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Yes, It's Time to Come Home—Now

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/24/yes-its-time-come-home-now


American understanding of Afghanistan is nil. Try to win a war on those vapors. Fools. Viet Nam 2.0. Graham Greene (1955) The Quiet American, Eugene Burdick &
William J. Lederer (1958) The Ugly American


In this most tumultuous year, one of the most clearly obvious facts should be high on the domestic national agenda. That being the existence of our own home grown terrorists in the form of militias, their allegiance to Trump or whoever else will come along they can and will rally behind.

If the Biden administration wants to ‘take out terrorist groups who are going to continue to emerge’, the priority should be within our own borders, on behalf of our own citizens and the fading remnants of our democracy.


Here’s an article which argues that the only way in which Biden might ever wring any concessions from McConnell is to threaten him with exactly that: Pass a stimulus bill our I’ll bring the troops home!


“After Biden made his pitch, the hyper-partisan McConnell dourly replied, ‘you must be under the mistaken impression that I care.’”

Let us never forget the people will suffer under a McConnell lead Senate, because the corporate dem party chose to support a fake democrat challenger to McConnell, who was a Trump supporter, instead of a progressive challenger who supported EIM4A, who would have won the primary and the election running on the EIM4A platform, with strong support from the dem party. The dem party chose McConnell over the people.


I was slightly underwhelmed with Bacevich seeming to take Obama’s self-serving anecdote at face value. That old pro whips up cotton-candy confections to his fancy, with no particular reference to reality. (The following is from a WaPo review of BO’s latest gofundme campaign of a book:)

When Biden tried to explain the bill’s merits, McConnell responded, “You must be under the mistaken impression that I care,” Obama writes, recounting McConnell’s “shamelessness” and “dispassionate pursuit of power.”

We’re left to wonder whether BO envies such “shamelessness,” means to castigate it, or both. The expert propagandist seeks to permanently attach that cute cliché as a quote to McConnell, but it too obviously serves just as well as something BO might say – tilting his head and smirking, reveling in that outdated, fetid insult humor of his, which some folks pathetically mistake for wit.

“You must be mistaking me for someone who gives a shit.”
– Barack Obama

That would make a perfectly appropriate NOPE-poster caption.


Any thoughts as to what Trump wants to do with special ops between now and inauguration day?

This whole rearrangement of special ops and defense communications directly to Trump smells like a legalization of Ollie North subterfuge. I don’t like it. But I’m not one to start a conspiracy theory.

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The clouds are darkening, and a shit storm appears to be on the horizon.
When trump suggested breaking America’s oldest neoliberal taboos by actually pulling troops out of a war zone without a clear victory the gnashing of teeth from both sides was loud enough to shatter the good crystal. From the left and right, pundits and politicos alike have been apoplectic over the possibility that a twenty year war and occupation may come to an end without their permission, or a satisfying money shot.
What we may be witnessing is the genesis of a new strategy for the Middle East. We have armed the oily Sunni fiefdoms to the teeth, and bribed Israel with even more munitions and financial support. We have these old enemies cavorting in less than clandestine meetings. And for what reason? Well, it looks like we may have finally gone from boxer to promoter. Our plan all along has been to instigate one great final war between not Jew and Arab, but Sunni and Shia. If they destroy each other, leaving that region of the world in complete disarray, we will be able to better allocate what resources we have left to surround and outflank Chinese expansion into the Middle East and Africa.
The 21st century resource wars are just getting started. Just wait until we stop fighting for oil and minerals and start fighting for water and crop land. Then it will get very nasty indeed.


Funny thing about conspiracy theories. The weirder they are, they more likely they are to be true:)
It’s funny to listen to people screaming about pulling our troops out of Afghanistan or Iraq. They clearly don’t realize that order is for current uniformed American troops only. We will still have tens of thousands of well paid mercenaries wandering the middle eastern countrysides, terrifying the populace and causing enough chaos that no legitimate government could ever rise.


The using of mercenaries in the army which Jefferson opposed has greased the slope to a 3rd world America with an Army to do the will of Wall Street. That is where we are and Biden was one of the architects along with his Black President Obama. Electing or supporting a person with dark skin does not make you a liberal. Someone on the NYT staff needs to explain this to them.


Yet Trump had already made his intentions clear: he wanted all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year and preferably by Christmas.

He supported that goal because he thought it would help him get re-elected. Now that he’s lost, does anyone really think he gives two shits about, well, anything?

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All of the wars mentioned in this article have not “gone bad.”

They were each bad from the start.

The greater war - of which these wars are a manifestation - is the fundamentalist war of aggression

against anywhere on the planet (and in the space above it) where the religion of privatized capitalist

domination is challenged by beliefs in social egalitarianism and the health of the environment.

This greater war is the central orthodoxy of both the republicans and to the democrats.

The conception that we have a responsibility which is greater than individual GDP is considered heresy

in the capitalist parties.

Of course, these wars which are inherently bad will continue because most of Wall Street’s

Washington and their allies’ careers and bank accounts depend upon and reinforce the horror.


I strongly suspect that whether or not troops leave Afghanistan, since 1979 the border with Iran has

been the primary focus of the whole corruption. The desire to destroy Iran which goes back (at least)

to 1953 for the benefit of capitalist plundering is the real agenda.

Trump or Biden or whoever they would allow into the control center for

aggression in the DC castle of impunity has Iran in their sights.

End of story.


I don’t expect for the illegal occupation to end on Biden or Trump’s watch. Until we get a President who is not beholden to either of the corporate party’s, endless war is the order of the day.


Among the certainties of a Biden administration:

  • There will be continued support of the fossil fuel industry - particularly Natural Gas
  • Economic policy will continue to favor the wealthy
  • Forever wars will continue
  • Guantanamo will stay open for business as a torture and detention w/o trial center

Biden’s embrace of the Democrat rightist policy is so bad that extreme right and Trump 2.0 contender, Josh Hawley, is attacking him from the Left:

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Biden will almost certainly escalate both deployments and operational tempo, especially now that the USs most elite units have had a bit of a breather (although logistically they are still in poor shape).

Given his early choices of a cabinet no less reactionary than the one it replaces, and in some cases worse, I expect an increase in deployments in all current areas of operations, but especially Afghanistan and Syria.

Trump has an opportunity to do one good thing with his miserable life AND drop a fully extended, albeit pudgy finger right in the face of the Democrats who’ve hounded him for 4 years and an establishment that did everything to stymie his policies short of a military coup.

One last mask to drop, Trumpenstein: Issue the full withdrawal order, which will in turn be disobeyed by your generals, and which will display who–or what–actually runs this godforsaken craphole of a country.


If Bacevich can guess Trump’s actual impulses he is doing better than we.

Meanwhile, that particular duck has gone lame, so we might get to talking about what to do about Joe Biden keeping troops in Afghanistan or moving them from there elsewhere–like Iran, perhaps.

Let’s agree they should come back, agree that this is not conceivably Biden’s impulse, and workout what sort of force might be applied now that he’s been given a presidency.

There was more to 9-11 than we may ever know. And why did we go to Afghanistan instead of Pakistan?
During that first year I was clamoring to have us return home.
At one point after we were their for something like 6 mo. I was asking why we weren’t coming home.
One of the marching moves in an “About face” Go back the way we came and take our equipment along.
Staying, I’m guessing was a pre war plan. Just like expanding to Iraq and staying there as well
All the warriors, planners, and dupes remembered Vietnam and thought we forgot enough to do it again…
We aren’t the worlds police, we are the worlds criminals.


Senile Joe has no such ability to do anything with the MIC. Joe will take his military marching orders from Bibi and whoever else is running the show in Israel. Let’s face it , America has become a colony of ‘our only ally’ in the Middle East.

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