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Yemen Is Today's Guernica


Yemen Is Today's Guernica

César Chelala

The U.S.-backed, Saudi-led massacre of innoncent Yemeni civilians.

"Human Rights Watch has documented that the Saudi-led coalition was using internationally banned cluster munitions in at least 16 attacks that targeted populated areas, killing scores of civilians including women and children." (Photo: © UNICEF Yemen)


The United States Military has no right to interfere in the self determination of the Saudi Arabian conflict.

Providing hundreds of Billions of dollars in weaponry and logistical and military support is Terrorism at it’s worse and must be treated as War Crimes.

Our military men and women are complicit in this murder of innocents and used as bodies to perpetrate the Wars that allow the Oligarchs to profit from them.

Only the Lord can have mercy on their souls for carrying out their orders from the Oligarchs.

War Pigs the lot of them.


These are heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity. The perpetrators and enablers must be brought to justice, tried and sentenced. The list includes the Saudi King, MBS (the Saudi Prince) and Donald Trump.


Where is our #Picasso today, to capture the slaughter, horror and genocide in #Yemen? #Guernica