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Yemeni War Deaths Underestimated by Five To One


Yemeni War Deaths Underestimated by Five To One

Nicolas J S Davies
In April, I made new estimates of the death toll in America’s post-2001 wars in a three-part Consortium News report. I estimated that these wars have now killed several million people. I explained that widely reported but much lower estimates of the numbers of combatants and civilians killed were likely to be only one fifth to one twentieth of the true numbers of people killed in U.S. war zones.


Meanwhile, that bastard Mike Pompeo claims that Iran is responsible for the famine in Yemen. He suggests The Saudis forced to stop the import of food and medicines into Yemen because Iran will smuggle in weapons instead.

I really do not know whose boots these pieces of shit being scraped off of to rise to positions of power but there seems an endless supply.


Sounds like little pieces of false flag being scattered around. One day they will all be shoved into one spot and someone will shout “Time for another fricken war bitches”