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Yemen's Deepening Humanitarian Crisis Leaves Almost No One Untouched


Yemen's Deepening Humanitarian Crisis Leaves Almost No One Untouched

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

More than two months of a brutal Saudi Arabia-led military assault and siege on Yemen has sown a humanitarian crisis that now engulfs the vast majority of the country's people, with U.S.-backed naval blockades cutting off most aid shipments, even as 20 million Yemenis—80 percent of the population—are in dire need of medical, food, and water assistance, according to United Nations figures.


Saudi Arabia is as ugly as the US and Israel. Who else is in this alliance against life and the planet? Are Europeans this ugly as well?


The Saudi government and the government of Israel have something in common. They’re just plain evil.


You left out Empire No. 1.

The Saudis and Israelis are still playing catch-up in the evil game. And they’re not getting close.


Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. lol 99% of us on CD already know who the Evil Empire is and I’m not taking about Russia or Iran. : )


This is madness and more madness.
“58 Killed, Mostly Civilians, as Saudis Pound Northern Yemen”

“US Drones Attack Afghanistan Funeral, Killing 34 Mourners”


what is too scary this time is i do not remember obonber even trying to offer an excuse for this. yeah sure the Houthis- but so what? they’re not IS now are they. it looks like a continuation and extension of the empire’s trademark “sectarian strife” only now using (and arming) Sunni puppets. by the way, Saudis have job openings for executioners- over 90beheadings this year, mare than all of last year. really a perfect ally for the great empire i guess. very sorry for Yemen though


Population reduction (of “enemies”) has been one of the goals of organized, full-scale warfare since it appeared some 10,000 years ago.

It was epitomized by Robert Ryan’s line in the classic, “Executive Action” about the need for a war in Vietnam to reduce the number of hungry mouths in southeast Asia in 1963.


Good grief – I can’t even remember why Yemen is being pounded like this. Can someone refresh my memory?


With the USA supporting Saudi Arabia and blocking access of aid to the Yemen, here comes another bunch of people who will hate the USA for its freedoms.