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'Yes, I Will Name Names': AOC Leads Charge Against Empty Corporate Claims of #BlackLivesMatter

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/yes-i-will-name-names-aoc-leads-charge-against-empty-corporate-claims


bless AOC truth teller extraordinaire!


AOC names names as long as that name isn’t Nancy Pelosi.


The NFL should publicly apologize to Colin Kaepernick and other players it blaclisted, reinstate them, and just quietly admit to them that they were right about the problem and admit that they made a mistake. I am sure they could find a way to do it in a low key, respectful way if they wanted to.


They could, but they fancy themselves to be Real Men.

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I beg your pardon, but that is the very definition of “ideological purity,” and worse. Which do you prefer: somebody calling out some of the REAL hypocrites some of the time (and doing it powerfully with genuinely righteous indignation), or nobody calling out anybody, as we have mostly had for decades?

Yes, ideally somebody would take down Peloser and Schoe-man, but that ain’t gonna happen just now. Pragmatically, it is precisely the fact that A O-C doesn’t say or do anything to give the other two cause to take HER down that creates the pulpit from which she lobs brickbats at the ones who really deserve them.


AOC left out the most obvious racist corporate figure to try to peddle the b.s. that he cares about black people: Joe Biden.

Then again, she already said she’d support him no matter what, knowing full well what a racist corporate stooge he was.


Does Colin even want to be a part of the NFL anymore? He’s doing greater things now.

I have no idea, I am 100% certain you know much more than I, I was just saying they should apologize.

They dont know that these people are sneaking in a scheme behind our backs, which could result in large scale joblosses, of all our best jobs. They have completely gotten away with it up until now. It blocks the entire progressive agenda, and trades away potentially millions of jobs, yes, they will be much more profitable outsourcing and offshoring all the good jobs but it will end the middle class as we know it globally. Thats the cost of not having a progressve win, a huge cost. Bernie never brought this up which was a huge mistake. Web sites need to be screaming holy murder about this scheme which is literally a theft of the planets entire future to send us in to a race to the bottyom on everything, and make the country and world a property of the rich far more even than today. It will also result in our losing Social Security and Medicare if we dont wise up, soon. See ~https://www.citizen.org/documents/GATS-financial-dereg.pdf

Black people, all kinds of people, (all of us whose jobs are impacted) will have the pleasure of training their replacements over a nine month period in a great many good jobs that are currently done by them in public and quasi public entities. Why? The biggest reason is its a global wealth redistribution away from allegedly overpaid workers in rich countries - like the US, to the owners of companies in us and in the poorest nations, basically the people who keep those countries poor…

Their workers, of course even the ones with excellent educations, are much cheaper, its much cheaper to hire temps from places where people - even those with advanced degrees make so much less, bring them here, put them up in a house, feed them and have them work 60 hours a week or more. Thats their business model. People with six year degrees making $8/hour is fairly normal. So far its mostly just IT and some medical jobs - limited to around million people total, maybe two million (because they keep renewing the multi-year visas over and over) but the law that allows us to set the numbers of workers per year is being challenged in the WTO by India.

You can bet that if we lose, we’ll never hear a word about it, or the 30 year old scheme behind it, they will blame it on corona virus. And jobs will depart like the water flowing out of a bathtub, and wont ever come back. It will be like NAFTA for the rest of the jobs, which indeed, it was supposed to happen way back then. But its been hung up in negotiations for years over the terms so the numbers still have been very small compared to its intended scope which is huge, basically whever tax money is spent, with exclusions for a very narrow number of jobs - exclsuions that rarely apply. Defense and national security is the main one, so the only good, non-outsourced jobs will likely be heavily weighed to jobs that require security clearances… And wages there will likely fall too, a lot. Public services are limited to ones that are completely free and noncommercial with no competition at all. So health insurance is locked in to a commercial model forever unless we get out, same with almost everything else. It has to be gradually privatized. And put up for competive bidding in a rigged situation where US firms will lose because they pay decent wages.

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THANK YOU to AOC, for remembering the ways in which actual positive change happens, and for marking out the abortive ways the Church of Capitalism tries to shift the goalposts, to create the IMPRESSION of change… while ensuring that none really happens (because it will cut into their PROFITS, duh)…

Their misbehaviors in their own PROFIT’S interest will drag them down only if people REMEMBER the sheer weight of them already on record.

Thank GAWD this moment has come, when we can NAME NAMES and people will LISTEN…


Some names can be publicly denounced all day long and it makes little difference.
Most republicans and many democratic politicians fall into that category.

" Want to stand for racial justice? Then change your name". AOC

The name REDSKINS is offensive to many of my Native American friends, including my Native American spouse and like she says: " can you imagine the outrage if they changed their name to…THE BLACKSKINS!"

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Good one!