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Yemen Crisis: This Exotic War Will Soon Become Europe's Problem


Yemen Crisis: This Exotic War Will Soon Become Europe's Problem

Patrick Cockburn

Yemen is short of many things, but weapons is not one of them. Yemenis own between 40 and 60 million guns, according to a report by UN experts published earlier this year. This should be enough for Yemen’s 26 million people, although the experts note that demand for grenades that used to cost $5, handguns ($150) and AK-47s ($150) has increased eightfold. Whatever else happens, the war in Yemen is not going to end because any of the participants are short of weaponry.


Excellent analysis, Mr. Cockburn.

Note how this assessment runs closely in parallel with the way that NAFTA has destabilized life for farmers and workers across much of Mexico and Central America. In the instance of U.S. policy, the same closing of borders and blaming victims is at work inflamed by right wing jingoistic rhetoric:

“It is absurd for European leaders to pretend that they are doing something about “terrorism” or the refugees drowning in the Mediterranean when they ignore the wars that are the root causes of these events.”

Of course, making problems that become profitable to solve… or better yet maintain on endless “treatment programs” is the preferred modality of Disaster Capitalists everywhere.

Rather than keep corn syrup out of mainstream foods, they treat millions on a routine basis for Diabetes.

Rather than wiping out the root cause of Terrorism (hint: imperialism and poverty… both of which go together like “a horse and carriage”) they “treat” it with trafficking in weapons and launching air wars and other campaigns of carnage.

The same senseless applications can be found in many other venues of life including the treatment of Cancer as the natural world remains awash in chemicals by the “karmic blowback” tonnage.


Yemenis own between 40 and 60 million guns

Good lord! Half of the rednecks in the American Southeast will be moving to Yemen.