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Yes, Defund the Cops–And Put Them Under Community Control

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/26/yes-defund-cops-and-put-them-under-community-control


WOW Glen Ford. Thanks Common Dreams


Community control would be a good step closer to government by consent.


-20 points to Common Dreams for displaying irresponsible mask usage.

Do you think King would have agreed that we should "judge [politicians] not by the color of their skin

But by the content of their character"?


How many politicians do you want to make long speeches accusing you of wanting to completely defund the police, and therefore stop law enforcement, if you don’t add more details about how complete the defunding should be?

Hi Robert_Miles:
I would like to see more police without guns. Perhaps then----they would listen to the people that they used to shoot, and find out what the real issue is. I think it’s too easy for people to stop thinking and just shoot.Also, I would like the police person not to have a gun for the first 2 years—and perhaps this would force officers to think first, and learn to create a sense of being helpful as opposed to pretending that they are Rambo.
More British police function well without guns than people believe are possible—because
they have to be PEOPLE first, rather than bullies with guns.
It would also be more helpful if police lived in the communities that they serve—that way they would be more familiar with the people and the tone of the neighborhood. and they might find it easier to get information if the locals thought of them as neighbors rather than enforcers.People seem to behave better in their own neighborhoods rather than the ones where they are an unknown quantity.I would also like police people to have police dogs accompany them on their rounds. Plus dogs are great ambassadors of good will. Dogs are great at figuring out who is a neighbor and who is a stranger. : )


It’s Time to Disarm the Police

It can be done. Just look at London!


With the so called 4th of July coming up anti-racism actions are in order, no?

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I’ve worked on police brutality (as an activist & independent journalist) in Texas & (currently) in Minnesota, since 1978. Even SOME POLICE AGREE that there’s areas that cops CAN’T address–& do so BADLY: people in mental health crisis, homelessness and dealing with children in our public schools.Former Police Chief of DALLAS noted the “Let the police handle it” approach a couple of years ago. I LIVE IN MINNEAPOLIS and between the City Charter & the Police Federation contract, Mayors, City Council & even the Police Chief find their HANDS TIED—UNLESS they can get a City Charter Amendment on the ballot.As if these obstacles-to=-real-change weren’t enough, there have been 110 PEOPLE SHOT in the last month in MINNEAPOLIS–which is certainly gong to UNDERMINE some public support for any signficant changes to policing. BTW: I LIVE in the neighborhood where George Floyd protests were to some extent EXPLOITED by drug gangs, white supremacists & out-of-town fire-bugs. So far, racial justice been WINNING against those who’d like to focus on the MASSIVE property damage—but, the GUN VIOLENCE may be the negative tipping point we can’t overcome. Time will tell…but, I sure wish these young men would PUT DOWN THE GUNS and JOIN THE MOVEMENT.


Note the the British have some police that can be called in WITH guns, to handle situations where the criminal have guns. I’d expect few enough of those that they can’t be required to live in the ares where they are needed.

Also, note that some people are allergic to dogs. There needs to be a way to handle those people fairly.

With those adjustments, what you would like is a good system.

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We most certainly need a new political party to replace BOTH the Republican and Democratic parties. It should be focused on gradually and in an orderly way ridding the country of capitalism. It can be done. Then

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