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Yes, Calling Only Muslims Terrorists Does Result in Disparate Treatment of Muslims


Yes, Calling Only Muslims Terrorists Does Result in Disparate Treatment of Muslims

Marcy Wheeler

Over at Salon, I’ve got a piece addressing the things we call terror in this country that mostly argues, “In the wake of the Planned Parenthood attack, both the right and the left should redouble our commitment to distinguishing speech from murder.” But I also start by laying out how various mass killings get labeled as terrorism.


Christian Terrorist Kills Three in Colorado
No .. I don't recall seeing that headline after the Planned Parenthood killings ..


The real Muslim terrorists are based in Saudi Arabia, a fact which few of our politicians or media people is willing to say. The so-called kingdom specializes in crucifixions and beheadings, practices slavery, kills people of other faiths, treats women as chattel - our great ally Saudi Arabia does everything ISIS does but on a far larger and longer scale. It is they who used their oil wealth to spread the poisonous Wahhabi form of Islam throughout the Muslim world, most successfully to ISIS and Al Queda.

Ali Ayaan Hirsi has depicted in her books just how Saudi-funded preachers turned the gentler Islam of her Somali homeland into a morass of cruelty and terror. it was also the Saudis who funded the Taliban, another victory The well-funded Wahhabi proselytizers. The Taliban harbored BIn Laden, a Saudi, because they shared the exact same ideology. And then, of course, there was 9-11 with its Saudi hijackers and funding. As most people know, the key pages of the 9-11 report detailing Saudi complicity in the attacks has never been declassified. No to has the USG ever explained why a plane load of Bin Laden relatives were flown out of the U.S. the day after 9-11 when. I other air traffic was moving.

Currently, the USG is backing Saudi attacks on Yemen which have cost at least 6000 innocent Muslim lives, while the Saudis have dropped even the pretense of fighting ISIS. All American politicians parrot the Saudi line that the chief enemies of ISIS, Assad and Iran, are our enemies - the truth is that the Saudis hate them because those two countries have not accepted Wahhabism.

The Intercept has an excellent article on how the Saudis have bought support and influence in Washington, operating through tried-and-true lobbyists linked to both parties. Thanks to Citizens United, buying our politicians has never been easier - and.plenty of them are now in the pay of the real Muslim terrorists.

No surprise that the San Bernardino killers got together in Saudi Arabia and then set out to plot mass murder.



And I do not recall ever seeing this headline...either.


"So when Hennessey justifies charging bomb but not gun crimes as terrorism because “bombers tend to be more organized in interstate groups,” what she really means is that the FBI is an organized interstate group, because that’s the organizing force that provides the expertise in the overwhelming majority of terrorism cases."

You go, Marcy!


Also, this fact about FBI involvement in creating terror plots inside the USA, SHOULD provide grist for tough questions at candidate debates.

Paul Simon from Mrs. Robinson, almost 50 years ago:

Goin' to the candidates' debate
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you get to choose
Any way you look at it you lose


I agree with many of your points. I would, however, encourage the avoidance of terms like 'stupidity' since the merits of your points stand on their own without this term.

It is interesting to note that the US government, in addition to think tanks and academic institutions, are increasingly defining 'terrorism' the actions of non-state perpetrators. Note how the official US government definition of terrorism is:

Title 22 of U.S. Code: “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.”

Thus, by US law, the US government's pre-emptive war against Iraq, its use of fuel air explosives, white phosphorus, and depleted uranium, and the resulting killing of some 1 million Iraqi innocent children, women, and men are not considered terrorism. US government directed torture, the US legal protections afforded to the developers of torture programs, and the continued detention without charge (and torture) of detainees, is not considered 'terrorism' under US law. But, these are horrendous acts of state sponsored terrorism on a par with that of the Islamic State.