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Yemen: The Triumph of Barbarism

Yemen: The Triumph of Barbarism

César Chelala

President Donald Trump’s recent veto of a bipartisan resolution to force an end to American military involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen reminds me of some words by V.S. Naipaul, the Trinidadian author. In his book “A Bend in the River,” Naipaul says, “The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.”

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Chelala sez:
"Mr. Trump also said that he agreed with Congress that ‘great nations do not fight endless wars.’”

So how long until the U.S. is great ‘again’, boss? Another four years, perhaps?


Thank Dog I’m secular, especially today! I asked Her who I should sacrifice in Her name today. She just asked for a treat. Good Dog!

One of my favorite Bizarro cartoons has a happy Dog sitting on Heaven’s golden throne, asking an astonished human, “The joyful, loving, eternally forgiving nature of dogs never tipped you off?”

The concept of human sacrifice in present times has recently become a recurrent vein in my thoughts. Our blind acceptance of the magical thinking which underlies our allegiance to the dominant religion of Capitalist Imperialism, which reigns supreme over the industrialized world, in effect, demands that our children, our future generations, as well as our only planet, be sacrificed on its alter. Assange, Manning, Snowden and the rest who expose the sinister nature of the Dark Priests who proselytize ‘Warmongering for Profit’ currently hang nailed to the cross as demanded of those offended by that truth. Faith that truth will prevail and that they will magically and inevitably be ‘Resurrected’ seems wishful thinking. The oligarchs who have crafted the ‘New and Improved Serfdom’ find the requisite sacrifice of the general population to be a completely acceptable price to be paid - by everyone else. A recent proposal to address extreme wealth inequality by subjecting the 0.1% to random ritual human sacrifice and wealth forfeiture was made only partially in jest.

As I watch the well-dressed families file from the church across the street on this day meant to symbolize ‘Hope and Redemption for Man’, sincere in their good intentions, I can only ‘Hope’ that their children, as well as the children of Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Libya and Palestine, be sparred the inevitable crucifixion which awaits them if we cannot bring ourselves to seek, in earnest, our own ‘Redemption’.

Veto from a Zero.

How could anyone have expected anything different?

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Forget Trump. He not in charge.

The retired 4-star US Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia, said in the 2007 interview that the purpose of the 9/11 attack was to take out the governments of seven countries in five years. These seven countries were Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Iran.

This was planned a LONG time ago. That it was planned a long time ago makes it even greater a war crime and makes it very clear that the Saudi’s act on the behalf of the USA.

If Trump did not win the last election, these Countries would still be targeted by the United States of America for destruction. if Trump fails to win the next election this list will remain. Nothing will change that until the cancer that is the warfare state is excised.

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The folks that are in charge have had their minds mined …

The cultural story that they follow and has been our guiding principle for over three millennia is fallacy.

We must write a New Cultural Story…this is the only hope for humanity.

“Beliefs create behaviours, the ideas about our spirituality is killing us.
The problems are spiritually solved .”

“We cannot make a long-term change in behaviours with-out addressing the beliefs that underlie them.
Our world is facing enormous problems right now, and we must solve the problems at the level of belief .We cannot solve the problems at the level of behaviour.
Seek to change beliefs not behaviours .
After you change a belief ,the behaviour will change by itself.”

From the book …The New Revelations

It can help us get to that place …