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Yes, Deniers, Millions of Americans are Among the Poorest People in the World


Where does this country’s poverty of conscience rank?


"n 2015 it was reported that up to 50 million American adults had negative wealth and thus numbered among the poorest 10% of the world’s adults. "

A family of 4 in California buys house at $1 million in Mountainview. Puts 5% down. A year later home prices go down and their home is only worth $850k, both are employed making in the upper $100k. According to this they are among the worlds poorest 10%.

Then again, the prof contradicts this whole premise few paras down, “Poverty is Not Just an Income Number”.

Trust me, being poor in the US is like being middle class in lot of places.


They probably work less hard- they just get paid more.


Good post- worst invention in the US- the credit card!


If they are putting down others- they probably are doing it out of fear. Also, how someone else lives is none of their d-mn business. I join you in saying F U.


Or maybe the rich you refer to are simply immoral- like the banksters who took from other people then got rescued by them.


What are you pushing? Yes, I do agree- but if you mention the wording, I will gladly call. Remember also ever since the crash of 08 , people are pointing fingers at anyone but the people who did it- like the banksters.


Notice they never blame the banksters , or the realtors for the crash- just the people who lost their jobs.


It’s inequality stupid. YES: “Part of the definition of poverty is “the state of being inferior in quality.” The extreme level of inequality in the U.S. is battering the poor with a sense of inferiority.” Damn straight, and they’re reminded of it all the time, day in and day out. Hence, it is more difficult to be “poor” in a country with vast wealth than it is to live in a poor country where everyone is in the same boat.


Not only are there more social programs, government support etc. these people are not paying out of their take home pay insurance premiums, child/elder care and student loans. As for taxes, they may pay a little more but they get so much more for it. What is a government of, for and by the people for anyway if not for this?


There have been some interesting stretches of California these past ten years or so.


If you believe the author was talking about couples who can afford a million dollar house in this article, you don’t have a clue.


“It’s hard for people with wealth and power to admit all this. Because then they might feel obligated to do something about it.”

Would they?

“The comfort of the rich depends upon an abundant supply of the poor.” ― Voltaire

“The paradise of the rich is made out of the hell of the poor.” - Victor Hugo


No doubt. Thanks.


“You do not need the capitalist. He could not exist one second without you. You would begin to live without him. You DO everything. Some of you imagine that if it was not for the capitalist you would have no work. Really he does not employ you at all. You employ him to take from you what you produce, and he sticks faithfully to his job. If you can stand it – he can – and if you don’t change it – he won’t.” - Eugene Debs


There are a lot of people I know that I would love to recite that quote to, Now if I could only memorize it.


“In 2015 it was reported that up to 50 million American adults had negative wealth and thus numbered among the poorest 10% of the world’s adults.”

At least by the numbers he did. As an activist has has to make statements with an impact regardless of reality. Is that couple among the poorest in 10%. Probably so, according to the prof’s statement. They are lower than a starving family in South Sudan, living in hut. Those guys don’t owe anything on the hut.

The fact that you see thru the prof’s propaganda shows there’s still hope for America. Unfortunately you are in the minority.


No that’s not true. Many latinos come here to escape the dangers of their country- dangers that the USA had created in the first place! There’s a history behind the term Banana Republic. You should familiarize yourself with it since it was the USA that created the Banana Republics. Many of those countries would be far better off today if it weren’t for the USA meddling in thier countries putting them at an economic disadvantage! If you want immigrants to stop streaming in from impoverished third world countries then you should demand that the USA stop its imperialistic practices that impoverishes those countries. rump’s wall is a scam!


I’ve lived in Central America for a few years myself. A difference between the US and such countries is that we have building codes that at least get somewhat enforced. We also have public health regulations that also get somewhat enforced- in spite of the conservatives thus far. Therefore, the face of poverty looks different in the US than it does in “undeveloped” countries. That’s one reason its so easy for the deniers to say “we have it so much better here.” The deniers aren’t smart enough or deep thinking enough to make that realization. What’s so funny is that those same deniers are the ones also bitching about “gubmint regulations” sucking the profits out of their businesses. If they really did have their way and got rid of building codes and public sanitation services, the face of poverty in the US would look like the face of poverty in “those countries.” Yeah, without building standards, we’d have shanties with festering pits of human waste all over again. We’d even get full blown Kowloons to sprout up all over. Kowloon is a prime example of what happens without gov’t regulations.


Call everyone, send this link in emails…blanket the airwaves as I have.