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Yemen Policy is Creating More Terrorists


Yemen Policy is Creating More Terrorists

Adil E. Shamoo, Bonnie Bricker

As Iraq finally pries the death grip of the Islamic State off of its bloodied form, you’d think US policy would reflect the lessons learned from killing innocent civilians and destroying the basic functions of a nation. Instead, more than a decade of using drones to “target” suspected terrorists, the Trump administration has now opened the door wide for the Saudis to ramp up the carnage in Yemen.


But that’s the point, apparently. It sure seems as though our ME policies must be specifically designed to create more terrorists. How else to explain doing the same things, in country after country, with the same results? After all, a perpetual war requires a perpetual supply of “enemies”.


The US support, arming, funding, the proxy Saudi war against Yemen ARE WAR CRIMES - crimes against humanity - such support and arming and silence makes the US complicit to those crimes! The war against Yemen’s people - men, women, and children is an atrocity of vast proportions, destruction and killing.

Using the “terrorist” label to describe the Yemen Houthi resistance to Saudi/US race/religious/ethnic/political war is not accurate - the terrorists are us and our client-proxy, the Saudi’s!

"We Have Met the Enemy, and They Are US!"



The authors make the mistake of calling this behavior a mistake. Ask the stockholders of weapons and munitions industries if this is a mistake. How will the GOP Congress ever justify their grotesque budget proposal if terrorism should subside?

As the man said - “Remember, we’re all in this together!”


The terrorists, imperialist amerika, are creating more freedom fighters; who defend their nation against invaders, the amerikan empire…ah, Truth!