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'Yes, I Lied': Vindicating Villagers, Star Chevron Witness Busted for Perjury



Is this not a violation of the "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977"?


Has anybody investigated judge Lewis Kaplan to see if he was also bribed by Chevron? If not, why not? His ruling was obviously biased in Chevron's favor from the start.


Lies, lies and more lies. Hard to see who is actually telling the truth when [Steven Donziger has been recorded as indicating that he has created evidence to use against Chevron as well as intimidated judges to get a ruling in his favor. The lies continue to pile up! Take a look at those videos and more at: theamazonpost.com/tag/confessions-of-a-fraud/


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Thanks for posting the standard Chevron talking point so that it can be easily debunked. Chevron edited outtakes of Crude to try to make it look like Donziger was plotting to do something wrong. What he was actually explaining was that in any court proceeding facts are not assumed, they must be "created". So even though the evidence against Chevron was so overwhelming it must still be established as fact. Nice try tho. The truth of the matter is that Chevron made up this tale to get people like you (unless you're one of Chevron's paid bloggers from Amazon Post) to believe their lies. The truth has been exposed and Chevron is the guilty party once again.

Here's a look at how they edited those clips you are sharing: go to stevendonziger.com/2013/11/13/manipulated-outtakes-chevron-attempts-deceive-court/


Turns out Kaplan owns mutual funds with Chevron stock (which he failed to disclose). He also assigned the case to his own court and even suggested the RICO case be filed in the first place. He has a palpable hatred towards Donziger, Ecuador's president Correa and treated the Ecuadorians in a racist manner throughout.


This person joined the forums 13 hours ago shortly after this article published here on Common dreams. One post made and only on this issue.

The likelihood of being employed by Chevron to use search functions to browse forums and introduce Chevron talking points on that Corporations is high to extremely high. Monsanto and other Corporations operate in the same manner.


"... (unless you're one of Chevron's paid bloggers from Amazon Post)..."

Since "missamysmith" just joined Common Dreams a few hours ago, and this is "her" only post here, it seems likely that "she" is indeed acting on behalf of Chevron. Thanks for posting your link exposing another crass Chevron manipulation.


Under TPP, chevron will probably be exhonerated....
Y'know that clause about governments not being able to bring up charges or enforce laws against corporations if if affects their profits or something like that...


22 years and it ain't over yet. The high up decision makers at Chevron who decided to do all this are likely to enjoy their remaining years in total comfort. It is likely that they and their spawn will enjoy these ill-gotten gains for the rest of time.

Until actual people are punished in a reasonable time - WHY STOP DOING THE CRIMES?


My question is why did Judge Guerro confess to his own corruption? Did Chevron stop paying him enough ... or what?


Ecuador is not a party to TPP. They can always do the Cuba-thing and rule against Chevron. (The difficulty they face will be in enforcing that judgment beyond their own borders.)
Worth mentioning that several of the parties have extra motives beyond what is mentioned here publicly. Ecuador wants money. They are quite willing to assign their own pollution to Chevron, and collect Chevron money for what they themselves did. Anti-globalization people want to make it risky for any big developed nation corporation to do business in the third world, creating the principle that the corporation's assets could be seized at any time 'for the benefit of the people.' The greens want to stifle, stop, oil production in the Amazon basin, and everywhere else.


And so which oil company are you working for?


That is an 'ad-hominem' response. You haven't responded to any of the substance that I wrote.
-- To answer your question, I haven't worked for any oil company since entry level 'pump jockey' at Holiday Station Store in the summer of 1977.
Now, what part of my post is it that you don't want to respond to?