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Yellow Vest Uprising Exposes Urgent Need for Rapid Energy Transition That Stiffs Elites, Lifts the Working Class


Yellow Vest Uprising Exposes Urgent Need for Rapid Energy Transition That Stiffs Elites, Lifts the Working Class

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump looked on approvingly at the chaos that engulfed Paris last weekend as more than 1,000 "Yellow Vest" protesters were arrested in one of their largest demonstrations yetclaiming that 100,000 French people had taken to the streets to protest policies aimed at cutting carbon emissions.


The wealthy Elites are our Enemies now more than ever as they are the ones pulling Trump’s puppet strings. These individuals should be our “ Focus Targets” and Protests need to be aimed directly at Them. Useless gatherings need to stop as they accomplish nothing. Put on what ever colored Vest you want and tell your Organizers to get moving as time is short. Don’t confront the Police. Much easier to confront each “ problem causer” …


Fossil fuels are still in play because those at the top of the global corporate power structure (the few folks that own the key central banks, which enable them to control the key corporations) make more money from oil than from renewables. None of this will change until the people regain their sovereignty by controlling the central banks of their respective countries. Without the context of who owns what and who controls whom, all analysis, like this article, fails to offer a viable strategy. https://coloradopublicbanking.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-view-from-top-of-power-pyramid.html


Jobs are necessary for wage slaves in a capitalist society where everything is owned by a few wealthy fat cats.

Nonpartisan independent green socialists and eco socialists foresee a society and economy where population is declining gradually and consumption per person is also declining.

Capitalism requires faster and faster growth to infinity fueled by the excess value they squeeze from wage slaves. That’s the reason corporations need semi slave labor in the fields and helpless food eaters in towns.


The EU and the EMU will not survive tons longer if there aren’t radical internal changes. The way they designed the system, what they force governments to do in regards to privatization and austerity, what the ECB can and cannot do relative to other central banks, the lack of redistributing resources between states (in ways we do, like redistributing surpluses in California to states like Mississippi), are all going to lead to it coming down. To say nothing of the problems of capitalism itself, especially in regards to the environment. We have a chance right now to create a more democratic and equitable civilization, before the shit hits the fan. Once it does, those that haven’t democratized are screwed. We might all be screwed in the end, but some will be more screwed along the way. The elites have no solutions, what they call “pragmatic” are clearly making things worse and feeding into anger. What those “pragmatists” call “unrealistic” are actual alternatives. So, accept their system and go down with it, or replace it with something more equitable, democratic and sustainable. Macron and Obama types are dead ends.


The first thing that needs to be done is switch subsidies from Big Carbon to renewable energy industry. But then the government is owned by Big Carbon.


The bigger picture: It is the aim of the US fascists to destabilize Europe and implement right-wing fascist ideology Goose Step by Goose Step as we are seeing it in countries like Hungary, Poland, Austria, and other countries who politically have moved to the right. ANY protests and upheaval are welcomed by the US, especially those originating in the right-wing swamp. According to European media gilets jaunes is loosely organized without leadership and it can be strongly assumed that right-wingers are part of the movement. Steve Bannon is doing the foot work:


Clearly for those of us anti-capitalists this is where we need to work in the US in re-educating our working class.


Many reasons for yellow vests - confusion like the US

Climate Change is the biggest threat to the human species and we are seeing the breakdown of institutions

An important intuitions is government and the politicians who are supposed to represent the people

Everyone hates politicians but we are dependent on them for one of our most important values, value, freedom

Article from Guardian today about yellow vests in rural areas. Some think climate change is a hoax, some just hate politicians, etc., not all see the connection between energy and climate and why should they given all the propaganda.

If you want to understand the gilets jaunes, get out of Paris: While some protesters are wreaking destruction in the capital, others are breathing life into rural France’s forgotten corners


Yellow vest is the closest thing we have seen to a re-emergence of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) ever since Obama and his “justice” department suppressed OWS’ re-emergence in 2012.


The far right is obviously a threat, but the biggest threat in this regard is the fact that social democratic and socialist parties are no longer social democratic or socialist at all. They have all moved to the right on economics in recent decades and offer no real alternatives. The left in these countries has been largely dismantled in recent decades (the EU, the EC, the ECB, and the IMF have been major contributors to this), although it is starting to grow again too in many places. But if the system doesn’t work anymore, if the range of policy options people can choose from doesn’t contain actual solutions, who wins? People that come along and offer to tear it all down, cause the system can get bad enough that tearing it all down is good enough for people. In Europe, some groups on the far right actually even adopt some of the left’s ideas on economics, but they do so in a far right, nationalistic context. There doesn’t seem to be a clear, coherent plan on the far right, other than to set up a very hierarchical and undemocratic form of government in order to preserve as much of the capitalist system as they can. In the end, many neoliberals, even the center-left style neoliberals, will side with the far right if they have to choose between Le Pen and someone like Corbyn. We on the left have actual solutions, but can we rally around a coherent alternative in enough time and do we have an international outlook, which is needed?


The elite doesn’t want to invest in anything that doesn’t burn or blowup and needs to be replaced continuously. Consumption and profits above all else.


OWS never came close to what is going on in France, or what went on in Egypt, Spain and Wisconsin. Though it was interesting, people there thought they were leading the world.


In France middle class workers are saying they can not feed their families on their income. In the US and UK both Trump and Brexit are the result of fake news that targets those who also have difficulty feeding their families. The reason is the fat cats take billions just like the 1920’s before that Great Depression. The problem is that fascism which is what Trump, Hungary, Poland and of course Russia want means they easily murder those who object to fat cats getting more fat. Time for life support for living things and put the fat cats on a diet.
That means Republicans who sit like Pence without any motion beyond a nod need to be put away from the political process before they rise like monsters to control and damage lifel around them…


Agreed, Joan. It needs to be taken into account that traditionally everything politically ‘left’ in Europe is far more left than in the US. And everything politically ‘right’ is far more right in Europe than in the US (although we’re getting there!). This makes it difficult to establish a common international outlook…


“Socialism never took root in the US, because its workers see themselves, not as an exploited proletariat, but rather as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
–Ronald Wright (or John Steinbeck, depending on which source you believe)

Re-educating our working class, who have been marinating in capitalist propaganda since birth, is going to be a long, hard slog.


Banks hate the government bank. THEY want everyone to borrow credit from them for profit. Why won’t today’s Wall St government use fiscal policy for public investment the way FDR did? Deficits hurt banking profits!

The 40-yr. Wall St/capitalist revolt:

"The bank strategy continues: “If we can privatize the economy, we can turn the whole public sector into a monopoly. We can treat what used to be the government sector as a financial monopoly. Instead of providing free or subsidized schooling, we can make people pay $50,000 to get a college education, or $50,000 just to get a grade school education if families choose to go to New York private schools. We can turn the roads into toll roads. We can charge people for water, and we can charge for what used to be given for free under the old style of Roosevelt capitalism and social democracy.”

This idea that governments should not create money implies that they shouldn’t act like governments. Instead, the de facto government should be Wall Street. Instead of governments allocating resources to help the economy grow, Wall Street should be the allocator of resources – and should starve the government to “save taxpayers” (or at least the wealthy). Tea Party promoters want to starve the government to a point where it can be “drowned in the bathtub.”

But if you don’t have a government that can fund itself, then who is going to govern, and on whose terms? The obvious answer is, the class with the money: Wall Street and the corporate sector. They clamor for a balanced budget, saying, “We don’t want the government to fund public infrastructure. We want it to be privatized in a way that will generate profits for the new owners, along with interest for the bondholders and the banks that fund it; and also, management fees. Most of all, the privatized enterprises should generate capital gains for the stockholders as they jack up prices for hitherto public services.

You can see how to demoralize a country if you can stop the government from spending money into the economy. That will cause austerity, lower living standards and really put the class war in business. So what Trump is suggesting is to put the class war in business, financially, with an exclamation point."



The banking industry, monopolized and strengthened by Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steagall, went rogue these past few decades, benefitting only the FIRE sector (finance, insurance, real estate). Accumulation of global assets has been the name of the austerity game.

We must reverse this weakening of the nation-state, (the people’s bank), restore fiscal policy for public purpose, end privatization of social services and end the libertarian dream of replacing nations with “charter cities”. The recent Nobel Prize that went to charter city creator Paul Romer was a signal that neoliberalism, broken as it is, is showing no signs of stopping.

EU nations must regain control of their own currencies and their own destinies.

“We’ve got the right to print our own money, that’s the key. Greece lost the power to print their money. If they could print drachmas they’d have other problems, but they would not have a debt problem. And seventeen countries in Europe gave up the right to print their own money. That’s enormously important. And we’ve got the right to print our own money, so our credit is good.” ~ Warren Buffett



Prof Tim Lenton talks about tipping points in climate biosphere function. General review of publicly known talking points and taking it a bit further toward adjusting the public focus on talking points to more focused action points. A gentle start, but at least a public show of academia and institutions like the Smithsonian working toward some form of functionality. Perhaps the legacy of institutions is ride coattails and it is left up to the public to spearhead and bust through the knuckle dragging greed of the insensate corporate belly button gazing.
Nov. 2018


"The yellow vests aren’t fighting against climate action. They’re fighting for a just transition and against neoliberalism "

Not sure why everyone is so surprised. Everyone wants free stuff, climate action etc as long as they’re not the ones paying for it.