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Yes, Corporate Media Pushes an Agenda

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/09/yes-corporate-media-pushes-agenda


Detailing corporate media’s subservience to the corporate
state, itself servicing the military-industrial complex is disturbingly
incomplete without mentioning the life blood contribution of Julian
Assange, now wasting away in UK’s Belmarsh maximum security prison,
housing terrorist suspects. He skipped bail–for good reason.
How fitting that the founder of WikiLeaks, also not mentioned in this
otherwise good piece, who unmasked the newspeak of the media
to hide the thought police ruling the West, should be tortured as a terrorist.
As he is to the American Way, here in 1984.
Serious journalism needs to credit Assange for what he did and is
paying a terrible price for, especially now that truth is gone.


Corporate media more or less supports the status quo degradation of the masses, yet they’re a useful tool for the spreading of disinformation and division orchestrated by the Democrats and Republican Establishments.

The corporations see the writing on the wall, and they’re going to go down fighting to keep their paid-for politicians serving them first.


Thank you for your support for Julian Assange, another persecuted whistle-blower whose life was dedicated to peoples of the world.


“Not content to be simply pro-capitalist, the corporate media is also overwhelmingly anti-labor”.

It’s simple math that a greater share of company revenue going to labor means a smaller share of that revenue for (top management and) stockholders.

A rising stock market (which we are told is so good, and is good if you hold enough stock) depends in part on keeping labor’s share down. If you don’t hold much in stocks, a rising stock market is likely a reflection of an economically suppressed history for you (as recent times attest).- not so good as the media would lead you to believe.

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As long as they go down and stay down.


Corporate Media CANNOT and WILL NOT be fair, neutral, nor objective, let alone balanced.

Capitalism, which is based on greed and selfishness, and must keep insanely, suicidally growing on a finite planet, is the one, true religion of the West, especially the U.S.

Corporate capitalism is the sect which oligarchs and plutocrats - the Ruling Class - belong to.

Merely questioning this “religion” marks one as suspect and deviant.

Capitalism is the agenda and ideology which has blinded too many to the existential threats of nuclear weapons and the accelerating Climate Crisis, both of which are mostly the results of capitalism.


“But no matter how upstanding these individual reporters might be, they are but one part of the corporate media machine. A larger system that is fiercely ideological.”
— This is so very true.
— “Ideology” itself is barely considered, mentioned or believed in, in our society. Those in, or lead by, the dominant sectors simply take their thoughts as reflections of the Universal Truth. Differing or dissenting ideas are seen as … aberrations or distorted flights from reality.
Corporate Media, being owned or highly-influenced by the dominant business-or-ownership-driven elite spreads their views as jounalistically-certified facts and events around us. Rarely does any journailtic dissent from the corporate status quo appear in public without severe repercussions, including possible job loss.


It has to be remembered that Assange was essentially
anti-war, against the Cold War and this makes him an
enemy of the national security state; and even Common
Dreams submits to a pro-Cold War view.
I always look for your comments
on various posts, and am grateful to you for them. Telos2

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Thanks Telos for the kind words. I’m not the intellectual that many here are. I primarily speak from my heart.

A lot of times, I make attempts to lighten the mood, as the topics here are gut wrenching at times.

You have a wonderful day.

Yes, and I for one appreciate it!

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I agree. If you watch and believe corporate news you are being brainwashed either overtly or covertly. The Fourth Estate is nothing but sycophants and fawning parasites for the Amerikan, Fourth Reich!

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I’m old enough to remember journalists such as Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite. I’m old enough to remember newspapers that were thick with words and reported in depth stories. I’m old enough to remember truly local and community newspapers that joined citizens together. Now…it’s bullet points and sound bites.
Back in early 2016, I suffered a traumatic brain injury and a stroke. Both affected my cognitive ability and I had to relearn how to read and write. When I was finally up to it, I re-subscribed to the local Toledo, Ohio newspaper, which had been centrist, maybe a bit to the left. In the two years I was out of touch, it had gone to a far-right format. And I mean so far right it carried columns by members of the Federalist Society. Trump can do no wrong; Progressives are out of touch. Sad to see the Fourth Estate returning to the days of William Randolph Hearst and his splendid little wars without any other side being offered.

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