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'Yes, Exactly,' Say Progressives After Pence Warns Democrats Will 'Make Rich Poorer and Poor More Comfortable'

Pence obviously had a short circuit somewhere in his cerebral cortex.

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But, is he a “stable” genius?

  1. Stay out of prison, if you can.
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The “Washington Consensus” is a remarkable collaboration between both parties to advance special interests and literally destroy democracy as we know it. We now clearly have government 100% of by and for corporations, not people.

That’s a government without legitimacy.


Oh no, no, it would a tragedy to make the obscenely rich part with any of their treasure. That would make them like the rest of us that have been losing ground for decades! Folks, this is truly about class warfare, don’t be fooled.


Thanks Lady K.

We’re not lemmings but even they realize that there is such a thing as overpopulation.

Though killing ourselves is not the solution, I think that knowingly or not conservatives have always favored culling the herd. They like to start with poor people of color and move on to what’s left of the middle class.

Unfortunately no one is lobbying the Pope to legalize contraception, to make contraceptives free and readily available, or to introduce sex education in the curriculum.

Barring humane planned parenting, the cruel, bloody job of reducing population by war and such is taken up by the same conservatives that cause population growth in the first place.

Unless we start a conversation about overpopulation and all it’s ramifications, I fear that nature’s will be done as is usual, with lots of needless pain and suffering.


Mr. T, who used to say “I pity the poor fool”, which provides a good segue to the American people.

I wouldn’t “pity the poor fools” of ‘we the deluded American people’ if we would just:


If ‘we the awake American people’ would simply; expose, excoriate, expunge, and ‘excise’ this God damned EMPIRE, we would quickly find that all the dozens of little “Issues” we talk, write, complain, demonstrate, protest, and yap about – would all start to simply shrivel-up and go away, because all the effin little troublesome “Issues” are caused by the very same single thing — Empire — and more specifically, this highly camouflaged and Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE.

I’ve used and slightly revised this old and true statement to teach a very simple lesson:

“Can’t see the Forest for the Trees” politically translates in 2020 to:
“Can’t see the Empire for the Issues”

In other words, this effin Disguised Global Crony Capitalist Empire is smarter, more ‘strategic’, and deceitfully effective than all our running around in circles with merely tactically wasteful energy of yelling about the little “Issues” — that are covering-up and disguising the big bad EMPIRE.

To expropriate another line from a famous film:

“If you do it — (they might not come) — but EMPIRE will collapse and GO”.

As the stock-broker might say, “Just trust me”!

But what I’m saying — and have been saying and writing for decades, is this simple lesson:

“Just focus everything you’ve got on the damn EMPIRE”, and all the little “Issues” will be solved quickly.

The EMPIRE is the meta-causal cancer disease — which all our founders knew from their deep reading of Roman history, because they knew that “the disease of Republics is EMPIRE”.

“The problem my friends is not in the stars, nor in ourselves, nor in the ‘Issues’, but only in the EMPIRE”.

In conclusion, the only question I have is — why are ‘we the people of America’ so deluded, distracted, “divided”, and dumb ---- to be lead by the nose by an EMPIRE, when ‘the ring’ is right in front of our noses?

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Let’s hope this is Penczelbub’s Mitt Romney moment. I forced myself to listen to his tirade and there was no gaff or slip of the tongue - he meant exactly what is quoted. Go away Pence, too many people now know what side you’re on.


has pence even read the bible?


They all could message better about what democratic socialism entails. They could outline corporate socialism and how much they could say. They the dem elites don’t touch this at all is the problems


and also point out all the corporate socialism us taxpayers pay each year.


As I read this I’m sitting in a doctor’s waiting room to find out if I’ve really hit the big time heart disease AND cancer. The 9mm is locked and loaded.

Ok…and? Is that supposed to be a bad thing al of a sudden?
So, that can be the motto of the democrats. Republicans have, ‘we will aggressively work against the best interest of the poor & middle class in order to give the ultra wealthy more money & power’’
Considering the absurd lie they’ve been telling their voters for decades ‘that they’re the party of the working class’, Pence’s words don’t really seem to go along with that, do they?

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His scripted sentence that listed “horrible things” the liberal Left will do ended with the word abortion. This sentence was “on cue” for the unmasked attendees their token moment to roar outrage on that hot button issue instead of the others. Many so-called Christians are cleverly manipulative. The King James Commandment Thou shalt not “bear false witness” is a broader interpretation than newer versions “You shall not lie” which doesn’t address how people are misled to believing lies with ‘half-truths’ that amount to deceit. If one must lie to prevent harm, feel free to lie. Telling half-truth without counter-balancing whole-truth is “deception” as the worse offense to condemn with claims of moral superiority.

What a tool Pence is.


Of course. That’s the good answer, that’s the true answer, that’s the only answer.
The biggest issue is that the Republican base has no idea what ‘socialism’ means. There’s a huge difference between true socialism and the socialist pieces many democrats know would benefit most Americans. Like the ones you mentioned that everyone likes and already do.
Somehow they’ve let their lying gop congressmen make the word into some boogeyman scare tactic. Why don’t they understand that the only ‘socialist’ ideas most democrats have a huge majority of Americans fully support? Who knows.


This last election biden got almost 20 percentage points more than trump of the ‘income under $50,000’ vote. Biden got 15% more of the ‘50-99,000 income’ vote. Trump got 12% more of the ‘over 100,000 income’ vote.

Seems less ‘cozy middle class democrats who won’t do anything’ and more the lower class screwed over by the Republican leadership forced upon them by a minority or voters.

And what about the wealthy that skews republican? Should they be expected to do anything for the benefit of the lower income democrats throughout America?

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I think that’s one of the reasons it’s remained popular. One can cherry pick it so that its message can advance whatever your chosen ideology may be.

Interesting take. The only problem is that the bailouts were passed by Bush. The TARP program was signed in October, and the car bailouts in December. Obama took over in January.

Obama’s been linked with them because the programs continued to be carried out while he was president. He was just following the law signed by his predecessor.

But what’s more important is that it’s rediculous to look at it like, ‘they gave money to corporations and not the American people’.

The bailouts saved Americans from the economic devastation that they’d face when what looked like a second Great Depression truly hit.
The jobs saved and then added over time, and the economic improvement over time benefited all Americans in some way.

Under Obama, the Great Recession was turned around and the economic improvement that began under him continued, with almost zero deviation from the trajectory he started, until it got to the point where trump/republicans called it ‘the greatest economy in American history’.

Ok ,here goes , what is the purpose of the economy ?

To create wealth for the common good, so that which is good is experienced in common.

That’s all…