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Yemen: Shiite Rebels Announce Takeover of Country


Yemen: Shiite Rebels Announce Takeover of Country

Unrest continues in Yemen on Friday as Shiite Houthi rebels announced a "constitutional declaration" and that they were assuming control of the country.

The group issued the statement in a televised address from the Sunni majority country's capital of Sana'a.

A 551-member Transitional National Council would be formed to replace the parliament, and that body would appoint a 5-member council to assume the presidential role during a "transitional period," according to their statement.


Whatever the US says about Yemen will prove nothing but spin.

The good news is that the US effort there has been disrupted.

The Houthis did the US and the world a huge favor for disrupting that horror the Obama Administration has been imposing upon the Yemenis.


Ah, Yemen…another vacation hotspot I’ll have to cross off my list. Of course, time-shares in Sana have been down for a long time. In yet another case of life imitating art, the country that looks like one enormous battlefield…is one.


Although the rebel leader may be Shiite, it isn’t clear that this makes the rebels into Shiite. Perhaps it is inconceivable that both Shiite and Sunni could work together to try to salvage what’s left of their country after the excessive destabilization of drone warfare instigated by the US governent. Below is from Al Manar reporting on this issue. The details are quite sketchy and it may be that the reporting there and in this article are working from incomplete data.
“Sayyed Houthi added, in a public address on Saturday, that the resignation of the former president Abd Rabbu Mansour Al-Hadi represented a first step on the way to chaos which could have destroyed the whole country.
‘What the Revolutionary Committees contrived is a noble and responsible move that serves the supreme interests of all the Yemenis,’ according to Sayyed Houthi.
‘We are ready to cooperate with all the Yemeni factions as long as they intend to sustain the national unity,’ he added.”


It is incorrect to say ‘Shiite’ Houthi rebels. As if they are exlclusively Shiite. Some news stations make the same mistake.

But Yemen is not divided according to Muslim sects, and neither is this conflict. The fact is there are non Shiite’s within and supporting the Houthi’s.