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'Yeeeeehaw!' Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline


'Yeeeeehaw!' Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

Common Dreams staff

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline, news outlets reported Thursday.

"The move means almost certain death for the project," CNN stated.

President Barack Obama is expected to speak on the subject at the White House at 11:45 AM EST.

The immediate and emotional reaction from 350.org co-founder and strategy director Jamie Henn offered just a taste of how climate activists are expected to respond to the news:


yawn. it's like celebrating one's 50th birthday. a milestone the day it happens, a day later one wonders what kind of bfd is being celebrated. ten years later, well... unless bernie is elected by some sort of miracle, we can all rest assured any of the other candidates will undo today's false sense of joyousness.


Is this a decision of conviction or convenience? Your call.


The administration timed this well didn't they. Right on the heels of the public finding out just what a corporate grab TPP will be. There not stupid ya know.


Some temporary good news, but do not be fooled. Sorry to be cynical but something about this smells to me. Don't forget Obama has proved he is the consummate con man, so this announcement by Obama and HRC could very well be a bait and switch. But of course, I would love to be proven wrong!


BINGO! Bernie is probably the only candidate that would shut down the XL pipeline for good but alas, another reason Bernie will be denied the dems. nomination for POTUS.


That was my initial thought too. TransCanada could just start the process again with new admin. Still there are different players in Canadian govt now. So even though Trudeau said he favored KXL he is not Harper. He says he actually wants to do something about climate change and global warming.


And earlier this year Obama literally opened millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic for offshore oil drilling. The latest Government reports from the Gulf say that literally trillions of fish died from the BP oil spill: http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/the-conservationist/final-toll-of-bp-oil-spill-trillions-of-fish and that dolphins are still sick and dying from lung disease and other ailments associated with oil to the point they are not able to reproduce: http://m.startribune.com/study-reproduction-of-dolphins-hurt-by-bp-oil-spill/340009321/ .

If they are going to drill, it needs to be done on land where spills can be cleaned up. As is evident from Valdez, spills in the sea are still there killing life many generations following the spill.

I'd rather see that pipeline any day than the millions of acres Obama opened to offshore oil drilling. The enviros are ridiculous on this one because without having the pipeline they'll continue to ship that oil south anyway by train. And a pipeline is a lot less threatening then literally tens of thousands more oil platforms in our sea.


This decision is a significant step in steering our energy infrastructure away from oil pipelines and it is an emotional victory for those who have dedicated their time to protesting KXL.

However, the impact that OPEC had in making tar sands oil economically unfeasible can not be discounted when considering the influences behind this decision. While Obama gave the nod to environmental concerns, there is no doubt that once the tar sands oil stopped making dollars the KXL no longer made sense.

All in all, Obama gets a notch on his environmental record, the US citizens avoid an environmental threat to the lands and waters the pipeline would have crossed, and humanity gets the benefit of the tar sands carbon moving into our atmosphere at a slower pace.

Ironically, we likely owe our thanks to an oil cartel.


Despite all of Obama's faults, I'll miss him when he's gone.


Since so much in the way of foreign and domestic policy is done by stealth, this "win" incites my cynicism largely because it may prove a hollow victory... what with this same President pushing trade policies into effect that make it not just possible, but EASY for companies to sue governments that stand in the way of "their" profits.

This could be grandstanding, a superficial chess move made to make Obama look good and temporarily reward the significant efforts of Bill McKibben and so many others. In point of fact, if TPP and TIPP (and more treaties placing Investor Disputes over sovereign national laws) come into full force, they will steamroll over this presumed victory.

I think Obama knows this. One cannot oppose a pipeline and at the same time push into law treaties that will make such opposition moot.


Speaking of stupid, there is a place. Your sentence should read: "They're not stupid."

Did you manage to graduate from grade school?


Let's hope he doesn't turn into Canada's Obama who promises "them" everything, but delivers to his 1% corporate donors first and foremost.


Why argue within the frame that sees oil itself as inevitable, and thus argues for where to drill?

Combinations of geo-thermal, wind, solar, and FREE energy already exist and don't murder nature so that people can heat their stoves or run their vehicles.

Imagine if all those trillions burned up on the diabolical waste of spreading wars had instead gone to retooling vehicles, public transportation systems, and general infrastructure? Heck, the kind of $ it would have taken to give every peasant a T.V. would have done more for global public relations than the lethal nonsense that insists that bombing people creates peace or spreads Democracy.


I agree that the current price of oil on the global market is a factor, and also a factor in Exxon deciding not to drill (for now) in the Arctic.

While these small seeming victories are underway, the devious corporate overlords are writing rules of trade that override existing laws... they have their backdoor means to plunder in place and waiting.

Costs are always part of the calculus when criminal minds (using the Shock Doctrine's version of capitalism) are writing the global trade scripts.


Fine. Point taken.


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More than a year ago there was an article about Obama using executive orders to approve sections of pipeline all across this country making the KXL obsolete, and as many others have asked, how do the TPP and TTIP affect this pipeline? The one thing I can celebrate today is that with this rejection by Obama the Ogallala Aquifer is safe at least for the moment.


YEEEEEhaw!??? Rejecting TPP is more important. But you, Mr. O'Compromise, embrace it.


He ain't goin' anywhere for a long while.