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Yes, Donald Trump Is Like Andrew Jackson


Yes, Donald Trump Is Like Andrew Jackson

Jason Opal

Even before Hillary Clinton had given up, Rudy Giuliani was celebrating her defeat in the name of Old Hickory. “This is like Andrew Jackson’s victory,” he proclaimed on election night. “This is the people beating the establishment.” Trump supporters often praise the seventh President (1829-37); the victor himself recently referred to Jackson’s “great history.” Something about the man who waged war against native peoples and national bankers offers a claim to a heroic past—and to the power of “the people.” Why?


At least Jackson saved New Orleans from being destroyed by the British when they attacked despite the Treaty of Ghent formally ended the War of 1812.


It is good to reflect on Andrew Jackson, brutal overseer and mass murderer of Blacks he enslaved and sociopathic architect of genocide atrocities against Native Americans.

As the 1st Democrat President of the US, Jackson embodies the depravity inherent in the Party since he founded the Democrat Party. Interesting to note that Trump was a Democrat before switching to the Republican Party. The Democrat and Republican Parties both promote plutocracy, espionage, repression, and militarism. The hope for those interested in social justice are community based organizing efforts.


Like Putin says, Trump is strong, meaning authoritarian. To our misfortune, that's what it takes to lead and survive. Not a triangulator like Slick or one that caves like Obama. It seems that most of the leaders we remember are the despots and tyrants.

Luckily, technology has placed solutions right in our laps, laptops and cell phones.

Direct Online Democracy.


When it comes to union busting Hillary was a member of the board of WalMart for some years. And her husband was governor of a 'right to work' state.