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Yellow Ribbons and Endless War


Yellow Ribbons and Endless War

Robert C. Koehler

“By God,” Bush said in triumph, “we’ve kicked the Vietnam syndrome once and for all.”

This was Bush 41, a quarter of a century ago, celebrating the terrific poll numbers his kwik-win war on Iraq was generating. Remember yellow ribbons? I think he had a point. “Vietnam syndrome” — the public aversion to war — still has a shadow presence in America, but it no longer matters.


When the profits are stripped from war making, the capitalists will stop making war. Once a McDonald's has been established on every corner, KFC will be declared an insurgent.



what is the updated version of 'follow the money'? when do we take the lead?


I'm reminded of a song...

and a concept that goes with that song. We are now over 7 billion people. Crammed together on a planet that is experiencing the effects of climate change. If we look at the old psychological experiments that used rats in a cage, well, as long as you don't remember that humans are a bit rat-like, or rats are a bit human-like if you prefer, you'll be fine.

Otherwise, it's time to get off.

When President Bush launched his bombers on January 17, 1991, it was in the full glare of the public eye, recorded for all to see. There was no veil of secrecy and no secret furnaces, burned documents, or counterfeited flight reports. After a four-month-long on-air debate among politicians and pundits, ‘smart bombs’ lit up the sky over Baghdad and Kuwait City as the TV cameras rolled.”

i shall never forget that awesome and horrible sight as 'desert watch' shifted into 'desert storm'. i had turned our large screen t.v. on at 5:00 p.m. my time because i felt that bush would begin his threatened strike in the middle of the baghdad night. the bombs dropping through the black skies looked like hundreds of tiny comets. 'twas an eerily beautiful sight to behold. the tears ran down my face because i knew what horror and destruction must be taking place on the ground.

" As we stand against these interests anyway, let’s declare, as a starting place, our belief that war is never the path to peace."!!!


The Viet Nam syndrome that really mattered to the oligarchs was the 1975 termination of the Viet Nam occupation that slowed military industrial complex (MIC) revenue.

By 1990 the oligarchs' remarketing of war project was mature, complete with the masterful "collateral damage" euphemism that gave Murkin voters cover to ignore civilian injuries and deaths.

Referring to Kissenger as a "pundit" Koehler understates his influence, seeing how Kissenger has been an adviser to every president during the past three decades.


" The public aversion to war still has a shadow presence in America but it no longer matters."

That quote is so true. Because the Amerikan Empire is especially; in its foreign policy a fascist, military dictatorship. The American people are totally irrelevant because the Amerikan Empire is: the world wide enemy; the world wide military, aggressor; the world's devil, in disguise.


Just you wait till Bernie reveals his SECRET PLAN for bringing our troops home! Then you'll see! Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.


Koehler also does the Make-War State's work--in the form of Manufacturing Consent--for them by using the frame that conflates citizens directly with the military.

Also, by suggesting that citizens supported the first Bush War, Koehler conveniently leaves out the media side of a pro-war propaganda equation; and that side relentlessly shamed the American people into doing what appeared as the humanitarian thing since Word Was that Saddam was "gassing his own people" or was it then using chemical weapons against the Kurds? Lies have been so relentless that I lose track.

When lies are told boldly and told often, and when aggression is masked as humanitarian aid, people with good souls may fall for the fallacies.

Of course now, with this pattern for deception so thoroughly wedded into the machinery of war (media included), more are waking up. But notice how truth tellers are being exceptionally demonized to ensure that NO story apart from The Official Stories (which are packed with lies and disinformation) manage to get through.

Orwell meets Genghis Khan.


Maybe I'm the only one who heard this. During the afternoon of a congressional hearing as to whether or not to institute a blockade, I was eating lunch on the west coast while watching CSPAN. Jack Warner, the secretary of the Navy (I think) was testifying. He said that our studies show that " a naval blockade of Iraq would have no effect for 6 months, but after that it would make a difference." The 6 pm evening news reported Warner's testimony as "… a naval blockade of Iraq would have no effect."
Well, then, all agreed - let's bomb the bastards!


Profit does play a huge role, but I think there's something more sinister going on with the bias toward military action. When confronted with massively complex problems like global warming or throngs of desperate refugees or other monetarily powerful entities taking actions that might hurt the currency, there is a desire to find scapegoats to blame and to take some sort if decisive ameliorative action. They know how to organize for war; issue orders to mobilize troops, move ordinance into place, activate complex communications -- to them all this feels like they're being decisive and taking charge, being in command.

After doing all this issuing of orders, memorizing the talking points worked up by the think tanks, figuring out the best ways to embed the reporters so only favorable news will appear, they can hardly decide it was wrong to go this way, admit publicly that they suckered themselves into a near fatal utterly wrongheaded course of action that can only create fatal potentially lethal blowback. Until they have a Commander In Chief with the brainpower and political power to the the warmongers NO, the invasions, drone strikes, bombing raids, black operations by trained "special" ops personnel, disinformation, assassinations, ecologically catastrophic destruction of ground cover, and the "collateral" damaging of bystanders innocent or otherwise -- all will continue until some mid level commander wannabe gets frustrated and says "Screw this namby pamby b.s., hit 'em with the big stuff, let's get this over with once and for all."


There are vets that do not deserve to be honored such as: John McPain In The Ass, Lindey England, the late Chris Kyle played by Bradley Cooper in American Sniper. Those kinds of vets are the people that deserve to die in battle or be POW's that never get rescued. If all of America's enemies were nuclear powers, nobody would mess with them. Killary Rotten Clinton bragged about Gaddhafi's death. When she and Bill die, there will be Republicans bragging. She and Bill can't stand up to them so they decided to be pro war like them. Chelsea would probably not be able to stand up to them either.


Sucker! There are some 3,500 amerikans already on the ground in Iraq, and Slick Oily is sending 50 special operations forces to fight with the Kurds in Syria! How do you get no boots on the ground out of that? Thats like saying that George W Bush kept us safe!


Ehud Barack Obama does not say what he means. If he makes promises to the American people, he does not keep them. I wouldn't be surprised if he promises Michelle he'll break his promises. That would be the only promise he'd keep. He promised to end the war in Afghanistan, he did not. He promised to close GITMO. He did not. He hesitated to decide when to end Iraq War II. He sent troops back to Iraq to start Iraq War III. He sent troops to Syria to start Syria War I. He & Putin have to be careful not to clash with each other. Make some snowballs from your bike and throw them at Obama.


Bernie has the same plan as Killary & the Republicans. The troops are home. They now live in the war zones. That's their homes. We should ship the White House & the warmongers of every party and let the other politicians stay here.