americans have been brainwashed and dumbedd-down, and for too long; and 2) a like-mindedness of purpose…".
… The one thing that will unite everyone in a community is when they realize that: … their lives and survival are at great risk, and that only by supporting the community they ensure better chances of group survival… we are dealing with a rapidly unfolding situation that places everyone’s life and health, rich and poor, at great risk… Survive together, perish alone…