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Yes It Can Happen: Populist Conservatives Led UK out of European Union


Yes It Can Happen: Populist Conservatives Led UK out of European Union

Padraig Reidy

Britain woke up to crisis on Friday that promises to reverberate across the globe, with potential implications for the fall election in the US.

After a narrow majority of the population voted to leave the European Union, Prime Minister David Cameron announced he would resign. Cameron set the referendum in motion in the first place, in an attempt to placate the “Euro-skeptic” wing of his Conservative Party and stave off the perceived threat of the populist United Kingdom Independence Party.


Yes but is it going to happen...

Someone recently posted something suggesting that such decisions that go against the powers that be either get reversed or ignored. I thought when Cameron threw the towel in that was definitely the end - decision made - no going back. But already there is a petition for a second vote - over a million signed and counting. Apparently that number means it must be debated at least in parlaiment.

Many who voted to leave were only protesting and are themselves shocked that they got what they voted for. And if the UK does exit the EU the path to Scotland leaving the UK is wide open as Scotland voted 100% (by constituency) to stay in the EU. So suddenly we see lots of people with lots of reasons to argue for a re-run.

This gets really ugly. Those who really want to leave will be totally pissed if there is a re-run - something I would bet they will loose. Cue riots in the streets - these are the sorts that would be Trump followers in the US. Imagine Trump winning and then being disallowed somehow. UNITED (???) Kingdom.


Listening to interviews with Brits yesterday and today, it appears that young Brits believe that older Brits sold them out by voting to leave.

You are going to hear the same thing from young Americans who overwhelmingly voted for Sanders and will soon be given the "choice" between Clinton and Trump whose nominations were largely enabled by older Americans.



Simmer down. It's not that big a deal except for having finally allowed the disenfranchised to register a protest with the Status Quo. Bigger - as in unions of disparate elements - isn't necessarily better. Let's hope that Corbyn can mobilize his supporters to reverse the elitist oligarchy that has run roughshod over the poor in so-called Great Britain.


1) Many Irish people, meaning real Irish people born and living in Ireland or a ferry ride away in the UK, not 2nd/3rd generation 'plastic paddies' in the USA, have Irish equivannet names. Why shouldn't they, it's their language.

2) You write utter crap about the EU and can't even spell Strasbourg correctly. 'Taking back control' was the mindless soundbite of the Murdoch press and right wing populace manipulators who manufactured this debacle. It's a bullshit myth designed to fire the indignation of the masses. No-one holding any power in the EU is not either directly democratically elected, or appointed by and accountable to someone who is. And in that European democracy, the UK had historically won 98% of the votes that are taken. It can veto any law it doesn't agree with as Thatcher vetoed the 'social chapter' denying worker's rights back in the 80's and 90's until it was finally embraced by the newly elected Labour Party in the 2000's. Kindly stick to US politics which you may well know something about. . .


it might not be a big deal for you living far away but for progressives in the UK, it's fucking devasting. Corbyn is over, this will see his demise, Labour activists are already calling for a vote of no confidence in his leadership because of his ineffectiveness in his campaign against the right-wing Brexiteers.


Agreed. Well put. Thanks for the post. The unelected banking interests known as th EU have had their fun. Time to "piss off."


I'm not Irish, I'm English, I'm just stating a fact. It's absurd to criticise a writer's opinion because he has an Irish name. It's also absurd to judge the world by what is relevant only in the USA.

When you say horse manure are you referring to your own statements? If so, I concur. You know little or nothign about the EU. I live in it, or did until two days ago. (Subject to Article 50 implementation.) Tell me an example of where UK sovereignty has been over-ruled by Brussels? You can't because, seriously, there are none. All Murdock press, right-wing Brexiteer bullshit designed to inflame the gullible whose profundity of thought stops beyond a snappy soundbite.


I'm a supporter of Corbyn and as a Labour Pary member I voted for his nomination as leader. I'm just stating a fact, He is over. Today 11 Labour MP's resigned.from his cabinet, probably a Blairite plot but that's how it is and some of the resigness where as left-wing as he was, not Blairites. He may survive it but I doubt it. His campaign was inneffectual. I watched it.

The EU is not a 'neo-liberal project' it is one of the few remaining bastions of resistance against it, hence the capsizing of TTIP by Europeans (not the American left, such as it is, who did fuck all) . The EU has been infiltrated by neo-liberals as has everywhere on the planet, but is better coped to expunge them than other places. You want to see neo-liberalism you watch Britain now we have left and how those who engineered Brexit, the neo-liberal right of the Conservative party, tear up the EU 'red tape' they so despise, by which they mean environmental protection legislation, worker's rights protection legislation, and so forth. Tory employment minister Priti Patel has already said the first thing she wants to do upoon leaving the EU is 'tear up half the employment regulations' so we can be well on the way to a nation a zero-hours contract slavery.You're as duped as all those British working class voters who were tricked into voting against their own self-interwst. If you want to get a clue what is going on here, at least pay attention to articles by leftist writers on CD who actually live in the EU.