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Yemen’s Houthis Claim Invasion of Saudi Arabia, Capture of Thousands of Troops in Najran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/29/yemens-houthis-claim-invasion-saudi-arabia-capture-thousands-troops-najran

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And I<hashoggie.


The only thing the Saudi military, which is really only a ruritanian rabble police force, is good for is beating up protesters and locking up women and bloggers.


The hilarious part is that the Saudis line up as our “allies” against the Shia Crescent.

I’m sure that has Iran shaking in their boots.


As Zarif says the Saudis want to fight Iran to the last American.


Well, as the Saudis tell us:


While it would be nice to see the Houthi freedom fighters overthrow the ruthless dictatorship/monarchy of Saudi Arabia, a small border skirmish such as the one on Saturday does not mean that a Houthi victory is imminent. The Saudi monarchy still seeks genocide in Yemen and will continue to press the U.S. for more and more weapons of mass destruction to deliver a fatal blow to this tiny, impoverished nation.
As usual, our government in America is on the wrong side of justice and none of these criminals in D.C. or Wall Street will be held accountable. Israel loves to sit back and watch arabs kill arabs and Iran has enough troubles dealing with crippling sanctions by corporate America and the constant undermining of their government from outside forces. In other words, the Houthi freedom fighters have a long and difficult battle against the evil Saudi empire. At home we are powerless to prevent the slaughter as long as we have the likes of Trump, Biden, Pompeo and Pelosi in power. I’m not sure that in my lifetime I will see corporate power removed from our government, but unless that happens, the world is doomed.


If the 3 brigades did surrender, an earlier report stated that the officers are saudi and the soldiers from Africa and pakistan serving as mercenaries. We label them ‘contracts’ when they are on USA payroll.

Please notice that we cannot win a land war in Iran.
The population is too large.
Casualties will be immense.
Russia may come on down and help Iran out.
Crude oil shipments from the middle east STOP.
India and China = stop too

Arguably, the Houthis are defeating the Saudi coalition.

In conjunction with this Military defeat a bodyguard of the King was also murdered. This happened only a few days after he was fired from his position. Apparently he had inside information on that journalist murdered in Turkey.

Dead men tell no tales.

I am still looking for a rash or articles on this from the MSM much as what happened when rivals of Putin murdered .