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'Yes, Exactly,' Say Progressives After Pence Warns Democrats Will 'Make Rich Poorer and Poor More Comfortable'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/23/yes-exactly-say-progressives-after-pence-warns-democrats-will-make-rich-poorer-and


Pence only says out loud what the Pelosi and her Democrats have worked in the dark to advance.


If only this were actually true. Sure, some Democrats want and will work for that, but the majority are working for their corporate campaign donors first and foremost. The welfare of the poor to them is an afterthought.


Gee Mr. Pence, as a man of Christ (so to speak) I would think you would embrace helping comfort the poor and making the rich pay their fair share of taxes. Why are you against this???


This is what is frustrating about today’s Democratic Party, and their candidates in the Georgia senatorial run offs. When a conservative calls you a socialist, the only answer is “I support expanding social security. I support not only Medicare, but making it available to everyone. I support paying our police, firemen, EMTs, road crews, teachers, doctors, nurses, and the like. You call me a socialist? Well, you’re goddamn right I’m a socialist!”

In my dreams


People like Pence is what Sinclair Lewis meant when he wrote: " WHEN FASCISM COMES TH AMERICA IT WILL BE WRAPPED IN THE FLAG AND BE CARRYING THE CROSS"!


That is a FACT


Luke 1:53, Mr. Pence. “He has filled the hungry with good things, and the rich he has sent away empty.”


Many of our modern religion followers only read the Cliff Notes version of the Buybull. They missed all the parts about being a decent person, helping those in need, and the warnings about the evils of rich people.


“Save the planet. Kill yourself.”

I’ve had that same thought, natureboy. Too many times. Will you? I would rather not, but I am horrified by what might come down the pike and I am not at all sure I would want to live through it. Unfortunately, a few suicides won’t make a difference to the planet, it would have to be a massive project to make any difference. So the real benefit would be to me personally - to avoid the nightmare that is coming. Biden will be useless in making the huge changes required to put us on a sustainable path. And, Americans in general are far too selfish to give up their personal conveniences, like driving to town for groceries 3 or 4 times a week rather than making a list and doing it once. (I live rurally, and those drives are 20-30 miles).

BTW, I miss your Direct Democracy Now comments…


LOL - Progressives would also say “wow that man is STUPID and an absolute fraud.” among other things…

Two years ago, after unspeakable acts of elder abuse by people I trusted(the classic conservative hyper-predator), I decided to end it all by simply walking out into the woods on a cold night and taking off all my clothes. I had even written the note, placing it in an obvious place and noting not to send any first responders to try to find me. I was in the hallway of my seniors apartment building in a strange place, waiting for the elevator, when a friend asked me where I was going on such a cold night? I just shook my head. He did an intervention, calling building management and getting me back to my apartment.
They did what the so-called friends should have done-helped me find a new doctor, ways to get groceries, and how to survive the remainder of the time remaining on my lease. Toughed it out and moved back home the very day my lease expired.
Anymore, people lie to get what they want. Lie and lie and lie. When it all goes south, they gaslight and then say it’s all your fault.
The rich and sort of rich will never relinquish a penny of their vast wealth to help those who have been crushed by the actions of the global monoculture. We must do what the anawim have done all through history-take what is ours. Learn to grow our own food as a comity. Refuse to buy wants-the things that we’re told we must buy to be connected to the culture. It’s to the point if you don’t have a Dumbphone, you can’t participate in so many things. And you certainly have to have high-speed internet to be part of the workforce.
Enough. All beings need decent food, clean water, and a warm shelter, along with clean air to breathe. Those should be basic laws of our culture.
But please, do not kill yourself. We need all the Spirit Warriors we can get.


Bingo!! The Ds will not embrace any mesg. that brings his words to the fore!
Its also THEIR words! They already proved they want nothing to do with anything
the “so called” progressive/left end of the party says.

When the Frak is everyone gonna wake up, and realize, the Ds and Rs are the same
bought and paid for group, with the same agenda for their paymasters!

The Rs are the “frownie face” of the coin, and attract the haters, and the Ds are the
“smiley face” that attract the rainbow of “identity politics”.

No matter who’s running the game, the owners win, we lose, but the respective base “feels good”!

Once both bases figure it out, there will be hell to pay, but I expect they’re both too frakin dumb
to get it till they’re in a stalag, eating gruel, for slave work!


Simple course to follow;

  1. Figure out how to become more food independent
  2. Practice odd job self-employment
  3. Learn to recognize propaganda
  4. Do not vote for Ds or Rs
  5. Avoid employment by US military or police

Wow, you can’t put anything over on a genius like Pence



“You have to be all sorts of twisted to think ‘making poor people more comfortable’ is a bad thing.”

And the pious Mr. Pence is just the man for the job. (Add sanctimonious, self-righteous, etc.)


Thanks for spreading the work, Mike P!

Nice of him to just come out and say the obvious:

the poor deserve less than nothing in this oligarchy’s effed up universe.

he’s just brimming over with the spirit of Xmas, eh?


There is no evidence the Dems want to do any of those things.
Obama / Biden bailed out banks and wealthy. Expect more of the same.


not sure even dumb does justice to the dynamics in either base. Most of the Dem core are simply cozy middle class folks who aren’t going to go out of their way to risk their own privilege. Certainly not for our benefit. If it ain’t easy or doesn’t involve clicking on petitions, they’re not interested. The Rights more complex, in that they’re possessed by resentments and rage and will take any target they’re given. And of course they’re given all the wrong targets.