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Yertle, the Commander-in-Chief


Yertle, the Commander-in-Chief

Michael Winship

Dr. Seuss taught me to read. My older brother brought Seuss books home to me from the local public library because I was too young to have a library card of my own.


Let us be Macks ... and Loraxes.


Outstanding analogy, Mr. Winship. Thanks for bring humor and light into the situation!


Big T, little t, what begins with T?

Torpedo Trump and toadies--totally!


Trump's approval rating is at something like 37% so that means almost two-thirds of the country does not approve of what he has been doing as president-elect. As time moves on and people start blaming him for the this country's problems most likely his approval rating will drop further. To get the country behind him no doubt he will try to instill fear. Perhaps about terrorists or maybe a conflict with China, who knows. He needs a Sadaam, an axis of evil, an evil empire. Apparently Putin is off the table. We will have to see what he comes up with and how he uses his well-recognized scamming ability to sell it. If he can sell himself as president then we should assume he can sell just about anything.


Welcome to the Monkey House! It's gonna be a gas!


T-rump, T-rex, and Tea baggers.


He needs an evil empire. Well, he wouldn't have to look too far for that. Which evil empire has over 700 military bases all over the world. Which evil empire incarcerated more of their people than any other country? Which evil empire spends more on their military exploits than the next dozen countries combined? Which evil empire has a Congress that voted against allowing the importation of lesser expensive pharmaceuticals from other countries so that the Pharmaceutical industry in their country could continue to make the people
pay more for theirs? Need I go on? The Democrats and their Main Stream Media presstitutes, are spinning so much fear and hate before Trump has a chance to do anything, that Trump and the Republicans if they wanted to, could find the evil empire right here at home, and investigate and prosecute countless politicians and make big points with many voters. Stop with the hate and fear. Trump won. Clinton lost, for a second time. Get over it. When Trump messes up, then, it will be time to act.


Hard to see why this was flagged.


I think the SEE-EYE-AYE may have that dealt with ...


In the last Gallup poll b4 the election the orange ape was polling at 62% unfavorability while HRC's was much better at 57% (uh, total snark there). Nevertheless, I'd say this pretty much proves both candidates are in that same "basket of deplorables." And please Lrx, have a super sparkly day! :sunglasses::nerd::thinking: