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Yes, Replacing Food Stamps With a Blue Apron-Style Delivery System Is As Bad As It Sounds


Yes, Replacing Food Stamps With a Blue Apron-Style Delivery System Is As Bad As It Sounds

Mara Pellittieri

Yesterday, the Trump administration released its fiscal year 2019 budget. For the most part, it’s similar to last year’s proposal: massive cuts to safety net programs, a big boost in military spending, and very Trump-ed up estimates of economic growth.


Corporate Crony Capitalism owns and runs the USA. And the citizens are slaves to these monsters.


Of course this is malicious. I’ll go further than MS. Pellittieri. I envision the big ag. corp’s. exploiting this even further because they know the admin. will support them. Think generic packaging, and the companies dumping products that can’t be sold on the open market into these packages.


During the Nixon years many food stamp recipients where I lived in California were given what the gubmit then called “commodities”…bulk generic packages of stuff that had no market, except for the corpoorate welfare market whereby the gubmit paid producers more than the stuff was worth.

I recall punk rock bands making bizarre concoctions from the stuff to make their concerts more punk.


Yes, I remember those days, in Oregon, before the food stamp program started, when we went once a month to pick up our ‘allottment’. The only thing I truly remember about the stuff we got was that it included cans of Spam (or some off brand, I can’t recall). At any rate we came up with creative ways to use it, such as spaghetti sauce using Spam. Ugh. I remember being thrilled when food stamps came along and replaced that program. The daily menu certainly improved.


A feeding frenzy of sociopathy


Very easy for the government to taint the can with anything they wish. Infertility drugs? We already find tons of stuff that is gross in processed food.


And that my friends, is the main reason for this. Contrary to all the myths, Republicans love Government spending, provided, of course, that the money ends up further enriching the very wealthy.


I remember as a child eating the 5 pound block of cheese and can of nasty mystery meat with my two brothers and two sisters with no father in the house. I don’t think I could stomach what would be passed off as nutritious food these days. I imagine GMO laced products with a gut wrenching helping of glyphosate laced poison added in for good measure.


It’s another Trump-only move like proposing to replace Food Stamps, TANF as they I think call them now with boxes of packaged food. The staffing to package and distribute something like that would be a super fiasco. What about people who for medical or religious reasons have special food requirements? Would Islamics or Jews be sent pork rinds? I know conservatives hate the idea of cash money being, as they see it, given away, but that’s nastier even than throwing packages of paper towels at flooded out hurricane victims. Are all those still enthusiastic Trump true believers really that shamelessly mean spirited?


This is how they do it in a shithole country.


These stupid asshole republicans would not be able to distribute these lunch boxes without fuking it up and letting some grifting for profit asshole company steal all the fukn money only to find the box contains a fruit bar and chewing gum. The Republicans can destroy programs with ease but they cannot implement anything new from scratch that works because that would require them to actually work and work would kill these lazy shiftless moochers of the American dream. Plus there would be lots of reading things and stuff like that and these assholes don’t read. Stupid is their excuse for being.


In a word: YES!


Amazing. They’re the party of states’ rights. Until the states want to do things the lunatic right wing doesn’t like–treat people fairly, reduce greenhouse gases by stopping pipelines and fracking…

They’re also the party of individual rights and freedom of choice, well, at least until they get a chance to profit off standardization and lack of choice. If you choose to not pay what you owe for say, grazing fees, or choose to run into protestors with your car that’s OK, but no choosing the food you eat, and certainly no abortions. That goes against the wishes of the collective.



No fresh veggies, no fresh fruit, no variety; What a wonderful menu!


Catsma & Ajo, I remember that "wonderful “food” in my Mother’s freezer the last time I saw her before she died (in 1990), HUGE block of cheese (unusable for someone who couldn’t see to divide it), other unusable “food” in the freezer (too large to use) probably tasteless with NO nutritional value whatsoever.