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Yemen's Humanitarian Nightmare Be Damned, Pompeo Doubles Down on US Support for Saudi Coalition

Yemen's Humanitarian Nightmare Be Damned, Pompeo Doubles Down on US Support for Saudi Coalition

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaking to CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018. (Photo: Screengrab/CNN)Secretary of State Mike Pompeo doubled down on continued U.S. support for Saudi Arabia to continue its devastating war on Yemen.

This is a rouge administration. They are tight lipped like Iran-Contra participants being questioned. Pompeo and his two cohorts flat out refused to answer pertinent questions from a congressional committee. I don’t know how you get away with that but it looks like they did.
I’d be glad to feed the ammo comrade.


I think it important not to pretend that this mass starvation of Yemenis all on the Saudis and Allies. The fact is this. The US and the UK are not just supporting the war on the sidelines. They are ACTIVELY providing targets to hit using their own Intelligence assets and giving that information to the Saudi’s.

A member of Oxfam suggested this very thing. He indicated that the co-ordinates of all of their relief stations and warehouses of food were given to the British Government and the Biritsh Military then transferred that information to the Saudis’ who then bombed those targets.

Hitting food supplies has always been a strategy of the US Military historically startting with those campaigns aginst the First nations peoples and then continuing on in places like the Phillipines , Korea, Vietnam and iraq. It how they wage war.

The reason the Saudi’s feel they can continue to starve the peoples of Yemen out is because they have the BACKING of Western Governments that support this strategy even as those same Governments feign concern publicly.


I’ve pointed out the dangers involved as this nation devolves toward a recreation of the Third Reich. Sadly, I think the Fourth Reich is there. Our appointed “leaders” care not for the deaths and suffering of millions of “der untermenschen” as long as power and profit grows for the “Ubermenschen” who control this government and its military.
*I hope the Congress and Senate will continue to try to stand up to twitler and his crazed cabinet, but I haven’t seen that much backbone in our “elected” representatives. I have a hunch it is just bargaining for a slightly bigger cut of the profits.
*The other problem is that twitler might just declare the government shut down, or another 911 black op will be used to start yet another war, perhaps with Iran. Remember what herr Goering said at Nuremberg.
"Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same for any country."
Herman Goering to Gustave Gilbert at Nuremberg, 18 April, 1946
*That has worked over and over, and a lot of money has been spent to perfect it.
*As long as people are going to say “Well, he is the president so we must do what he says,” the Reich will flourish and We the People of the World will continue to perish. I keep hoping that one of our atrocities will become our “Poland” and the world will say “Enough!” And mean it! Right now, it is just more “Shame on you!” speeches which are laughed at by our insane Reich, as the money continues to roll in and We the People’s franchise continues to diminish. Look at what is happening on our own borders, and look at the number of people that not only think what we are doing is alright, but that we didn’t do yet more. “The military has weapons, why don’t they use them?” “Some of those kids were throwing rocks. That is an attack with weapons. Shoot 'em!”
*What is going to happen in this country when We the People have finally had enough?"


Barbarian in Brooks Brothers.


A red (in French) administration?

I think you meant “rogue”. But with the way this forum is set up, it’s too late to change such mistakes annoyingly enough…

When war crimes become a jobs program —

From Pompeo to the workers at Raytheon et.al., their jobs are contingent on supporting Trump’s and Kushner’s financial relationship with war criminal MBS, Mohammed bone Sawman.


Yup. Been spelling that one wrong cause I don’t know any better for a while now. Now I can fix that. Thanks. Embarrassing. My wife has a double major in English and literature. Besides that spell check doesn’t know the difference, obviously.

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Kissinger wannabe.


Are we supporting the Saudi’s in this war so they’ll continue the oil-petrodollar program, and so that they’ll join the coalition to go after Iran for the benefit of Israel? Who’s the boss in these relationships?

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Pompeo is and always will be a christofacistdominionst tea party no-nothing azzhat.


Consumer society works hand in hand with Empire to steal others’ resources all to benefit the corporate thieves. “Collateral” damage–wanton loss of life–means nothing to them. But it must start to mean something to us.


And furthermore…

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Probably some new generation AI computer in the ninety-third basement level of the Pentagon.

Despicable. How do we stop this?

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They are ACTIVELY providing targets to hit using their own Intelligence assets and giving that information to the Saudi’s.

Including targeting school buses full of children. THAT IS NOT WAR. THAT IS TERRORISM. The United States is the major promoter of and participant in state sponsored terrorism worldwide.


This move is concrete evidence how Israel subverts American interests and foreign policy to further their illegal expansion and “settlements” in the Occupied Territories of Palestine!

Our elected and appointed officials openly serve Israeli racism and warmongering to cover and divert attention from the Israeli taking of territory by force, expressly illegal under International Humanitarian Law. That serving of a foreign power IS treason and if the Congress and elected officials had any trace of integrity they would end “aid” (and “forgiven loans”) much hidden, to Israel of somewhere between $5-10 Billion annually, and sever the subversive “relationship” with the terrorist outlaw entity called “Israel”! The 2016 $38 Billion military “aid” package a case in point

When our people are denied aid and suffering, the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, and Quisling treasonous Congress gift Israel the money that should be going to our nation and people!


https://ifamericaknew.org/stat/cost.html updated report on US aid to the terrorist racist entity!


The trump regime allies itself and America to the saudi and israeli war criminals ; a reality that Ifind a treasonous path that has done irreparable harm to the US and entire world!

The saudi brutal assassination of journalist Jamal Khasoggi and atrocities in Yemen are condoned, supported and downplayed by the trump regime and his henchmen Pompeo and the odious Bolton, who play their roles as saudi and Israeli stooges fomenting war against Iran, and the “war”, atrocity, of extermination in Yemen to the great detriment to the US and international relations and peace!

The cover-up of the saudi murder of Khasoggi under the orders of the depraved “prince”, tells the tale of the trump regime, its agenda, and who they serve…and it’s NOT the American people or integrity.


His unblinking stare was freaky. Robotic.

So I finally took a good look at a map of the middle east and it’s clear to me that Yemen is strategic to Saudi Arabia- US as is Iraq, Syria, and all the way to the Mediterranean leaving the Palestinians hanging out on a limb. If you want the whole enchilada Afghanistan is an anchor and that leaves Iran as the PRIZE to finish the puzzle.

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