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Yemen’s Crisis Belongs to All of Us


Yemen’s Crisis Belongs to All of Us

Robert C. Koehler

What’s a little cholera — excuse me, the worst outbreak of this preventable disease in modern history — compared to the needs of a smoothly functioning economy?


“Our defense industry is an extremely important creator of jobs and prosperity,” says england’s damian green. and here in the united states of north america the paper chase takes precedence over all concerns. people writing or emailing letters or marching in the streets inspired by left-leaning journalists ask congress to create more jobs and higher hourly wages never questioning the flawed guideline of capitalism that the economy must grow ever larger. remember those old songs like “take this job and shove it!” or “workin’ nine to five”? somehow “give me money; that’s what i want” rules the day.

if our species is to succeed we must rethink our priorities. imagine what might happen if peace were to suddenly brake out. just imagine the economic consequences if the likes of raytheon, lockheed martin, boeing, northrop grumman and general dynamics closed business forever. why that would throw several hundred thousand workers out of on the strret. and don’t forget all those retired people gambling in the stock market.

now, imagine what our lives would be like if the world exploded into a full fledged nuclear war . . .

somehow we have agreed that money–more, ever more money–is the secret of happiness. most people don’t even think about the cholera crisis in yemen or about millions of refugees wandering, drowning, starving because “there’s no room in the inn”. and that makes us culpable! americans prefer to self-identify as “the richest, most powerful nation” and the leader of the free world; but not the greatest purveyor of evil. so, if we must let’s tighten our belts, learn that meaningful life-affirming work and not “any ole job” brings happiness then let’s go for it! believe me yemen is our canary in the mine.


Good article. Everything he mentions is a War Crime. It is all murder. We are complicit, to the extent that we allow it and accept it.


Have you noticed how the right wing echo chamber always leaves out the MIC when it claims:

“The government can’t create jobs, only private enterprise can.”


i am heartbroken over this and i wonder how many americans put themselves in our targets place? what if these were our children? what if lets say california is attacked and their people must flee, will we be as unaccepting as we are with the people of yemen and syria?