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Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Two weeks of a Saudi Arabia-led bombardment and siege on the impoverished nation of Yemen has bred a profound humanitarian crisis—marked by hundreds of civilian deaths, food and water shortages, and decimation of public infrastructure.

As the Saudi-led coalition blocks almost all food and medical aid from getting in, while bombing civilian infrastructure, residents and aid organizations warn that the worst is yet to come.


“The Yemen war is a variation on an old theme, where despotic regimes in the Middle East call on the United States to do their dirty work,”

United States=thug for hire…


“Collateral damage” is simply a part of perpetual war…nothing to worry about. Whose counting anyway…in the eyes of American military controlling drones from bunkers in Nevada, they are simply moving targets. (I say this with the utmost sarcasam)

The U S presence in the Middle East has proven fatal for so many innocent lives, been disastrous for regional infrastructure, detrimental to the environment, and laid waste to water supplies. The only reconstruction that is prioritized and completed is to equipment and structures needed to extract and transport the oil. The U S has consistently throughout history propped up dictators (beholding to the US like the Shah Pahlavi of Iran, S. Hussein of Iraq, Osama bin Laden, i.e.), armed/supported the groups most destructive and apathetic to the people that murder and torture with impunity, and created irreparable damage and chaos. Something to be proud of???