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Yemen’s War Is Redrawing the Middle East’s Fault Lines


Yemen’s War Is Redrawing the Middle East’s Fault Lines

Conn Hallinan

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world, bereft of resources, fractured by tribal divisions and religious sectarianism, and plagued by civil war.

And yet this small country tucked into the bottom of the Arabian Peninsula is shattering old alliances and spurring new and surprising ones. As Saudi Arabia continues its air assault on Yemen’s Houthi insurgents, supporters and opponents of the Riyadh monarchy are reconfiguring the political landscape in a way that’s unlikely to vanish once the fighting is over.


Out of all the nations in the Middle East only Iran is virtually free of a functioning and effective militant jihadist presence. And they are our sworn enemy. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia, birthplace of Wahhabism and bin Laden, and the primary financier of terrorism is our dear ally.

Watching all of this develop in the past weeks it has become screamingly obvious that US reach far exceeds its grasp. The brain trust of political, military, and spook enterprise can no more control the Middle East than Cheney can make his daughter go straight.

To have the entire region and much of Africa in all-out war would provide cover for the malfeasance of that US leadership clique. Or so they would believe. Probably trot out Rumsfeld for a reprise of “Who knew?”


It should surprise no one that the Saudis and the Israelis are stupid enough to huff and puff together in the face of the steadily growing new “Chinese Silk Road” into the Middle East.

What should be surprising is the US official ignorance/silence on that Chinese “pivot.”

Then, again, given the CIA’s & the NSA’s records for noticing anything important enough to warrant taxpayer funding for their efforts, the US Government may be reading about that Chinese effort for the first time in these pages.


What would happen?

The same thing that happened to Saddam and Kaddafi. Both wanted to go to a gold dinar and refuse dollars for oil.