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Yes, Crimes Were Committed


Yes, Crimes Were Committed

Ken Levy

On several Sunday talk shows, Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow vigorously denied both that Trump had known last summer about the June 9 meeting (among Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Kremlin-linked attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, translator Anatoli Samachornov, Russian businessman Ike Kaveladze, and prominent Russian-American lobbyist and former Soviet military officer Rinat Akhmetshin) and that this meeting was illegal. But at least on the second point, Sekulow is dead wrong. And the first point is highly suspect.


Makes nary a bit of difference whether crimes were committed or not. The U.S. has two very different justice systems - one for the rich/powerful/oligarchy - of which Drumpf and his cartel are members in good standing - and one for the rest of us.

Impeachment is NEVER going to happen. The Rethuglicans are more loyal to their party than to the U.S. or the Constitution (so are the Dumbocrats, for that matter). Forget impeachment. Not. Gonna. Happen. Ever.

Criminal charges will never happen, against Drumpf or any of his cartel/family. Same reasons. Wrong justice system.

Move along people. Let’s get through to the end of this Term and see about getting a non-D/non-R true progressive in the WH for a change. Long-shot, I know…but a goal worthy of our efforts and certainly more possible than seeing Drumpf or his offspring in chains.


George Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq, illegally, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people - why haven’t they been prosecuted for this? FFS, the Nuremberg Trials were less than a century ago! To his credit, Jean Chrétien still remembered the lessons of Nuremberg.

These two and dozens of people from their regimes should have been put in jail for a long, long time, years ago.
And yet, they’re not in jail.

In fact, Blair has made quite a good living giving speeches to rich and powerful people, and pretending he’s a good Christian. Pretty much all the other politicians around the world behaved still behave as if everything was ‘situation normal’, as if nothing of consequence happened, as if this is the way the world is meant to work, and besides it’s the Muslims’ fault. (Except the Saudi’s, of course.)

Joachim von Ribbentrop was almost right when he stated that: “You’ll see. A few years from now the lawyers of the world will condemn this trial [Nuremberg]. You can’t have a trial without law.” While the world is not quite at the ‘condemn’ stage, we have definitely reached the ‘forgot about’ stage.

Why does anyone seriously think that Donald Trump and his clan will face prosecution? Putting powerful politicans or leaders of powerful countries in jail for their crimes will never, ever happen, no matter how corrupt, evil, or murderous they are.

Prove me wrong, eh.


If you have nothing more to worry about than normalizing relations with Russia ?


You lost me at both sides do it. Dumbocrats get impeached for lying about extra-marital affairs. And, for all their policy failures, some Presidents are able to keep it in their pants.
What Bush and Trump have done is quite a different affair, entirely. IAOKIYAAR seems appropriate, here.
Self-righteousness and moral hypocrisy seems to be defined by born-again folks who don’t bat an eye when it comes to power grabs. And violations of a whole host of national and int’l laws.
I don’t defend Democratic failures but merely point out some things are more egregious than others.


I wish that I could prove you wrong, but am not very hopeful.  Vice-Murderer-in-Chief Dick Cheney, Plotter-in-Chief Karl Rove and Torture-Excuser John Yoo should have been waterboarded ‘til they confessed to treason and then hanged, or at least have been turned over to the U.N. for prosecution as War Criminals, along with many others.  Good Ol’ Establishment DamnocRat Nancy Pelosi nixed any action against them in the House – one of the first things she did after O’Bummer et al were sworn in back in January, '09.  And none of the Wall Street banksters and other domestic criminals were even brought to trial, much less imprisoned, for the theft
of Billion$ in the crash of '08.  O-K, I’ll admit it, it’s all my fault – I fell for O’Bummer’s rhetoric and voted for the mealy-mouthed chicken shit in '08.  But by 2012 I had wised up and wrote in Bernie & 'Beth, and by 2016 was also backing Jeff Merkley with whatever small donations I could afford, and Tim Canova against Dirty Debbie Duhby-Ass, and a couple of other more-or-less progressives like Al Franken and Russ Feingold.  But after the debacle of the 2016 DemnocRatic convention I’ve given up on the DamnocRats entirely   I’ve Seen the Light!


[quote=“mrsannhitts, post:5, topic:43361”] “Self-righteousness and moral hypocrisy seem to be defined
by born-again folks who don’t bat an eye when it comes to power grabs. And violations of a whole host
of national and int’l laws.

" . . . For good people to do evil things, that takes Religion! "


With all the heinous crimes that have been committed and are still being committed by this president,and in fact, most of the former presidents in the last 60 years, the fact that you complain and criticize Trump’s son and others for neglecting to list a meeting on their dossier, smacks of gross hypocrisy and hatred of all things Trump.


Litigating the past, are we? 60 years takes us back to the 2nd term of the Eisenhower Adm. Gee, what laws and Presidential orders were being Federally enforced back then? Are you talking about foreign or domestic affairs, here? Please elaborate.


Congratulations! You are the closest thing to a trump defender who has had the nerve to speak up. This is truly a positive sign that the trumpsters are starting to wake up and see the truth. But no, this is most definiteyly NOT about “trump’s son and others for neglecting to list a meeting on their dossier.” Guess you haven’t been paying much attention to what’s going on in this country. But I won’t bother enlightening you as that has proven to be a waste of time. Some folks simply refuse to see the truth, even when it smacks them in the face…willful ignorance.


Here is some TMI about Hillary’s efforts to dig up Russian dirt on Trump: https://consortiumnews.com/2017/07/10/forgetting-the-dirty-dossier-on-trump/

Of course, saying they all do it excuses nothing.


True. But, dirty dossier guy is goimg to testify in a public Congressional hearing. Under oath, I think. There are differences with distinctions, of course.
Democrats, by and large, are better lawyers than Republicans. It’s genetic, I think.:grinning:


However, in Trump’s case, “normalizing relations with Russia” means close business relations with hyper-capitalist organized criminals who run the Russian oligharchy. I want nothing to do with this “normalization”.

Secret shell company purchases of Trump luxury condos in New York and elsewhere have reportedly exploded since Trump became president.

And no, we are not going to have a nuclear war if we don’t get all buddy-buddy with gangsters. They are not about to bomb their own extensive US real estate and business holdings that are needed for money laundering.

I remain mystified as to why Trump’s USAn and Russian Mob connections continue to go undiscussed in the corporate media. But even more breathtaking is the defense of these gangsters by the tin-foil-hat alt-left-right.

Check out todays Democracy Now…