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Yes It Was Attempted by Wingnuts, But It Was a Coup Attempt Just the Same

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/11/yes-it-was-attempted-wingnuts-it-was-coup-attempt-just-same


Like everything else about Trump the coup was a chaotic mess. Supporters will drift away from this loser if we leave the dust to settle and don’t go charging after him half-cocked. Build an unassailable case against him and choose specific incontrovertible issues that are winnable.
Trump relishes the role of “victim”, and will play it to retain the support of the 70 plus million people that voted for him. Better to let him stew for now and not turn him into a martyr. There’s plenty of time to go after this idiot.

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I have to slightly disagree, the speed of action by Congress, an investigation to expose everyone involved, is very important IMO, not for Trump, but for a Trump-like figure in the near future to attempt a similar attack or just refuse to step-down when defeated, like we just saw in the PA. state legislature the other day. Bringing the co-conspirators to justice fast will go along way to preventing any action by fascists in the future to subvert or over take our government at the state or federal level.


A masterful review of the recent history that started brewing on election day, November 3 and culminated in the coup attempt of January 6.
A long and failed strategy by the trump to overthrow democracy, though vigilance is required, as Professor Cole observes, for the “severe trouble ahead.”


140 + 8 …get rid of them NOW!


Twitter users are enjoying the video rants of those coup members who are finding in airports that they’re on the “no-fly list,” as terrorists.
While it should’t be entertaining, it is compelling viewing the jeremiads of these white male snowflakes.

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I wonder how the sign “the Children - cry out - for” ended? “Peace” or “Justice” at the end of a uniformed bully nightstick Think I’ll give odds to “Peace” because there must be a full record of what the sign said. One of the 3 ‘white’ square signs at the ‘barred’ entrance read “What would Jesus do something something?” Another read something something “A republic if you can keep it.” Yellow “don’t tread on me” flags, confederate flags, US flags defaced with patriotic renderings, red caps and flags, weird costumes, cheering on an armed advancing mob celebrating whatever comes next they must’ve thought through better a least a little bit. I hear beer sales skyrocketed over the weekend.

These people do not believe the election was a fraud-----They are afraid of Trump and his goon squad-------Not only are they Traitors they are Cowards.

Trump spent an hour on the phone over the weekend demanding the elected leaders of Georgia find 11,000 votes----then we are told by Kevin McCarthy and his leadership team that the issue is Penn and Arizona??? Over 100 Republicans in the House voted to take away the votes of people from Penn and Arizona.

The real issue is the enablers-----and little Kevin in the number one ENABLER TO TRUMP.


Trump has his people in the DOD----don’t think for a minute that this is over.


There are those who gargle with bleach. These Republican anarchists are being arrested. US Marshals knocking on your front door will take the lead right out of their pencils. America will fight back. State and National police will defend our Capitols and there are lots of means within society to punish deviants who murder and threaten our way of life. Anarchists get jailed and they do not fare well in prison. I promise Mar-A-Loser would rather have waves of locusts rather than the Donald back. Wellington, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach detest Donald. Tourists and protestors will pilgrimage from round to globe to glimpse the orange, megalomaniac seditionist. Trump faces lots of lawsuits and now criminal charges from the District of Columbia. Trump and the fat ass from West Point will be civilians and subject to war crimes prosecution. Trump and his lemmings will obtain exactly what they deserve and live in infamy, just probably not in Palm County. There’s a beautiful resort in Kansas, Hotel Leavenworth. Lock Em UP!!! peace

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Yes it was a chaotic mess but so was this attempt by Hitler, until later.

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I wish I was as optimistic. The military and police in this country are infiltrated with extremist right wing players and cells. Where is our Smedley Butler? I am still afraid a ban from Facebook and Twitter is all that will really happen to Herr Twittler. I fear the dark forces of the powers that be feared JFK more than Trump is feared or wouldn’t he already have been gone? ( ‘heart attack’, plane crash, lone gunman, ‘suicide’ or one of the usual CIA moves).


It’s has already happened. The Republicans and your Hitler reference’s sun has set. America is a free market capitalist and the money hates instability. Sure there are lots of white supremacists in the military. There are lots of morons everywhere but picking up a machine gun makes them history, not unlike your Hitler reference.

Cool Breeze - good observation, and I also remember Mussolini came to power when his proud boys (aka back shirts) had their march on Rome, and Hitler consolidated his power for good when there was a fire (attack) on the capitol (Reichstag) I wonder of Trump and his innermost circle are literate enough to know about all that

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Supposedly Trump used to have Mein Kampf on his bedstand for night time reading according to his first wife. For some Christians the only book they have ever read is the Bible. For facist Trump this may be the only book he ever read. He sure acts like it.

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Frankly, it is NOT a surprise the insurrection at the Capital happened. The ROTpublicans are ALWAYS trying to magnify the “OUTRAGE” by CONSTANTLY gaslighting the American public, and THAT GASLIGHTING THROUGH THE MEDIA SHOULD BE OUTLAWED.

Yes, we know it was once outlawed, through the Fairness Doctrine, and that ending those laws was the ROTpublicans’ FIRST STEP, in isolating Americans one from another… which in itself was the aim: DIVIDING TO CONQUER. But we let them get away with it, “because” it didn’t seem like “that much” of a risk or concession, to “put them off” with that “little fillip” that we thought had already worked its way through the media sphere.

What we see NOW is the “risk,” of such a concession. OAN, FUX, and all the rest of them, violate that Fairness Doctrine, and the existence of their policy doctrines now, shows that the Fairness Doctrine was what kept them down in the first place.

In no uncertain terms, we need the Fairness Doctrine back, just the way it was. We gave them that space, as we did by allowing them to end Voting Rights Act, because we couldn’t be SURE they would violate peace the way they now have.

But that GRACE we extended them, has now been RAPED, BY A SEDITIOUS CROWD INVADING THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE.

It is time for the experiment of “allowing” ROTpulicans the space to “get it right” to end. Because ROTpublicans are constitutionally unable to end their rabid RACISM, SEXISM, and VOTING SUPPRESSION. Because the longer we TOLERATE that bad behavior, the closer to “per usual” it becomes, and that CAN’T be allowed to happen.

There is a lot of similarities between Trump and his Proud Boys and Mussolini and his fascist, thugs. MIGA ( make Italy great again) was even Mussolini’s political slogan.

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