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Yemen Being Driven to 'Edge of Civil War'


Yemen Being Driven to 'Edge of Civil War'

Jon Queally, staff writer

During an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Sunday, the UN special envoy for Yemen, Jamal Benomar, warned that the country is fast approaching "the edge of civil war" and urged all parties to redouble diplomatic efforts before it is too late.


So the cowardly US “advisers” are running for their lives after setting various local groups against each other to incite a “civil war”, complete with “losing control” of arms cashes.

The “if you can’t steal it, break it” system continues, like Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan… (well the list is just too long to complete) and now Yemen and Tunisia.

Maybe if the US and its “advisers” would simply STAY HOME none of this death and destruction would happen. EDIT: Of course the 100+ Yemenis held long term at Guantanamo might have had a “negative impact” on Yemeni citizen’s views of the US. All those drone bombing certainly didn’t help make the US seem like a friendly helper either. /end edit

And the Pentagon/NSA/Homeland IN-Security budgets could be used to build domestic infrastructure (JOBS) and US social programs (feed, heal and house the poor/sick/children) instead of destroying those things in foreign countries.

EDIT: The anti-aircraft gun pictured is probably a Cold-War era ZU-23-2, and by the looks of it a rather tired rusty example. These were supplied by the Soviet Union to many Middle Eastern powers, also made under license in Egypt and China. There are still current versions, but given the US has long been “supporting” Yemen, this is not part of the “arms cache” the US "lost’.


The country border lines drawn by the British Crown and France in the last century ignored the Sunni and Shiite reality on the ground. These groups have had millions of deaths between them.


At times. And at other (longer) times, the overwhelming majority of Shia/Sunni followers coexisted no differently than Protestant and Catholic Christians.

Are all Protestants always violently opposed to all Catholics because the powers that be set Irish religious/nationalist factions against each other?

Religion is too often used as a lever to incite the worst behaviours in the many to the advantage of the few. Zimbardo and Milgram show how easily “authority” can convince average people to harm innocent others. A badge or a clipboard will do, and a calm reassuring, but lying, voice saying “I’ll take responsibility for it”. “Something MUST be done”.

Yemen is no different.


Another way to view the situation in Yemen is to see it as another blow against the Sunni fanaticisms funded out of Saudi Arabia. The Houthis are avowed enemies of Al Queda and ISIS, and are in defacto alliance with the Iranian/Iraqi forces now battling into Tikrit. The US alliance with both Israel and Saudi Arabia, however, blocks any possible American alliance with these forces.


Guess the U S drone assaults have been unsuccessful, ya think? The U S treads a fine line with the situation in Yemen…best not irritate the bosom friends (House of Saud). Just let all the warring factions wage their wars of attrition until no one is left standing, the plebiscite is decimated, and their countries’ infrastructures are leveled. A Holy War to end all Holy Wars. Only problem is the Black Gold, which is infinitely troublesome.


I must have understood just what a civil war looks like. I thought the edge had passed by quite a while ago.